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Amazing EvolutionGht on this incredible process from the beginnings of life around billion years ago to the millions of different species alive today including the moon walking talking apes with super powerful brains–human beingsFilled with clear explanations beautiful illustrations and fascinating facts about the planet’s strangest and m. I really love evolution and I think this is a pretty good book if one needs to explain it to children or adults The art is fun and cute and I think it is a good transition from picture books to this slightly involved and grown up topic I only have a couple small picky complaints but overall enjoyed it very much and I will strongly consider buying this for my daughter Picky thing #1 On the first page I saw this line Evolution also explains why there used to be many other creatures such as dinosaurs which no longer exist Obviously the sentiment is true but our best evidence is that dinosaurs no longer exist due to an environmental catastrophe not evolutionary change Evolution is way cooler than dinosaurs being eradicated by a meteor which is even addressed on page 11 and creatures that don't exist now because of evolution are things like common ancestors which are super cool but probably less well known Picky thing #2 In the discussion on page 21 of humans being the only animal to have complex culture when we know that other species do have culture including complex family groups and tool use However I was very glad to see the point made that evolution doesn't have a point or try to reach higherMy only other feedback would be a reuest for a for information on evolution check out these booksresources section at the end of the book I would love to know further child appropriate reading on the topicI received this book in exchange for an honest review via Netgalley

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Evolution can be a difficult idea to wrap our brains around it deals with random unlikely events combined with vast lengths of time too enormous to comprehend But the evidence is all around us–in the fossils of long dead creatures and in our genes and the relationships between all living beings Amazing Evolution shines a li. An informative book that covers evolution in a short and well explain way Nothing that would make it stands out from the lot but good enough to make it deserve its place I got this one as an ARC and just wanted to mentioned that the page 3641 from my Ipad count but of the 70 71 from the bottom page mark in the book the pictures does not appear in the yellow circle Might want to fix it before the official publication

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Amazing Evolution review ´ eBook or Kindle ePUB ê ❰Read❯ ➳ Amazing Evolution Author Anna Claybourne – Evolution can be a difficult idea to wrap our brains around it deals with random unlikely events combined with vast lengths of time too enormous to comprehend But the evidence is alOst spectacular creatures Amazing Evolution will keep children and adults too enthralled for hoursDelve into the pages and learn what makes a fish a fish why giraffes have such long necks and how all living things from cabbages to tigers are related  Amazing Evolution is the perfect first book about evolution for young reade. I really enjoyed this book The illustrations are gorgeous and engaging to look at and the text is easy enough for kids to understand Simple yet it goes into a lot of detail to give kids a good scientific foundation to understand evolution Definitely one I'd like for our library