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READ & DOWNLOAD Doctor Who 12 Doctors 12 Stories 107 æ ➚ [KINDLE] ❄ Doctor Who 12 Doctors 12 Stories By Eoin Colfer ➤ – To celebrate the arrival of Peter Capaldi on to our screens as the newly regenerated Doctor this collection of Doctor Who short stories each written by a different authBy self professed Doctor Who fan and best selling female sci fi writer Holly BlackStories IncludedA Big Hand For The Doctor by Eoin Colfer starring One William HartnellThe Nameless City by Michael Scott starring Two Patrick TroughtonThe Spear of Destiny by Marcus Sedgwick starring Three Jon PertweeThe Roots of Evil by Philip Reeve starring Four Tom BakerTip of the Tongue by Who 12 Doctors PDF #204 Patri. Grab your fez and bow tie and sonic and curl up with this fantastic read 12 Doctors 12 Stories takes you back to the timey wimey world that the Doctor travels in and pulls the reader into the story The collection once only available as E Books features all 12 Doctors but unfortunately the War Doctor which many of us might want to know about is not included in the collection of stories This collection features an array of companions like ones from the show ex Amy Pond and ones that are not from the show ex The Ninth Doctor's story; Ali Over all I thoroughly enjoyed curling up and reading this big collection of stories and I actually learned a lot from it For example I never knew or heard about The Spear of Destiny I read the story and a week later I saw a program on it it didn't give the spear's name to surprise the audience and I jumped up and yelled It's the Spear of Destiny and I told my dad about it and he was like Oh really What do you know about it and I explained it; he was impresses and gave me a high five for explaining it in such detail It really broadens your mind and gives the reader not only a chance to read but a chance to expand their knowledge A WORD OF CAUTION DO NOT READ THE EIGHTH DOCTOR'S STORY Spore AT NIGHT

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12 Doctors MOBI #242 To celebrate the arrival of Peter Capaldi on to our screens as the newly regenerated Doctor this collection of Doctor Who short stories each written by a different author now includes an extra brand new twelfth adventure as part of the DoctorsStories paperback anthology Offering the perfect addition to the top selling series the twelfth story Lights Out has Doctor Who PDF been penned. Since I read the twelve stories on their individual e book early presentations I think that the best way to make a review of the collected anthology book will be to add links for my reviews of each story The rating of the anthology was basically an average number based on the individual ratings of the eleven stories resulting in a general rating for the bookThis anthology is part of the 50th Anniversary celebration of the franchise of Doctor Who and an updated edition of the one previously published including the short story involving the Twelfth Doctor that it was published a year later of the celebrationThis is a great choice for any kind of fan not matter if you are a hardcore fan or somekind newbie you will enjoy a lot this anthology Also the selected authors are big names in the contemporary literatureAs in almost any anthology not all the stories were great well at least to my opinion but honestly were only two stories that I didn't like them but the other nine stories were really good and in some cases even absolutely awesomeLinks to my individual rating of each of the twelve storiesFirst Doctor A Big Hand for the Doctor by Eoin ColferRating 2 of 5Second Doctor The Nameless City by Michael ScottRating 4 of 5Third Doctor The Spear of Destiny by Marcus SedgwickRating 5 of 5Fourth Doctor Roots of Evil by Philip ReeveRating 5 of 5Fifth Doctor Tip of the Tongue by Patrick NessRating 1 of 5Sixth Doctor Something Borrowed by Richelle MeadRating 5 of 5Seventh Doctor The Ripple Effect by Malorie BlackmanRating 5 of 5Eighth Doctor Spore by Alex ScarrowRating 4 of 5Ninth Doctor The Beast of Babylon by Charlie HigsonRating 4 of 5Tenth Doctor The Mystery of the Haunted Cottage by Derek LandyRating 5 of 5 and easily the best story in the anthologyEleventh Doctor Nothing Hour by Neil GaimanRating 5 of 5Twelfth Doctor Lights Out by Holly BlackRating 3 of 5

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Doctor Who 12 Doctors 12 StoriesCk Ness starring Five Peter DavidsonSomething Borrowed by Richelle Mead starring Six Colin BakerSpore by Alex Scarrow starring Eight Paul McCannThe Beast of Babylon by Charlie Higson starring Nine Christopher EcclestonThe Mystery of the Haunted Cottage by Derek Landy starring Ten David TennantNothing O’Clock by Neil Gaiman starring Eleven Matt SmithLights Out by Holly Black starring Twelve Peter Capald. I'm going to review each story as I read it because I think it will take me some time and I don't want to forgetFirst Doctor A Big Hand for the DoctorI'm not well versed in the First Doctor's stories but this brought him a little closer to my heart He is proper and smart and full of love for his granddaughter but he doesn't have any patience for nonsense as though he's already seen it all and he still has at least a dozen or so regenerations after this that we know of Despite being only 70 pages the story feels complete with all problems solved and no gaps with rooftop fights and aliens and technology The Doctor is a complete character and I didn't feel like I had to know anything else about him to enjoy the story I can totally imagine this as an actual episode for the First Doctor though the references to 21st century things is awesome Second Doctor The Nameless CityThe Second Doctor is described in this story as an unmade bed with his mussed hair and crooked bow tie and he's a little flaky but very endearing The story was good but then again when you basically retell HP Lovecraft you're almost guaranteed a hit The Nameless City the Necronomicon the tentacledbeaked ancient oneyep all we needed was for Lovecraft to appear to witness it all a la A Big Hand for the Doctor's ending The city itself reminded me of the Time TombsShrike Temple and the glass apes were like Shrikes themselves from the Hyperion Cantos While I appreciate getting to know the Second Doctor better the story was too unoriginal to leave a lasting impression in my mind Third Doctor The Spear of DestinyNot a bad little story tying in several famous spears as alien tech Also get to briefly see the Third Doctor in hand to hand combat I think I would have enjoyed it as a novel long story Fourth Doctor The Roots of EvilA short and tidy story; the Fourth Doctor wasn't as distinct in this one which saddens me because Tom Baker is a fan favorite for a reason I love Leeta too but the best part of this story is an appearance from Eleven and when the main character is Four that's not saying much Fifth Doctor Tip of the TongueThe story is great but the Doctor only makes three short appearances and says maybe five sentences the entire time I was excited to go on an adventure with the dashing Fifth Doctor but he wasn't really there It kind of reminded me of Blink where some random human is the main character but unlike that episode the Doctor didn't engage said random human to help solve a mystery I forget his companion's name I'm not sure he ever said it Sixth Doctor Something BorrowedThe Sixth Doctor was always too mercurial for me but I really liked him in this story He was undoubtedly 100% Colin Baker as Six the author not only understood him but made him as animated on the page as he was in the show His companion Peri narrates the story in first person which is brilliant for several reasons we get an intimate portrait of the Doctor; we can see for ourselves that this companion is intelligent well matched refreshingly sarcastic and still cares deeply about him; and because we as readers are by default his companions Peri represents us well There's also a depth of character in this Doctor that's difficult to achieve in 68 pages So far this and the First Doctor's story are the best at representing the Doctor Seventh Doctor The Ripple EffectThere wasn't much to this story but Seven and Ace were presented well and there was something deeply disturbing yet kind of magical about seeing Daleks as a kind benevolent and intelligent species If there was time or a novel length instead of short story to explore i