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Free read The Isolator Vol 1 Zettainaru Kodokusha Manga #1 ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ó ❰BOOKS❯ ⚣ The Isolator Vol 1 Zettainaru Kodokusha Manga #1 Author Reki Kawahara – Mysterious objects from space have landed embedding themselves wMysterious objects from space have landed embedding Vol 1 ePUB #180 themselves within human beings around the world and gran. Ich bin von diesem Manga wirklich positiv überrascht Mir hat der Zeichenstil unglaublich gut gefallen Die Story schritt recht flott voran und es wurde schön spannend ohne zu viel sinnlose Action zu beinhalten Minoru als Protagonist empfinde ich als angenehm und sympathisch Ich freu mich schon so auf die kommenden Bände ❤️

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Ting them impossible powers according to their deepest wishes Seventeen year old Utsugi Minoru's only wish is to be able to. Pretty good story line Characters are bizarre I enjoyed it Should be interesting to see what these black orbs are

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The Isolator Vol 1 Zettainaru Kodokusha Manga #1Live apart from the world and events around him But will he remain the same after experiencing his new powers and new danger. I'm going to admit that I had no idea Reki Kawahara was doing another series until this popped up I've completely missed the light novels So I was super excited to get to review the manga Especially as everyone and their dog are going to see Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale and you knowit's not out here until April April Not that I have anyone to go with to see it because no one else likes it cries Side note who else is intrigued by the whole SAO will return thing that's been reported at the end of the movie Season 3 oorrran adaption of Progressive Interested in your thoughts guys So anyway with SAO withdrawal I eagerly dived in to this In The Isolator three months ago mysterious 'third eyes' came to Earth and attachedembedded themselves in to select people Some where red aka 'Rubies' and some where black aka 'Jets' Thus we have our good guys in the Jets and the bad guys in the Rubies From this first volume we get to know Minoru Utsugi who has a tragic past and is a Jet We meet him get to know his situation meet his would be friend get the lie of the land There's plenty of intrigue scattered throughout and then we meet the organisation of Jets trying to protect innocent people from the Rubies And then that's itand I don't know about you guys but I was left wanting I have to say as someone who's read the SAO mangathe art in this is so much better sorry It was actually pretty gorgeous and I'm looking forward to seeing of it I'm one of the few people who watched the anime and then went to the manga and light novels and I found the art in SAO to be jarring to say the least So I was happy to see some brilliant art work for this new series I was intrigued from the start what happened to Utsugi What's his power And then who was the weird dude with the teeth I kept wanting to know and I thought it was interesting to see the villain being the one to tell us about Utsugi's powers properly I thought the pacing was well done the premise is interesting and has a lot of potential for future volumes The characters we've met so far are intriguing I suspect there's a lot to what happened to Utsugi's family and I'm waiting to see what I'm intrigued to know about Yumiko too By the end of the volume I was pretty much fully invested and eager to learn For the first volume in a new series I think it's off to a brilliant start It'll draw you in catch your interest and you'll be lost to the story I'm very excited to see how this is going to progress and develop over the next few volumes Dare I say it may be better than SAO