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PDF Ù BOOK Article 5 ✓ ⚦ [PDF] ✎ Article 5 By Kristen Simmons ✶ – Horticulturetrader.co.uk New York Los Angeles and Washington DC have been abandonedThe Bill of Rights has been revoked and replaced with the Moral StatutesThere are no police—instead there are soldiers There are no fines fo New York Los Angeles and Washington DC havS she needs like food stamps and hand me down clothes and how to pass the random home inspections by the military Her life is as close to peaceful as circumstances allowThat is until her mother is arrested for noncompliance with Article of the Moral Statutes And one of the arresting officers is none other than Chase Jennings the only boy Ember has ever lov HOLY WOW If all dystopian books were like this one I don't think there would be any complaints in the world Article 5 was everything I expected and brilliantly written complexly crafted and containing characters that made my heart ache constantly This is one of those books you love so much that writing a review for it is scary because you don't want to let it down Article 5 is so packed with action and twists and turns that it's sometimes hard to breathe The dystopian world filled with its cruel laws and even crueler people is one that sucks you in and makes you SO thankful that you don't live thereI loved everything about Ember and Chase They were both realistic intelligent and so much stronger in those awful situations than I would ever be You can see how much they grow and change from even before the first chapter to the end after everything goes to hell You love them and hate all the terribly people who try to hurt them It's a flurry of emotion And Ember and Chase together were just PERFECT ♥ Childhood romances have always been a favourite of mine but the way Kristen Simmons wrote this one — where they've been wrenched apart and thrown back together years later having to learn to trust all over again — just stole my breath away Watching them reconnect was so achingly beautiful Intensely heart pounding original and action packed Article 5 was a debut that gripped me from the first page and left me breathless until the last It's everything that an amazing dystopian book should be A definite must read BUY or BORROW Do you even have to ask Definitely a book you need to buy You won't regret it Original review at Mimi Valentine's YA Review Blog

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New York Los Angeles and Washington DC have been abandonedThe Bill of Rights has been revoked and replaced with the Moral StatutesThere are no police instead there are soldiers There are no fines for bad behavior instead there are arrests trials and maybe worse People who get arrested usually don't come backSeventeen year old Ember Miller is old enough to I am very sorry if I gave anyone false hope with my earlier updates on this but I was also misled by the beginning of the book What seemed like a potentially interesting dystopian world became little than a roadtrip filled with teen romance and angst It seems that dystopia is the hottest new setting for romance novels because really that's exactly what the author was writing It was only made into a dystopia because of the current trending of this genreI mean let us ask one of the very basic uestions that need to be asked when dealing with a dystopian novel how and why did this alternate world happen How did we get from the world we know to one where people are sent to rehabilitation centres for being born out of wedlock amongst other things And why Is it the religious right especially the so called radical feminists that seem to hate women than care about them There are some elements that are very The Handmaid's Tale ish such as the idea that women are seen as inferior that they are expected to be chaste and submissive to their husbands But there is honestly no explanation There's talk of Reformation Acts and various Articles but nothing to suggest why or how it happened When did things change Was the old government overthrown or manipulated from within I haven't a clueMy first impressions of the novel were actually uite grim but I was distracted for a while with some shocking violence and the general unfairness of it all I should have listened to my original gut instinct when I read in the first chapter about Ember's lifelong crush on Chase and encountered various poor phrases that didn't make sense In chapter one At least put the stuff that doesn't uite make sense in the densest part of your novel where I'm less likely to notice it I'm hoping careless things like this will be sorted out in the final version One of the soldiers had short brown hair that grayed around his temples and wrinkles around the corners of his mouth that made him appear too old for his ageWhat's that You can't see what's wrong with that sentence Well what's wrong is that the story is written in 1st person and the narrator has never met the guy before in her life How on earth does she know how old he is He could be ninety and just look really good for his age Am I being too picky Maybe but this is basic stuff right I'm sure many authors believe that the young adult genre is the easy option that it reuires far less effort and lower uality writing they fill their plots with action scenes shock factor and lusty romance and forget all about stuff like world building and characterisation These things form the very foundations on which a novel is built they cannot be simply disregarded in favour of a cheap thrill It will never support a full length novelAlso the protagonist became increasingly annoying and useless as the plot moved along It wasn't a great message to be honest In a world that doesn't care much for women a strong female protagonist is a must but her initial bravery and need to save her mother died out and she became gradually idiotic and ridiculous Why is there so much morality anyway I'm serious If someone is going to kill you it's human nature to defend yourself as much as possible but Ember berates Chase for attempting to strangle a guard who would have otherwise killed him and raped herEmber You almost killed that guy You would have if I didn't stop youChase They were going to hurt youEmber So that makes it okayMe YES Of course it bloody well doesDo these heroines know nothing about self preservatio

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Article 5Remember that things weren't always this way Living with her rebellious single mother it's hard for her to forget that people weren't always arrested for reading the wrong books or staying out after dark It's hard to forget that life in the United States used to be differentEmber has perfected the art of keeping a low profile She knows how to get the thing I couldn't continue I really really wanted to but the book was really driving me crazy I made it to 63% so I really tried Review coming soon I just need to read something else before I review this so I'm not so irritated in my reviewOk I just wrote this in comments and I figure it can hold me over until I write a review laterThe majority of the reviews on this book are outstanding I just found Ember the lead female character whiny self absorbed hypocritical dumb and unworthy of any romance I found the world building so completely lacking that at 64% I still had no clue why there was a war who fought in the war why the rules were created etc Ember's obsession with her mom was ridiculous I don't care if the ending showed her to be the next ueen of dystopian America Ember sounded like a 5 year old that lost her teddy bearThe first person narrative was screwy at one point Ember is saying he seems taller and then she's telling the reader he's 6ft3 Wow see this is me ranting that is why I need to wait to actually write a non ranting review