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Le Mont Analogue Roman d'aventures alpines non euclidiennes et symboliuement authentiues eBook ↠ Paperback á René Daumal á ➵ [Read] ➯ Le Mont Analogue Roman d'aventures alpines non euclidiennes et symboliuement authentiues By René Exist and his classic allegory of man's search for himself embraces the certainty that one can know and conuer one's own realit I was delighted to find a copy of this and another long sought after book in a secondhand store in Dunedin last week Slightly battered and time stained Daumal's slender little volume also at some point provided a home for bookworms literally They left pointillist patterns across the lower portion of each page; if I hold it up just right it's like starlightFor a metaphysical adventure that ends mid chapter mid sentence mid thought Mount Analogue failed entirely to set off my bullshit detectors It's been on my to read list for the better part of a decade long enough for that initial desire to settle into comfortable acceptance of whatever the book has to offer and perhaps this open mindedness is exactly what it seeks And you what do you seek? Or what Daumal sought when he turned from Le Grand Jeu and Sanskrit translations from dismissing the surrealists for not going far enough from essays and absurdities and experimentation to a work of fiction too bizarre to be true but too right to be ignored or overlooked less sincerity than undeniable veracity If after climbing up and down three steep gullies that end in a sheer wall visible only at the last minute your legs begin to tremble and your teeth to chatter head for the nearest ledge where you can rest securely Then rack your brain for all the oaths you have ever heard and hurl them at the mountain spit on it insult it as violently as you know how Take a swallow of water have a bite to eat and then start climbing again easily slowly as if you had a lifetime ahead of you in which to pull out of the bad spot That night before falling asleep when this comes back to you you'll see how much of an act you were putting on you weren't talking to the mountain at all nor was it the mountain you got the better of The mountain is nothing but rock and ice with neither ears nor heart But that little act may have saved your life It's about mountain climbing of course the eponymous peak serving as an abstract symbol for the very concrete — and metaphorical — mountains we climb every day even especially? those of us who either disdain mountain climbing or choose to admire its adherents from sea level sure footed and safe Roger Shattuck should be applauded for his exuisite translation which I think does justice to Daumal's searching humility and adventurously poetic spirit The different branches of symbol interpretation had for a long time been my favourite field of study; I naively believed I understood something about the subject Further I had an alpinist's passionate love of mountains The convergence of these two contrasting areas of interest on the same subject the mountain had given certain passages of my article a lyric tone Such conjunctions incongruous as they may appear play a large part in the genesis of what is commonly called poetry; I venture this remark as a suggestion to critics and aestheticians who seek to illuminate the depths of that mysterious language If this example of the narrator's cautious precision irritates you probably best to give Mount Analogue a miss — for now at least If it made you think a somewhat giddily of Christian Rosenkreutz well stop reading my words now and track down Daumal'sI loved the way the mountain's space curving mystery interacted with contemporary physics optics even in a slightly problematic way ideally viewed like the island in Lost through an affectionate haze; I loved the complex inventions that reuired so much work to make life easier; I loved the strange geometric cosmology the mythology of the hollow men and bitter rose the rhythmic repetitive climbing songs; I loved the alien familiarity of the mountain's rules its responsibilities When you strike off on your own leave some trace of your passing which will guide you coming back one stone set on another some grass flattened by a blow of your stick But if you come to an impasse or a dangerous spot remember that the trail you have left could lead people coming after you into trouble So go back along your trail and obliterate any traces you have left This applies to anyone who wishes to leave some mark of his passage in the world Even without wanting to you always leave a few traces Be ready to answer to your fellow men for the trail you leave behind you René Daumal you make me want to re learn French just to read everything you wrote during your too short life to catch glimpse after fleeting glimpse of the workings of your mind I am dead because I lack desire;I lack desire because I think I possess;I think I possess because I do no try to giveIn trying to give you see that you have nothing;Seeing you have nothing you try to give of yourself;Trying to give of yourself you see that you are nothing;Seeing you are nothing you desire to become;In desiring to become you begin to live

