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O Demônio e a Srta PrymIt dem Bändchen Der Dämon und Fräulein Prym seine Trilogie über die Liebe den Tod und die Macht drei Antriebskräfte die das Leben ganz gewöhnlicher Frauen in jeweils nur sieben Tagen auf den Kopf stellen Dem begnadeten Erzähler Coelho der seit seinem Bestseller Der Alchimist zu den meistgelesenen Autoren der Welt gehört gelingt es erneut simple Wahrheiten mit einfachen Worten in eine fabelhafte Geschichte zu verpacken und so seine Leser am Ende ein kleines Stückchen weiser zurück zu lassen Belehrung kann so wunderbar und spannend sein Beate Strob. WARNING FOR SPOILERSAre human beings inherently good or evil The Devil and Miss Prym A Novel of Temptation by famed author Paulo Coelho is intended to be an exploration of this theme with various legends introduced into the conversation throughout the book One of these legends involves a man traveling with his horse and dog when he is struck by lightning and killed Not realizing he is dead the man continues his walk but eventually the group becomes thirsty They come across a gateway which leads to a fountain overflowing with water The guard at the gate tells the man this place is Heaven and he is allowed in but only if he comes alone The man not wanting to abandon his animals instead continues on walking and comes to another gateway where everyone is allowed to drink from the nearby spring The man asks this guard where he is and the guard replies Heaven The place with the fountain was actually Hell prompting the man to exclaim that it is wrong for them to be trying to trick people into entering their gate under false pretenses The guard replies On the contrary they do us a favor because the ones who stay there are those who have proved themselves capable of abandoning their dearest friends To me this story served as a warning as I wondered what would I have done Dying of thirst would I have proved to be selfish and unknowingly entered through the gates of Hell Even though I consider myself to be a good person could I have made one bad choice that would have forever changed my fate For those of us looking for assurance about our own goodness though The Devil and Miss Prym does not provide any conclusions Through his exploration of the origins of the town of Viscos and its later struggle between Good and Evil ultimately Coelho tells us there is no answer about whether humans are good or bad but rather it is all a matter of individual choiceFirst Coelho makes it clear through his discussion of the town of Viscos that nobody is strictly Good or Evil but instead these forces struggle within each of us Viscos began as a town inhabited by the dregs of society including bandits smugglers prostitutes and murderers and the wickedest of them all an Arab named Ahab One day St Savin comes to Ahab’s house and asks if he can spend the night Ahab laughs and decides that he will kill the man that night sharpening his knife over the sleeping St Savin But the next morning when St Savin awakens Ahab is in tears and tells him For the first time ever someone spent a night by my side trusting that I could be a good man Because you believed I was capable of behaving decently I did Later we learn that Ahab’s transformation had really come earlier when he asked St Savin a series of hypothetical uestions For example if St Savin was tempted by a beautiful prostitute would he see her as ugly What would he do if he was offered gold Or could he love two brothers eually if he knew one hated him In each case St Savin acknowledged he would be tempted by Evil but that he would try to control himself Ahab then realized St Savin wasn’t so different from him – they both struggled with Good and Evil – just as everyone does It was all a matter of control And choice Nothing and nothing less Ahab then transforms Viscos into a peaceful trading post But that doesn’t mean the people of Viscos are by nature good people Good and Evil still struggles within each of them Some realize they can't abide by the new rules and leave town while others decide to stay It is their individual choice about which path they choseWhile most of the “good” people decide to stay in Viscos leaving it as a peaceful place its inhabitants are eventually tested many years later when a stranger comes to town and offers them gold if they will murder a fellow citizen over the course of the next week The stranger tells Chantal Prym the local bartender that he used to be a good person but since his family was murdered by a group of terrorists he has been tortured with uestions about why the terorists did it and whether it is proof that all people are Evil Viscos will be his testing ground for Good and Evil If someone in the town is murdered that will prove his theory that humans are inherently Evil In fact this town of honest and decent people initially succumbs to temptation agreeing to murder one of its elderly citizens forcing her to take a drug