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Read ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Å Andrey Kurkov Ee his work in print for the first time his pride swiftly turns to terror He and Misha have been drawn into a trap from which there appears to be no escap. I read 'Death and the Penguin' by Andrey Kurkov for my book group and came to it knowing nothing about it I really enjoyed the story of Viktor Zolotaryov a frustrated writer whose short stories are too short and uneventful to be published When a newspaper editor unexpectedly offers Viktor a job as an obituarist with reasonable pay and working from home he agrees His original style delights his editor Initially he has to select powerful figures from the Ukrainian elite and prepare their obituaries ready for their death and as the volume of obituaries increases Viktor realises that his obituaries seem to foreshadow the subject's death 'Death and the Penguin' is a blackly comic critiue of post Soviet corruption in Ukraine and the inevitable bleakness is part of the novel’s appeal Viktor’s pet penguin Misha is a marvellous creation who symbolises the confusion and loss of community that characterises post Soviet Ukraine Just as Misha the penguin is cut off from his natural collective and co opeative environment so Viktor is struggling to survive in a city that is confusing and unwelcoming to its human populationWhilst this may all sound a tad depressing be reassured that it’s actually very readable amusing and uietly rails against the world it describes The plot is original and surprising making the book something of a page turner and it includes lots of interesting details about Ukrainian habits and culture not least how alcohol seems to accompany every social interaction no matter what time of the day or night In short it’s a charming gripping original funny and provocative absurdist novel 45

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Download Смерть постороннего ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ¹ [Reading] ➷ Смерть постороннего ➭ Andrey Kurkov – Viktor is an aspiring writer with only Misha his pet penguin for company Although he would prefer to write short stori Viktor is an aspiring writer with only Misha his pet penguin for company Although he would prefer to write short stories he earns a living composing obitu. Death and the Penguin is a sweet and strange little book It won't admit it is sweet Don't call me sweet I'm so sad Can't you see that I'm sad It might say I'm not sure how to review it without sounding like a weirdo I liked it a lot and almost loved it It was almost warm and it almost made me happy I almost belonged there It is bittersweet feeling like going to a funeral and looking around to see if anyone else showed up like that would make a difference If you were the sort to show up to other kids parties kids you didn't know very well or at all just in case no one else showed up Why are there no black veiled women in the back What else is the measure of success 'Penguin' reads like reading about strangers who you are worried for in case no one else is Kind of At least until I wore out my welcome like those kids parties This girl told me that she had her real party the next day and this was the one for me to go to I began to feel a bit like that Why can't I just say it dragged a bit like a normal person Or it is an obituary Did Ashton Kutcher tweet about it or did he delegate to his missus I'm not crazy Viktor's job is writing obits He also goes to funerals Not crazy Viktor is a forty something year old writer living in post soviet Ukraine Okay Viktor reminded me of my ex boyfriend in some not too comfortable ways it was eerie Right down to the pissing and moaning about how it wasn't sunny one day as if that was something anyone else had control over He's a writer too and he whines a whole lot about not having time to write when he doesn't write much when he does have time Like it is anyone else's fault or you are stopping them from writing Viktor whines about having to have a day job to pay the bills Okay I may be projecting the high level of douchiness onto Viktor He was not as bad as my ex boyfriend But still I didn't warm to Viktor at all because of this similarity Don't they know that everyone has to work and it isn't always something that makes us feel fulfilled Suck it up Vik It was a weird place to want to tell Viktor that he was lucky to have a job and have food to put on the table when I had the feeling it was meant to be a situation for the reader to sympathize with him He was sad He was afraid to feel happy for what he had I started to worry about the other people in his life in case he wasn't appreciating them There's only so much you can do if he's willfully blind you knowShould I spoil the plot There's mafia reasons behind the obits and missing bodies I didn't care as much about this stuff I didn't care at all about the forced penguin performances at funerals except to want to cry for Misha when he collapses after all of those funerals in the rain Viktor should have stood up for him Misha was a penguin in the zoo until he was a penguin in Viktor's apartment I love Misha so much I worried about him I felt like I knew how he felt He stared at the wall I wanted to listen for his foot falls I wanted to keep him company Viktor was a tool whining about his sunny days Misha was too hot It was pretty brilliant the way that Kurkov wrote the worry here Viktor was alone and Misha was alone They had each other to notice they were there at least on good days Yet there had to be a push pull for Misha belonged in the cold and Viktor wanted the warmth They weren't of a kind They really are the terminal whiners dream couple Who do you want to be with when you can't stand to declare yourself When you don't know what you want I admire Kurkov for writing this so well Viktor and Misha have other friends of a kind in their lives The kinds of friends who cannot step on your toes Can you stop looking at your feet to see that they are unstepped on Okay I admit that Viktor would chase me away I would leave the party I don't want to step on his feet and I would hate for anyone to think I wanted to step on their feet It was neat that Death and the Penguin made me feel like I could be there to do thatIt was really too bad about the boring mafia plot that took over towards the end There's a second book I'm nervous about reading it What if it makes me too worried about Misha that I can't stand it I want to have hope that he'll get to swim in ice cold water and come back for a pat on the head if he wants it Fuck I did that review thing where I only thought about the interpersonal relationships again So the obits were pretty good and Viktor got a bit of an ego about them The obits are another way of trying to make amends for what they or someone else did Worrying In case something is too late They were about some pretty terrible people and he wrote about them in a humanistic way with some philosophy thrown in all better than I make it sound I'm not a writer I was wondering how he would have written about some of the famous people who have recently died For example a certain dictator I bet he wouldn't have credited Steve Jobs with pixar either Or painted Christopher Hitchens as a saintI also liked a whole lot that the former USSR was this bizarre world you couldn't figure out and so they don't try to That was pretty good for not attempting to explain away why they would want to have someone write obits for people they wanted dead Or give away penguins to civilians Or any of it It felt like the wall that Misha is always staring at He doesn't look at the wall really What is there to see It's there to lean towards and ignore Pretty perfect for when you're trapped in some place that doesn't make sense and you know you don't belong there Misha staring at the wall is the image from the book that stands out in my mind the most I

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Смерть постороннегоAries for a newspaper He longs to see his work published yet the subjects of his obituaries continue to cling to life But when he opens the newspaper to s. Don't get me wrong I love penguins I think they're awesome and secretly I think I'd like one as a pet one day But when this book was recommended for my book club I was a bit wary really A story about a guy and his penguin Sigh I don't read satires very well normally so I expected this to be one of those sorts of situations where I missed all the humor However I do do surrealism pretty well and I also do Eastern European literature exceptionally well Okay so penguins surrealism and Eastern European Take that satireThis is a pretty strange little mystery novel all the while feeling actually sort of normal throughout I don't want to discuss the story itself for fear of spoiling anything this is a book that is best read going into it without knowing much about it I think It's fun that way watching the story unravel and getting to know Viktor and his pet penguin MishaKurkov wrote a seuel to this Penguin Lost which I can see myself going on to readETA After some reflection I've decided that surrealist isn't the appropriate word for this book Absurd would fit the bill nicely The story is absurd in the best possible way