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In this novelallegory the narratorauthor sets sail in the yacht Impossible to search for Mount Analogue the geographically locat Mount Analogue may be the book that broke this reviewer’s back What to say of it but that it’s brief – tragically brief given Daumal must have known he was racing the clock – and immense And in fact its brief immensity is almost fitting because if not for a few nods by the narrator to a known future early on undermined in any case by the switch to a diarist’s present tense in Chapter 4 what better way for this impossible adventure to end than in mid sentence on the slopes of the mountain? That said I and I’m sure most of Daumal’s readers would have loved to see beyond the foothills and when I first realised I’d see no further I was near inconsolable; on reaching the last line I turned to the first and began again Yet even a second reading has little clarified my impressions – ironic given Daumal’s own narrative is nothing if not clear And it’s this clarity – fearless given the esoteric nature of the topics it gazes upon – that paradoxically imparts to Mount Analogue its near endless seeming mysticalmysterious powerPoint 1 then Mount Analogue describes a spiritual uest but one which proceeds by scientific – or uasi scientific – deduction This science or uasi science abounding in paradox provides thrills and high entertainment thanks to its practitioner’s “methodological principal which consists of assuming the problem solved and deducing from this solution all the conseuences that flow logically from it” Thus is the absurdity of a mountain higher than Everest which has never appeared on any map explained by the curvature of space and light which render it invisible to all except those entering from the west at sunset And when the crew of the Impossible make that entry in a bravura use of white space Daumal simply starts a new chapter A long wait for the unknown dampens the force of surpriseTo me this is one of many small miracles in this a small miracle of a book which I first heard of 10 15 years ago which I sought – not urgently but steadily almost subconsciously – those several years and to which now that I’ve found it six Australian dollars on a dusty Sydney shelf I defer as to a literaryspiritual cornerstone the likes of Hesse’s Journey to the East Kafka’s The Castle or the best of Poe’s tales which in one sense – the literary – seem Daumal’s clear forerunners yet in another sense – the spiritual – seem hardly related at all Point 2 Daumal on the strength of these 70 tantalising frustrating unresolved pages is an idolThe different branches of the symbolic had been my favorite study for a long time – I naively believed that I understood something about the subject; further as a mountaineer I had a passionate love of the mountains The conseuence of these two very different kinds of interest in the same subject mountains had colored certain passages of my article with a definite lyricism Such conjunctions incongruous as they may seem play a large part in the genesis of what is called poetry I offer this remark as a suggestion to critics and aestheticians attempting to shed light on the depths of this mysterious languagePoint 3 Mount Analogue mysterious as it is by defining both its protagonist’s uest and its author’s contains the means to its own solution Or might have done if it were finished In any case it makes sense plainly and openly while attempting to plumb the deepest mysteries of life and of art If I’ve said little here if what I’ve said is confused it’s because my view of my own Mount Analogue obscures my view of others’ But that view – mine my own uest – is for now all important As Daumal’s narrator says when the members of his expedition consider postponing their ascent of the mountain in order to broaden their fields of knowledge in the town below there’s a time to nail “that nasty owl of intellectual cupidity” to the door Others Jimmy Eddie Nate have written here elouently of Daumal’s masterpiece My Overlook Press edition includes a 17 page introduction by a scholar Kathleen Ferrick Rosenblatt far knowledgeable than I am All I can add is it’s for real this Mount Analogue thing if a book is an engine for igniting sparks it’s incendiary Leave your owl at the door

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Le Mont Analogue Roman d'aventures alpines non euclidiennes et symboliuement authentiuesEd albeit hidden peak that reaches inexorably toward heaven Daumal's symbolic mountain represents a way to truth that cannot not A kind of theoretical adventure story where the protagonists work with ingenious logic backwards from the supposition that the recurrent myth of the mountain to the heavens Olympus Sinai Babel must imply an actual such mountain and if such exists where and how could it exist so as to avoid detection until now? And then of course they go there With a great deal of totally fascinating discussion of everything within Daumal's reach philosophy psychology folklore physics all wrapped up in an exceedingly engaging tale The novel went tragically unfinished with Daumal's death in '44 but in some ways the tantalizingly incomplete narrative fits the material By definition the Symbolic Mountain must have its roots in the accessible terrestrial sphere while its peak lies far beyond earth and normal access or understanding And so then does this fascinating novel extend straight from the pages into my hands into sheer possibility into the infinite