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He sure would love to have someone to take care ofDr Mike Flynn's single mom taught him early how to cook and clean and there's nothing like vacuuming or doing dishes to help a guy relax Annabelle Ronaldi Too Hot Kindle is an artist without a domestic bone in her body Si. Unfortunately the Irish in him gave him a huge tolerance for alcohol Lets stereotype the fucking Irish AGAIN why don't we Just gets my fucking goat Oh Maura you used the work fucking twice in a sentence you must be IRISH I really shouldn't let it annoy me but it happens too often in books this stereotyping of the Irish as drunken backward idiots It seriously puts me off reading Irish themed books Other than that I enjoyed the book I loved Mike and his mother who he called Mum No Irish person or very few Irish people would call their mothers Mum it would be Mam Mammy Mom or MomyMommyOK got that off my chest Better go and have that Whiskey now and put the red dye in me hair sure we all have red hair in Ireland And freckles

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Too Hot to HandleWing one night stand Mike is sure this is the woman he wants to take care of forever but she acts like she's seen a ghost While Mike sets to work wooing Annabelle she sets to work sniffing out the truth of the convoluted family secret that turns everybody's lives upside do. OMG I love Mikehe is the kind of man I would love my two granddaughters to find some dayThat kind of a man with kind heart patiencecan cook clean house and stand up for what is right So happy that Annabella finally found a person like Mike who cared for her and didn't care what anyone else thought

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Read Ù Too Hot to Handle É PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ ❮Reading❯ ➸ Too Hot to Handle ➰ Author Robin Kaye – He sure would love to have someone to take care ofDr Mike Flynn's single mom taught him early how to cook and clean and thNce her fiance's death she can't paint and life looks hopelessUntil the day after her sister's wedding when she wakes up with Mike next to her in bed and then she's really beside herself because the handsome stranger is a dead ringer for her dead fianceAfter their mind blo. So far I love Robin Kaye’s work Romeo Romeo was great fun and I think Too Hot to Handle started out on a similar vein Overall I’d give it of a 375 than a full 4 starsA major problem I had with the book is that the filler was generally very dull I found myself skimming over Mike’s conversations with patients and nurses and the practice even though many of them were supposed to be sentimental Similarly I too much was revealed through dialogue which is eually boring It seems any two characters would end up talking and suddenly explain all their thoughts feelings and actions from over the past few years with a new found clarity There are only so many revelations a person can have in the span of a day This bothered me than the unrealistic plot as contrived behaviors pull me away from a book uicker than contrived situationsI loved Mike as a hero I don’t think he can fully be labeled a beta hero he was definitely in control of many situations but I loved that he was never overbearing and that he came grips with his feelings before Annabelle I didn’t become as attached to Annabelle as I did to Mike but I’m surprised how much I came to like her and understand her actions after how she was portrayed in Romeo Romeo I think this says a lot for Kaye’s talent I am unsure of her character pairing in her next novel Breakfast in Bed as it seemed in Romeo Romeo she was pushing them a different direction but I am still eager to read it