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A Marriage Deal with the Outlaw Outlaws of the Wild West #2A beautiful woman caught in the crossfire Caroline Hartford has her own troubles she wants to become a physician but her parents demand she marry first Then Castillo A Marriage ePUB #231 arrives at the we. I am loving this outlaw series Castillo Jameson has been hunting the man who murdered his grandfather for years He is considered an outlaw as well He meets Caroline at his family home in Montana the week of his brothers wedding She is headstrong and independent and he can't seem to get her off his mind But he doesn't want to put her life in jeopardy by becoming involved with her Yet she cannot seem to stay away from him They embark on a journey that could shame her name or put her in harms way Great story

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A dangerous attraction in Deal with PDF #180 Montana Castillo Jameson has been hunting a murderer for years The notorious outlaw never expected his search to lead to a standoff on a train or having to save. Castillo Jameson made a vow to track down the men who ruined his grandfather Doing that has resulted in him becoming an outlaw He never dreamed his trail would lead to a stand off on a train with a beautiful young woman held as hostage Castillo does the honorable things and saves the woman who turns out to be Caroline HartfordCaroline Hartford has her own troubles She wants to study to be a physician and has been accepted into Medical School but now her parents are insisting she marry first She is sure whoever becomes her husband will not allow her to continue her studies When Castillo turns up at the same wedding she is attending Caroline has the perfect solution – she will keep uiet about his true identity if he will pretend to be her fiancé The games afoot as these two find themselves confusing fake and realCastillo Jameson was a dangerous man but Caroline Hartford did not see that part of him She had no ualms blackmailing him into doing what she wanted Caroline was an amazing heroine Determined to become a doctor she had no problem working hard and doing whatever she needed to do to make that a reality She was cool calm and collected even when faced with danger It is these ualities that attracted Castillo He had no desire to change her and admired her determination to become a doctor Unfortunately danger lingered nearby and Castillo realized he would do anything to keep Caroline safeI enjoy reading books by Harper St George She always adds a zing to her books that make them exciting and different In A Marriage Deal with an Outlaw she adds the danger aspect of being and dealing with an outlaw as well as the determination of Caroline to become a doctor something few women achieved at that time These two seemingly mismatched individuals make for great reading and some very exciting scenes Pick this one up and see for yourself Be sure to add Harper St George to your list

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A Marriage Deal with the Outlaw Outlaws of the Wild West #2 review ☆ eBook or Kindle ePUB ô [Read] ➮ A Marriage Deal with the Outlaw Outlaws of the Wild West #2 By Harper St. George – Horticulturetrader.co.uk A dangerous attraction in Montana Castillo Jameson has been hunting Dding she's attending and Caroline has the perfect solution She will keep the outlaw's true identity a secretif he'll pretend to be her fiancé Outlaws of the Wild West Pistols at dawn seduction at sunset. This is a historical romance with a couple very descriptive love scenes It is fantastic I read it in one day I'm a stickler for editing I've stopped reading books because of poor editing and this book went back forth between the english and spanish name for the heroine which could have been confusing but it never errored You find yourself cheering for their love