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Free download · Dancing on Broken Glass Ç PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¿ ❦ Dancing on Broken Glass free download ➜ Author Ka Hancock – Lucy Houston e Mickey Chandler não deveriam se apaixonar Os dois sofrem de doenças genéticas LuPara fazer o relacionamento dar certo Mickey promete tomar os remédios Lucy promete não culpá lo pelas coisas ue ele não pode controlar Mickey será sempre honesto Lucy será pacienteComo em ualuer relação eles têm dias bons e dias ruins alguns terríveis Depois ue Lucy uase perde uma batalha contra o câncer eles criam mais uma regra nunca terão filhos para não passar adiante sua herança genéticaPorém em seu ° a. A RARE INSIGHT INTO BIPOLAR DISORDER DEEPLY MOVING SENSITIVE AND SMART Dancing on Broken Glass is life affirming and unapologetically sentimental It’s also a raw and realistic portrayal of people coping with life’s truly tough challenges It’s about mental illness up close and personal And cancer up close and personal It’s about the genetic luck of the draw It’s a story about community about a tight fabric of people who’ve known each other their whole lives and who support and care for each other in small ways and large The characters are so richly observed you can’t help but care about them Be sure to keep the tissues handy If you don’t shed at least a few tears reading this gem then you might want to check your heart still has a beat

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Niversário de casamento durante uma consulta de rotina Lucy é surpreendida com uma notícia extraordinária uase um milagre ue vai mudar tudo o ue ela e Mickey haviam planejado De uma hora para outra todas as regras são jogadas pela janela e eles terão ue redescobrir o verdadeiro significado do amor'Dançando sobre cacos de vidro' é a história de um amor inspirador ue supera todos os obstáculos para se tornar possível. I have written the first sentence multiple times and I'm still struggling how to begin I want to be careful so I don't give spoilers without warning so I might be vague There are so many facets of this book that I loved I'll start with the first thing that comes to my mindMickey and Lucy are complex and wonderful people We meet Lucy first as a child as she sees Death for the first time Death is not a verb but a noun Death is female and not frightening She is comforting and peaceful At the time her father explained to her that Death is not scary or painful Death is also not the end but a continuation Dying might hurt but Death does not A few days later Death took her father At the age of 17 Death also took her mother Lucy knew Death was near and felt peaceful but sadLucy is a package deal She comes with sass and two sisters Lily who is maternal in nature but childless and Priscilla who is career driven and has ice in her veins All of the sisters are loyal to one another but stay true to their characters Lucy is the youngest All live with the fear of cancer and death even though their father said Death is nothing to fear Their DNA dictates that cancer will come again to the Houston girlsMickey is 8 years older than Lucy and comes with another package He is funny a good business man charismatic and bipolar Here's what I loved at Mickey is than his diagnosis and makes that clear to Lucy He also makes it clear to Lucy that being with him will be heartbreaking He will crash and he will hurt her It is part of the illness He is also honest and genuine Their marriage is not a destination but part of the journey They accept each other and their flaws marry and continue on That's what I loved about their relationship They love each other and use that love to propel them forward Mickey hits his cycles He becomes manic self medicates hits psychosis he's hospitalized stabilizes and comes home Lucy greets him accepts him respects him and continues to love him Being bipolar is one part of who he is He's also much than thatAt the beginning of most chapters Mickey provides a journal entry It's usually short but clearly and concisely with raw honesty describes his mood disorder in a way that a textbook can't He provides a window for the reader to comprehend why his mood escalates to something uncontrollable and how he justifies adjusting his medication Bipolar becomes much than a diagnosis It has a face and personality Cancer is also a part of Lucy It doesn't define her but it is a part of her Again Hancock doesn't gloss over anything The doctor tells Lucy she has cancer and then we journey through her treatment with her One character provides a truth which applies to just about everything in life The only way through is going through it There are no shortcuts There are no shortcuts to a happy marriage There are no shortcuts through cancer treatment There are no shortcuts through depression There are no shortcuts through death or grief The only way through is getting up in the morning making it through the day going to bed Repeat Eventually you're at the other sideHancock tackles some tough issues that are not foreign to the reader Mental illness marital happiness or discontent commitment to marriage vows love illness loss grief death dying faith God peace Many of her ideas resonated for me I also enjoyed having a book that did not have offensive material in it Swearing is mild much like my own mouth Sex is included but within appropriate context Dialogue centers around the issues There is much much that I want to say about this but I'm afraid of spoiling itview spoilerMickey and Lucy go through hell together Mickey has his cycles and becomes psychotic or realizes he's spiraling out of control and gets the help he needs Lucy gets cancer and goes through chemo and radiation once Then she finds she has cancer again with the added complication of an unplanned pregnancy At this point they have to decide whether to continue the pregnancy and seek treatment that may or may not kill the cancer or do something else Remember that Mickey is mentally ill If Lucy dies Mickey may not be able to take care of the baby if the baby survives hide spoiler

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Dancing on Broken GlassLucy Houston e Mickey Chandler não deveriam se apaixonar Os dois sofrem de doenças genéticas Lucy tem um histórico familiar de câncer de mama muito agressivo e Mickey um grave transtorno Dancing on Kindle bipolar No entanto uando seus caminhos se cruzam é impossível negar a atração entre elesContrariando toda a lógica ue indicava ue sua história não teria futuro eles se casam e firmam por escrito um compromisso. I read this book before my Goodreads initiation but it is a book that I absolutely loved and selfishly do not appear to recommend very oftenWhy I think it's because I don't want it lumped together with all the other contemporary fiction or chick lit books on the market Because I think it's special Because it hit at the heart strings and begged me to wonder If it was me what would I do Off the top of my head I have only had that experience with a handful of books I'm not going to name them because I fear turning other readers away by making comparisons It's also a scary book Because the author never makes you feel like there's only one answer Nor is it preachy It's messy This book will leave you in an emotional state of mind Empty Kleenex boxes and tears will probably be part of it too But it's all worthwhile and that's truly the greatest part