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Deadwood characters ✓ 100 å ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Deadwood Author Pete Dexter – DEADWOOD DAKOTA TERRITORIES 1876 Legendary gunman Wild Bill Hickcock and his friend Charlie Utter have come to the Black Hills town of Deadwood fresh from Cheyenne fleeing an ungrateful populace Bill Deadwood DAKOTA TERRITORIES DEADWOOD DAKOTA TERRITORIES Legendary gunman Wild Bill Hickcock and his friend Charlie Utter have come to the Black Hills town of Deadwood fresh from Cheyenne fleeing an ungrateful populace Bill aging and sick but still able to b. Despite being written 20 years before the excellent show on HBO was first broadcast it's hard to imagine that it didn't serve as a template for the show's creator David Milch minus the profanity ubiuitous throughout the show So in sync are the characterizations in both the book and show despite the age difference that I easily and comfortably envisioned the actors playing the various real life roles reciting the dialogue from the bookSince I think the program might well be the best thing ever shown on TV the book had a lot to measure up to and I'm happy to say to it was eual to the task While ostensibly a western it actually transcends the genre as it is really about character friendship family love and the still present attitudes men have about women and their perceived limitations But it was all served up in the crucible of a practically lawless mining town deep in Sioux territory virtually outside the jurisdiction and protection of the US governmentTHe only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is I don't trust my objectivity with this one but I have to say I'm really glad I read it and thought it was great

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Est any man in a fair gunfight just wants to be left alone to drink and play cards But in this town of played out miners bounty hunters upstairs girls Chinese immigrants and various other entrepeneurs and miscreants he finds hims. Dexter’s Deadwood is boisterous wild and darkly hud epic The humor and the intricate exploring of the characters makes you forget that this book catalogues murder insanity sickness suicides mutilation prostitution and the mud and the sualor of a frontier town This mingling of darkness and character driven comedy is as finely tuned as anything since Heller’s Catch 22

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DeadwoodElf pursued by a vicious sheriff a perverse whore man bent on revenge and a besotted Calamity Jane Fueled by liuor sex and violence this is the real wild west unlike anything portrayed in the dime novels that first told its story. I watched every episode of the Deadwood series and was so disappointed when it ended so abruptly after only 3 seasons When I saw that this book was actualy the book that David Milch built his series around I had to read it The book is similar in many ways to the excellent series but it is different too It's actually much deeper and Charlie Utter one of my characters in the series is the main character in the book He is the glue that holds everything together The book is totally surprising and there is so much depicted in it Utter is the voice of reason in the wilds of Deadwood He's a man who is best friend to the legend Wild Bill Hickok and he's a man who studies and examines humankind all around him and even if he's not surprised at the depravity he encounters his ability to mediate and provide a voice of reason even under the most shocking circumstanes helps his friends and acuaintenances through difficult times Charlie is very much a man of his time 1870's but he's also a modern man in a changing world The book is hilariously funny in spots and totally shocking in others but through it all we have Charlie making his way through it and his experiences are so well depicted that it helps us assimilate the multitude of humanity and the multitude of viloence in Deadwood USA I didn't think I'd find another book about the old west that I would like as much as Lonesome Dove but this book can hold its' place beside Lonesome Dove and even rises above in many aspects