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Der FälscherHamburg Bei einem Routineeinsatz wird Oberinspektor Frank Stave niedergeschossen Er kommt davon aber wechselt von der Mordkommission zum Chefamt S das den Schwarzmarkt bekämpft Dort wird Stave gleich mit einem rätselhaften Fall konfrontiert Trümmerfrauen haben in den Ruinen eines Kontorhauses Kunstwerke aus der Weim. Compared with the other two books in the series this one is the best and it deserves the highest ratingChief Inspector Frank Stave of the Hamburg police is shot at a routine operation The stay in hospital gives him time to consider his situation He decides to leave the homicide division in which he worked for a long time Instead he wants to get into calmer waters and begins his service in a department that deals with illegal transactions on the thriving black market His first cases in the new position confront him with counterfeit money that shouldn't even exist some artwork discovered in the ruins of a house and then again a corpse At the same time Stave has to deal with personal matters The relationship with his son Karl who has only recently returned from Russian war imprisonment is less than ideal Just as the relationship with Anna who collects art and antiues in her own way In addition the people are anxiously waiting for Day X the introduction of a new currency the birth of the DeutschmarkThis novel puts us in the year 1948 the time of Trizone when Germany was no longer called Reich and not yet Republic The Trizone jokingly called Trizonesia in a song; Heidi tschimmela tschimmela tschimmela tschimmela boom was the merging of the three Western allied occupation zones run by France Great Britain and the USA Hamburg British Zone was bombed out like most other large cities in Germany Most ordinary people lived from hand to mouth trying somehow to make ends meet and hoped for a better future Others have fallen to their feet slipped through the net of denazification and are now back living in villas and enjoy their existence The former Nazi mayor some bankers members of the Gestapo Goebbel's favorite film director Add to this themes like Degenerate art propaganda films §175 the gay paragraph awareness of history and coping with the past Considering the length of the book it is clear that these topics are not dealt with comprehensively The author is a ualified historian and it shows At no point I had the impression that he was not uite sure of his cause He had the story firmly under control at all times was on top of things and thereby never pretentious He uses the detective story and its protagonists very skillfully to deliver a comprehensive picture of a part of German history In an afterword the author explains what events and people were real and what fictional and where he has taken the liberty to adapt reality a bitAll in all a very readable history lesson Recommended for history buffs as well as fans of crime fiction This book is part three of the Frank Stave series but I think it also works as a stand alone This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 30 Unported License

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Tört Der Oberinspektor entdeckt bald seltsame Parallelen zwischen den beiden Fällen Als der Tag X gekommen ist – die Einführung einer neuen Währung über die schon seit Wochen in der Stadt gemunkelt wird – scheint Stave kurz vor der Lösung zu stehen Doch die Wahrheit ist gefährlich und nicht nur für ihn alle. An exciting journey through one of the most pivotal moments in the history of Post war GermanyI look forward to the next instalment of Inspector Stave

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Der Fälscher Characters Æ 2 ì ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☁ Der Fälscher Author Cay Rademacher – Hamburg Bei einem Routineeinsatz wird Oberinspektor Frank Stave niedergeschossen Er kommt davon aber wechselt von der Mordkommission zum Chefamt S das den Schwarzmarkt bekämpft Dort wird Stave gleich Hamburg Bei einem Arer Zeit gefunden – gleich neben einer Leiche deren Identität der Kollege von der Mordkommission offenbar gar nicht aufklären will Kurz darauf vertraut ihm Lieutenant MacDonald ein weiteres Problem an Auf dem Schwarzmarkt sind rätselhafte Geldscheine aufgetaucht deren Existenz die geheimen Pläne der Alliierten s. I enjoyed reading this book The series has been fun I do like how it has somewhat said goodbye to a few characters in this book But left it open to their return in the future It’s not as strong as the previous two book But still enjoyable A bit harder to follow the plot is almost a bit convoluted in places and it takes a while to catch backup