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Read & Download The Brat â PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ö ➥ [Ebook] ➠ The Brat By Gil Brewer ➯ – She looked at the rotting sun blasted shack the one room where they all lived slept made love died Looked at the dusty lawn where no grass grew At the steaming swamp at her tobacco spitting Nds Then she looked at her own lush beauty Get me out of here she prayed Oh please get me out of here I’ll pay any price. You can read the full review on my blog attractive dame Evis Helling with a lot of sass and a little bit of mystery behind her wanton ways lands her man hook line and sinker after easily seducing him in a swapland hear her home Lee Sulliven is a sucker for curves and a falls too uickly for Evis They return to Lee's hometown where Lee panders to Evis' every demand Eventually the financial and relationship stability make way for greed as Evis' real intentions come to light THE BRAT is a game of cat and mouse with so many variables impacting upon Lee's success in clearing his name Evis' cousin Kaylor is an interesting character who shows up in the early stages of the novel and plays a big role in the later stages Rona Evis' sister has motive and determination to land Lee for herself while Sheriff Degreef is at once lawful and shady I never did work out which one overshadows the other I've read a couple of other books by Gil Brewer but this one is a real gem Apart from a lull when Brewer goes into the backstory earlier in the piece THE BRAT held my attention The chase through the swampland and ensuing confrontation is top notch the characters surprisingly well rounded with their own uniue voice and the plot entertaining and believable It's the sort of story that would stand firm amongst today's modern crime fiction

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She looked at the rotting sun blasted shack the one room where they all lived slept made love died Looked at the dusty law. I had a hard time getting into this swamp pulp I think the problem was that it is just really slow The main character drives around for a while then he walks around then he sails around on a boat The end Even the climax was pretty tame by pulp standards

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The BratN where no grass grew At the steaming swamp at her tobacco spitting mother Saw the sly lustful eyes of her father’s frie. Surprised this one was never made into a movie because it has everything Robbery murder double crosses car chases boat chases gun fights hot babes and hunky guys The title is one of those misleading Gold Medal marketing ploys common in the 50s Evis is no brat but she is all femme fatale going at things “like a blitzkrieg in tight nylons”The novel starts right in the middle of the action with Lee Sullivan showing up late for the robbery planned by his wife Evis and uickly realizing that she is framing him for both the robbery and the murder of her co worker After a back story chapter describing how they met and the progression towards the robbery the chase is on as Sullivan tries to track down Evis and the 100000 with the police in pursuit Plenty of action in this one with a fully realized narrative arcBrewer is one of my favorite noir writers and the reasons why are all on display in this novel Relentless pace Brewer simply does not slow the action down Even in the brief moments of character interiority the thinking is fast and moving forward He doesn’t turn the narrative over to extended philosophizing or psychologizing just delivers the insights the stabs of realization and moves the story forward His description of action seuences is crisp and vivid and easy to follow and propulsive And his descriptions off settings don’t bog down the narrative while remaining evocative “The river curved in and out meandering high banked and black Pushing through underbrush and occasional jungle growth I heard the sounds of things in the river The low throaty grunt just at that moment when silence ruled The splash and settling of a colossal body”