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Free read Ð Mysterious Messages ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ê [KINDLE] ✽ Mysterious Messages By Gary L. Blackwood – Historys amazing secrets and codesand how to crack them yourself This fascinating look at historys most mysterious messages is packed with puzzles to decode and Talkers As computers change the way we communicate codes today are intriguing than everFrom invisible ink to the CIA this exciting trip through history is a hands on interactive experience so get crackin. Sending secret messages is a interesting topic for most kids This book provides a great introduction to the topic and provides plenty of opportunities to practice one's deciphering skills Blackwood starts with Ancient Greece and the first hidden messages He then goes through a variety of strategies used over the last several thousand years including the Navajo code talkers A well written fascinating study of an always popular topic For those who have the time I recommend deciphering the codes from each chapterThese two books provide an interesting way for teachers to show students that history is anything but boring It would be fun to see how fast the students could decode some of the messages

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Are the encrypted notes of Spartan warriors the brilliant code crackers of Elizabeth I secret messages of the American Revolution spy books of the Civil War the famous Enigma Machine and the Navajo code. I really enjoyed this book I borrowed it from the library to help me learn codes and ciphers better I'm playing a murder mystery game that involve both This book was real interesting It was a great help as well

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Mysterious MessagesHistorys amazing secrets and codesand how to crack them yourself This fascinating look at historys most mysterious messages is packed with puzzles to decode and ciphers that kids can use themselves Here. Humans from ages had two intrinsic needs − a to correspond and allocate information and b to correspond selectively These two needs gave rise to the art of coding the messages in such a way that only the intended people could have access to the information Unauthorized people could not dig out any information even if the scrambled messages fell in their hand The art and science of screening the messages to initiate confidentiality in information security is recognized as cryptography The word ‘cryptography’ was coined by combining two Greek words ‘Krypto’ meaning hidden and ‘graphene’ meaning writing One cannot merely believe in the fact that the first cipher device appears to have been employed by the ancient Greeks around 400 bc for secret communications between military commanders This device called the scytale consisted of a tapered baton around which was spirally wrapped a piece of parchment inscribed with the messageGary Blackwood in this journal of secret messaging expansively covers the field from ancient Sparta to the modern day CIA The book is extraordinarily handy with helpful photos images and sidebars on almost every page and it has a pleasing mixture of facts about people events and technology Blackwood’s convincing point is that in matters of war and national security cryptography has always played a decisive role This narrative history of codes and ciphers will be a natural fit for middle and high school age students who are often considered undecipherable by their parents and teachers Readers will be delighted to find that Mysterious Messages is filled with puzzles that they can solve for themselves