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Johnny Appleseed and the American Orchard Summary Õ 102 Â ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☃ Johnny Appleseed and the American Orchard Author William Kerrigan – Most people forget about the legend of Johnny Appleseed after childhood—but the man behind the myth was a significant figure in the aMost people forget about the legend and the PDF #8608 of Johnny Appleseed after childhood but the man behind the myth was a significant figure in the agricultural development of early America In Johnny Appleseed and the American Orchard William Kerrigan illuminates John Chapman’s life and reveals the environmental and cultural significance of the plant he propagated Drawing on oral histories and material from archives. Kerrigan's exploration of John Chapman's life and the mythology surrounding him is insightful His defense of Chapman's choice for seeds over grafted trees makes good sense Some recent work on indigenous horticultural practices challenges his characterization but Kerrigan also shares information on the obvious European model orchards adopted by some of the Irouois relatively early in colonial history Good conversations to be had from and around this book

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And historical societies Johnny Appleseed PDFEPUBhe dissects the Appleseed myth creating an eye opening new portrait of the eccentric apple tree planter

Known for his gentleness and self sacrifice Johnny Appleseed stands apart from uintessentially masculine frontier heroes like Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone His apple trees nonetheless were a central part of the transformation of the West Chapman who planted trees. Before mass media and the Internet there was folklore Whether folklore in the sense of conveying a traditional cultural narrative is facilitated transformed superseded or destroyed by the Internet is an argument for another day Stories about folkloric characters usually say about the cultures that produce them than they do about the individuals themselves That’s why the standard mythology about Johnny Appleseed is so uniue A pacifist vegetarian uneducated impoverished altruistic Jesus freak who opened up a vast frontier by promoting peace through fruit stands dramatically apart from the crude violent hell raising folk heroes like Daniel Boone Paul Bunyan or Mike Fink Appleseed was a lover not a fighter He may be the original counter cultural hero Of course as Kerrigan’s history on the life and times of Johnny Appleseed demonstrates the real man was not as pristine and benevolent as he was made out to be Mostly he was motivated by the desire to improve his own material condition same as anybody else Nor was he even necessarily all that eccentric compared to the common rabble that one would find on the Ohio frontier in the early 1800s What Kerrigan suggests instead is that the appeal of the Appleseed “brand” comes from how well he represented a traditional work ethic and a naturalistic form of American enterprise at a time when the frontiers were rapidly shrinking and technology was altering old world value systems For example as much as he railed against how it was unnatural to graft fruit trees his arguments were unpersuasive to a generation of well off orchardists who could see clearly that grafting improved the uality of the yield Johnny identified with older and he believed virtuous ways of doing things – doomed though they were Viewed that way his famous eccentricity might be nothing than righteous backwardness To this day there is plenty of popular sympathy for characters who refuse to change with the times Kerrigan sees Johnny as a bit daft but hardly insane and outside of the mainstream but not alone in his beliefs I wonder how the man John Chapman would have regarded the mythology that developed around him Personally I don’t think that he’d have liked all of the attention and the idea of a scholarly work based upon his life would probably make him deeply suspicious He might call it unnatural

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Johnny Appleseed and the American OrchardFrom seed rather than grafting came under assault Appleseed and the PDF #203 from those who promoted commercial fruit stock and were determined to extend national markets into the West He had taken a side in a culture war that ultimately transformed him into a curious relic of a pre market era

Tracing Chapman’s life from seedling planter to national legend Kerrigan casts new light on the landscape of early Ameri. I will use this story in my classroom to teach seuencing of events we will make a timeline of johnny Appleseed adventures throughout the story