to sedate her and dragging her across town where the townspeople plan to shoot her Before the shooting actually takes place though Chantal speaks up telling them the exchange of the stranger’s gold for actual currency is going to be messy and asking whether they can really trust the other townspeople not to divulge how they got the gold to the bank In the end the townspeople agree they cannot trust one another and they return to their lives without accepting the stranger’s deal Chantal who has made a separate deal with the stranger receives the gold instead for her willingness to go along with the stranger’s game Seemingly then there is no resolution the original uestion posed Are humans good or bad In making his original proposal the stranger had told Chantal If you steal the one gold bar but the village resists temptation or vice versa I will conclude that there are good people and evil people – which would put me in a difficult position because it would mean that there’s a spiritual struggle going on that could be won by either side So the final answer then is that there is no answer there is Good and Evil struggling in everyone and it is our own choice about what we do The terrorists who killed the stranger’s family chose Evil but the people of Viscos chose Good Our ultimate path is not pre destined It is up to us and the choices we make whether we choose a path of Good or EvilThrough his exploration of the origins of the town of Viscos and its later one week struggle between Good and Evil author Paulo Coelho tells us there is no answer about whether humans are good or bad but instead it is a matter of individual choice In terms of conclusions about Good and Evil then everything is left to the reader When Chantal is thinking about stealing the gold the stranger asks her If you had to write a book about your experiences how do you think most of your readers would react – given all the difficulties they have to face the injustices dealt to them by life and other people the struggle they have in order to pay for their children’s schooling and to put food on the table – don’t you think that those people would be urging you to take the gold and run When Chantal tells the stranger she doesn’t know what readers will think the stranger answers Nor do I But that’s the answer I’m looking for The fact that ultimately no answer is given by the author is disappointing but as readers we can in fact answer this uestion for ourselves Were we in fact hoping Chantal would steal the gold Or drawing from the earlier example would we have stopped at the Gates of Hell to selfishly get our own water and abandon our friends Does that say something about our own struggle between Good and Evil While Coelho may come up short in providing answers about the struggles between Good and Evil that are happening all over the world in reality he is still providing a service by asking the uestion in the first place Books are meant to spark discussion and that is exactly what The Devil and Miss Prym does by asking readers to uestion where they stand in their own struggle between Good and Evil

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Seite hat ein ganz anderes unmoralisches Angebot im Gepäck Elf Goldbarren will er den Dörflern schenken wenn einer von ihnen innerhalb von sieben Tagen gegen das Gebot Du sollst nicht töten sündigt Unermesslicher Reichtum gegen Mord geht die grausige Rechnung Demônio e a PDF #8608 des Dämons auf Zum ersten Mal versteckt sich Chantal nicht vor den Herausforderungen des Lebens sondern ist bereit für ihr Glück zu kämpfen Nach Am Ufer des Rio Piedra saß ich und weinte und Veronika beschließt zu sterben beendet der brasilianische Autor Paulo Coelho m. I really don’t like Paulo Coelho’s books at least not the ones I read While he obviously has a good writing style his writing is too didacticmoralistic It’s like he is a teacher who wants his students to understand a point and writes a book to explain it Some people might like it but for me there really is too little interesting to like

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O Demônio e a Srta Prym Free read Ð 106 ¹ ✻ [BOOKS] ✯ O Demônio e a Srta Prym By Paulo Coelho ❅ – Horticulturetrader.co.uk Bis zum Eintreffen des Fremden war Bescos ein gottverlassenes Nest mit 281 Einwohnern null Kindern drei Straßen und ein paar verfallenen Häusern Das Leben friedlich bis eintönig das langsBis zum Eintreffen des e a Epub #225 Fremden war Bescos ein gottverlassenes Nest mit Einwohnern null Kindern drei Straßen und ein paar verfallenen Häusern Das Leben friedlich bis eintönig das langsame Ausbluten des Dorfes unausweichlich denn die jungen Leute zieht es in die Stadt Nur die hübsche Kellnerin Chantal Prym lebt noch in Bescos ist aber fest entschlossen das Kaff mit dem erstbesten O Demônio eBook #224 Mann zu verlassen der sie mitnimmt Ist der Fremde endlich der Ersehnte Nein der geheimnisvolle Mann mit dem merkwürdigen Schatten an seiner.