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The Dragon TokenTill now the beleaguered forces of the High Prince have been forced to retreat leaving abandoned castles and towns to desecration and destruction The Dragon PDFEPUB or at enemy hands But the time for retreat is coming to an end and Prince Pol and Maarken his most valued general and fellow Sunrunner must rally their forces in a desperate attempt to halt the advance of the unknown invaders' army But. Oh god oh god oh godHave to read some things for deadlines and work before I start the last one I think I need a few days to recover from the emotional devastation too

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O take the attack to the enemy to claim vengeance for loved ones slain and to protect his Sunrunners from this mysterious foe which has sworn to slay all workers of magicYet the invaders too have an agenda for conuest and they are readying to strike at the very heart of the Desert stealing treasures which Andry and Pol would pay any price to reclaim even if the price should prove to be their lives. Wowummmhmmm Melanie Rawn is second only to Robert Jordan for me at least among fantasy authors She's undoubtedly one of the most influential and possibly most underrated authors of the hardcover fantasy boom of the 1990s Dragon Prince mixes romance politics magic religion and war for unbelievable turns of plot and unforgettable characters who are at once awesome beautiful charismatic and totally believable Further Rawn's style is straight to the point in a way that doesn't have the excess internal dialogue of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time and while it isn't weighed down with descriptive prose it manages to be as descriptive as it needs to be And of course it needs to be said that this is not standard at the time Tolkien clone fantasy she mixes the best of the Mists of Avalon Celtic inspired fantasy with Arab desert inspired culture and her own religious magic and the heroes and dragons of generalized heroic awesomeness All of this means I had serious trouble putting down her first trilogy of the Dragon Prince world I can't remember why I put down The Ruins of Ambrai but it must have been a catastrophic life event of some kind I intend to pick it back up ASAPUnfortunately this unputdownability doesn't continue with the Dragon Star trilogy We still have the same wonderful characters although they are a little older and facing new challenges and there's a greater focus on the younger generations We also have the same wonderful setting the dragons the desert the Sunrunners and the diarmadhim sorcerers Roelstra's leftover offspring are still kicking around occasionally causing trouble for everyone On top of that however are two problems that made getting through the first two books of this trilogy really hardFirst the main problem faced by High Prince Rohan and his family are a group of invaders fromwhere These bearded fellows show up on dragon ships indiscriminately setting fire to everywhere taking nothing but horses ruthlessly killing Sunrunners It's bad yes but neither we nor the characters know anything about these invaders We gradually learn a name Vellant'im for these formidable foes and a few fun facts Despite The Dragon Token even granting us the POV of a few Vellanti characters at the end of this book still no one knows anything about them I found that this really sapped the motivation Our favorite characters are just getting beaten mercilessly despite their ingenuity in slowing down the Vellant'im and they don't even know why I find it confusingWhat's even confusing is that this book and Stronghold the first book of the trilogy skip around from one point of view to another throughout the whole conflict every few pages I was genuinely surprised when I came to a seuence that lasted than two pages uite often these shifts happen right when things are getting interesting Huge battles are skipped over with fleurons and we come back in the middle of a few of those battles and by then I couldn't remember what happened before because there had been an intervening seven two page seuences featuring characters I didn't care about Characters are also named after each other I couldn't keep track of who was who uite often even forgetting who Sionell was and what a critical role she played in Sunrunner's Fire the final book of the first trilogyThat was pretty disappointing because as I said I love Melanie Rawn's writing usually and she has things that no other author has All of the above led to me not looking forward to this book falling asleep reading and trying desperately to finish it so I could move on to something else I was going to give this book 25 stars but then in the last ten pages things get very very interesting and contain some of Rawn's best writing It's that kind of conflict that is really inspiring to me as a writer and I hope Skybowl has of it although honestly I'm only looking forward to reading it if it is like the last seventy or so pages of The Dragon Token

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review The Dragon Token Ô eBook or Kindle ePUB Û [Ebook] ➨ The Dragon Token By Melanie Rawn – Till now the beleaguered forces of the High Prince have been forced to retreat leaving abandoned castles and towns to desecration and destruction at enemy hands But the time for retreat is coming to a TilAncient rivalries begin to weaken their alliance as several of the princes seize this opportunity to further their own ambitions Only time will tell whether those loyal to the High Prince's cause can defeat both the foreign invaders and the betrayers within their own ranksAnd as Pol leads his troops forth to fight a new kind of warfare Andry the Sunrunner Lord of Goddess Keep is also determined t. Uh oh I forgot to write a review of this as soon as I finished so my memory may be hazy I read Lovecraft Country after this and already started the next Rawn novel so I may get it all mixed up SorryThis is book 2 of Rawn's second series set in whatever this land of Sunrunners is called occasionally just the continent though there only seems to be a few other islands here and there in the world Sioned and Rohan and their offspring and the offspring of all their friends and enemies romp about during a massive invasion by men from another group of islands who have some connection to sorcerers who are a lot like Sunrunners but enemies for reasons everyone forgot long ago There's a few battles a lot of women and children in danger and lots of talk about how mean Sioned can be it's true she can be Lots of characters don't survive some you like some you don't It's all leading up to the finale as often happens with the middle book of a trilogy but there's enough going on to keep this one interestingMy complaints about Rawn exist in this book as well having a son is the only thing that matters if you are highborn and you don't matter if you aren't highborn Rawn populates her world with strong women then has them basically living their lives to have sons Go figure Occasionally it's noted that women are sometimes warriors or powerful Sunrunners but somehow the plot is still all about saving them or getting them pregnant with a son Oh and Rawn still has lots of clunky awkward dialogue about royals' sex lives that everyone in the novel thinks is hilarious even their children and relatives ewww Still the books are fun the characters are interesting and it's all leading up to something