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Deadland Rising review Û eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ ❮PDF❯ ✭ Deadland Rising ✩ Author Rachel Aukes – The conclusion of the critically acclaimed DEADLAND SAGAWinter has arrived It has been nearly one year since the zombie hordes claimed the world As the plague eats away at its victiRage to endure in this barren hostile world Even that might not be enough Deadland Rising is a journey through Dante Alighieri's “Paradiso” the classic tale on the seven virtues zombie apocalypse styleBookDays in DeadlandBook Deadland’s HarvestBook Deadland Risi. Full review and available at My ThoughtsBelieve me if I could change the past there'd be plenty I would do differently But I can't and you can't either We have to accept things as we see them and keep on living Clutch Deadland Rising P 52At the beginning of my other two reviews for this series I felt the need to explain to my readers that I am generally not a fan of the horror genre I don't like horror I deplore zombies and I don't handle suspense well Well folks I'm not even going to write that any because that would be a complete lie Thank Rachel Aukes you've ruined horror for me No longer do I fear the unknowns of the literary world No longer do I mock zombies Rachel Aukes has made me a believerGoing into this novel was one of the most bittersweet experiences I have had as a blogger As anyone who read my other two reviews and read my year end recap could tell you this was one of my most anticipated reads of 2015 so of course I was pumped to check it out On the flip side I knew this would be my final adventure alongside the characters I had grown so incredibly close to 400 pages to see if these heroes would live die or even become the living dead themselves Emotions ran high but I knew with Rachel Aukes at the helm I would not be disappointedI'll just flat out tell you now that if today was the final day of 2015 Deadland Rising would be among my top reads of the year I was expecting a whole lot out of this novel and thankfully Rachel Aukes did not disappoint not even a littleIn true Rachel Aukes fashion this entire novel was very fast paced Picking up mere days after the second novel we find our characters in uite the conundrum Making their way across the plains of the Midwest in search of New Eden their promised paradise and home to other survivors of the zombie apocalypse proves to be of a journey than anticipated It's been nine months since the infection spread rampant across society resulting in massive casualties and complete breakdown of modern civilization What remains of the government bombed the metropolitan centers of the US in an effort to kill the infection killing any possible survivors as well With the plummeting temperatures of winter uickly taking over the zeds have migrated south towards warmer temperatures Those that remain are slow sluggish and stand like statues on the frozen plains While the number of zeds may have decreased Cash Clutch Jase and the gang must fight off bandits and bands of rabid angry dogs to make their way to New Eden before winter stops them in their tracks The plot line to this novel is a little defined that its' predecessors Unlike the other two stories where the only plot was 'survive' out gang has a mission now It's a big change of pace from the other two stories where you never know what may happen next though this novel is full of the unexpected In true form for a conclusion Rachel Aukes makes sure to tie up all loose ends By the time you close your cover you know whats happened to most all characters Those that haven't been killed that is I'm not going to spoil the ending for anyone but I can tell you that I was pleased Immensely The story wraps up in a way that says yes this is the end of the story but you never know what the future may hold' Rebuilding society won't happen overnight but the reader is left with hope for a better tomorrowThis series has a huge cast of characters Unfortunately many of them do not make it to the end but Rachel gives us so many new ones to fill their place Even though this is a final novel in the series we are still introduced to a dozen or so new characters that really help to move the story to its' conclusion New survivors new doctors new politicians new enemies friends and animals will have to work together to survive the end of days in this amazing conclusion With such a large cast one may wonder how everyone gets their time to shine I will admit that I would have liked to have seen from some characters and less from others but in the end this first person POV is told from Cash who narrates the series to perfection Seeing the world through her eyes is truly a treat All of my favorite characters play huge roles in the novel Clutch Cash Jase Hali Benji Griz and so many I'm not going to lie to you guys In true Rachel Aukes fashion not every character will make it to the end There will be feels people Let's just hope you fight them off better than I did Oh man I caught those feels hardcoreThe world isn't the same after the outbreak but Aukes does a great job with her settings in the story Everything is described in vivid detail giving this entire series the feel of a motion picture It isn't hard for me to close my eyes and picture everything as it happens With the inclusion of some new vernacular and a whole new government Aukes paints the picture of the future of the Americas where Northern Mexico the US and Canada have combined forces into one major state This picture is far from complete but gives the reader great insight to what the future may bringI'd also like to take note of the level of accuracy that Aukes has included in this series A world without electricity running water human maintenance is a scary thought Many things such as the breakdown in gasoline chemicals rendering it useless after time never occurred to me yet Aukes made sure to include it anyway Of all the apocalyptic novels I have read this one is my far the most realistic and I give huge props to Aukes for that With this series Rachel Aukes set out to tell a gripping horror story against the backdrop of Dante Alighieri's Inferno Purgatorio and Paradiso Aukes is no casual author she meticulously analyzed Alighieri's groundbreaking and timeless tale in order to craft her story Everything is there from hell to paradise Rachel Aukes did an incredible job I have seen authors attempt this in the past with horrendous results but as a huge fan of the Divine Comedy myself I can say that Rachel Aukes definitely does it justice I am confident that Alighieri would be a fan himself that is if he weren't stuck back in the thirteenth century As you can see I was a huge fan of this final installment of the Deadland Saga From page one of 100 Days in Deadland I knew this was going to be a special series Never once did I read anything in these novels that I wanted to change Each death served a vital purpose ever downfall was necessary and every small victory made my heart soar Rachel Aukes delivered a stronger punch in her final novel than I even thought was possible When closing the back cover I wasn't left with sadness I wasn't left with regret fear or anxiety I was left with hope Hope that our world could possibly overcome our difference and come together to form a better society for us all It should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone that I am granting Deadland Rising by Rachel Aukes a near perfect 5 star review Of all my reads I'm not sure one has ever taken me on uite the journey as this one has Huge kudos to you Mrs Rachel Aukes you truly are the ueen of Scream I cannot wait to see what we can expect from you next

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The conclusion of the critically acclaimed DEADLAND SAGAWinter has arrived It has been nearly one year since the zombie hordes claimed the world As the plague eats away at its victims’ bodies the Fox survivors search for a safe place to rebuild what they have lost B. Wonderful conclusion to the series Lovely writing Great heroine

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Deadland RisingUt a dangerous new threat has risen hunting them from every direction To survive Cash Clutch and their small band of refugees must put their faith in a group of strangers and a new government with radical plans It will take all of the Fox survivors’ strength and cou. I loved this series and this book was the perfect finishing touch I wasn't sure how Ms Aukes was going to end the series but she perfectly tied up all the lose ends and left the reader with hope I look forward to reading other things she has written