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Blood Drive Anna Strong Chronicles #2Anna Strong was a tough as nails Anna Strong PDF #180 bounty hunter until the night she was attacked and changed forever Now a vampire Ann. This is the second book in the Anna Strong Chronicles I actually enjoyed this book uite a bit than the firstThis book is very much in the same style as the first No nonsense writing style fast paced and a fun easy readIn this book Anna has accepted her need for blood but is still struggling to retain her bonds with humanity When her brother's ex girlfriend shows up claiming that Anna's niece is possibly involved in a murder; Anna is determined to find the young girl and find out the truthThe best part of this book was the introduction of Daniel Frey; you also learn about Calebra I think that's how you spell it I was a little disappointed in what Calebra was; I thought he would be something interesting Daniel Frey is an interesting and strong character The addition of the secret underground organization is also interestingI was disappointed in a few things Anna doesn't seem to progress much in understanding who and what she has become; she makes many of the same mistakes she made in the first book I was also disappointed that Max made such a brief appearance It's like he shows up once or twice in each book so that Anna can have sex with him and then he's off again I would like to learn about him since the brief glances we see of him make him seem like an interesting character Maybe in the next bookOverall I like the book it was a uick fun read and well written for what it is I will definitely read the next one

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Review ↠ Blood Drive Anna Strong Chronicles #2 ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF è ❰Ebook❯ ➡ Blood Drive Anna Strong Chronicles #2 Author Jeanne C. Stein – Anna Strong was a tough as nails bounty hunter until the night she was attacked and changeR her but they're about to learn that to a bounty hunter with an unnatural thirst for blood even the deadliest human predators are easy pr. In the follow up to The Becoming Anna Strong is now a full fledged vampire and bounty hunter along with partner David who nearly found himself died during the events in the Becoming Once again she finds herself dealing with another intriguing situation but this time she will need help from others and learn about the supernatural community itselfIt's been two months since the events in The Becoming Anna Strong is learning to cope with her new dietary reuirements by seeking donors chosen by Culebra Chief Williams has been trying to reach her but she refuses to make contact preferring to keep her life as normal as possible Then Carolyn Delaney who Anna blames for her brother Steve's death 14 years ago shows up and says he has a daughter and her name is Trish Anna's parents are excited and shocked the same time Can anyone really believe Carolyn's tall tales Anna takes this information with a grain of salt going as far as having DNA tests done to prove Carolyn is either telling the truth or lyingUnfortunately at the same time 13 year old Trish is missing and Carolyn wants Anna to find her Anna's search leads her to a teacher at Trish's school Daniel Frey Frey is a shapeshifter a panther and he begins assisting Anna both with the investigation and with her experiences as a new vampire The FBI gets involved since it's child porn and put the blame fully on Frey's shoulders for Trish's disappearanceAnna is forced to confront the evils of child porn films and the horrors that a child can face when she lacks family support like her own mother selling her child for money Anna also begins to face that she needs to separate herself from her mortal ties since she will eventually outlive them all In the end Carolyn lied about the girls father but Anna's parents decide to make her their own anyway something Anna comes to agree with since she will outlive her own family now that she's a vampireI like this series but sometimes Anna can be a nitwit and flake Next book in series The Watcher

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A discovers that her long dead brother may have had a daughter and the girl's in serious trouble There are some very dangerous people afte. Anna Strong is still learning what it means to be a vampire and in this story she must protect a young girl who could be her dead brother's daughter as she investigates a child pornography ring with the help of Daniel Frey a shapeshifter I'm enjoying the series Anna is an interesting character at times strong and resourceful and then at others not uite able to control her vampire side and a bit lost Luckily she has people to assist her she only needs to accept their help