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The Soul Collector Free download ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ¶ ❰Ebook❯ ➡ The Soul Collector Author Paul Johnston – Brutally targeted by the 'White Devil' serial killer Matt Wells knows what it's like to look evil in the face and survive He's rebuilt his life but hasShoulder Then his best friend is found murdered and cryptic clues to the next victim are sent to Ma. Paul Johnston is a very good writer but personally I feel that this book is a bit too dark for my likingIf you want a dark violent vicious serial killer story then this is for you but I suspect I am over the genre The writing is descriptive though the supporting characters can be a bit cliché in particular Karen Oaten the love interest The sidekicks of the main character are also a bit to helpful to the plot but you do feel that there is enough character and individuality in them

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Brutally targeted by the 'White Devil' serial killer Matt Wells knows what it's like to look evil in. Having read The Death List the first book of this series I was really looking forward to The Soul Collector however whilst I enjoyed it I would have to say that it didn’t uite measure up to its predecessor Perhaps it’s a case of ‘familiarity breeds contempt’ but the action was muddled and less straightforward with the protagonists operating out on the fringes whereas in The death List the action was ‘upfront and personal’In addition there is a sub story running along with the main event here and it all seemed a bit unnecessary only serving to confuse but perhaps that was the intention In essence the heroes were less heroic and the villains less villainous and the denouement appeared very rapidly Although as I read all my books electronically these days it is a bit harder to see when the end is just around the cornerDon’t let this put you off reading The Soul Collector as it is well written and the characters are an interesting assortment of individuals who keep the pace moving along satisfactorily Perhaps I was left a tad deflated because I was comparing the two books rather than taking each as a new step along the intriguing path that Matt Wells the main character is journeying

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The Soul CollectorThe face and survive He's The Soul Kindle rebuilt his life but has never stopped looking over his. Matt Wells is still worried about the aftereffects of the White Devil serial killer after all the sister of the White Devil and ex girlfriend of Matt is still at large Matt and his friends have taken things in their own hands and have plans for if things go wrongWhen they do and notes left with the body refer to Matt things start to spiral out of control However it doesn't look like the work of one person so who is doing this It also doesn't look good for Matt when it's other mystery writers dyingFor me this wasn't as good as the first one Interesting yes but there were bits that seemed to detract from the story Also at 5'1 15 stones isn't uite as morbidly obese as the author would suggest from the text particularly if the character had a Hippo nickname in school