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Native Tongue Native Tongue #1 Read & Download ↠ 109 Ò [Reading] ➿ Native Tongue Native Tongue #1 Author Suzette Haden Elgin – Estamos en el año 2179 la supremacía del hombre es total el movimiento de liberación de la mujer ha sido aplastado y las mujeres están desprovistas de ningún Rra fría entre los sexos y de la resistencia oculta de las mujeres ue desarrollan el Láadan un lenguaje secreto propio Suzette Haden Elgin novelista de ciencia ficción y profesora de lingüística combina sus talentos para crear una sociedad en la ue el comercio interplanetario Tongue Native Tongue PDFEPUB #193 ha convertido el lenguaje en un bien precioso y por tanto ha dado al llamado ¿sexo débil un arma para liberarse si se atreven a usarloSuzette Haden El. This book had an amazing concept It was full of amazing ideas the creation of a secret language for an oppressed second class women But it lacked several things in my opinion that prevented it from living up to the proclamation feminist science fiction classicOne of those things was characterization The first one hundred or so pages in the book had no distinct character for the reader to engage with There are several plot points expounded in male points of view that readers are supposed to be disgusted by and are disgusted by; there is one storyline involving a woman lacking any real depth killing out of revenge; and then there is the mention of some other characters who may be important later That's itIn my opinion having no characters with any emotional depth for the reader to latch onto at the beginning of the story was a serious flaw It made the pace slow and frustrated my sense of who or what to believe in in this story Another problem I had with this book was the good guysbad guys dichotomy applied by the author It's simple All women are good even the one lady who systematically kills people all men are bad even the one guy who appeared to treat a female character like she was eual in intellect and status I personally don't like my contemporary fiction to be so blackwhite It is boring and it is not believable It narrows the reader's frame of mind and ability to objectively engage with the work And if done kind of poorly as it was here view spoilerkilling babies C'mon hide spoiler

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Gin ue vive en Arkansas es doctora en Lingüística y ha impartido clases en la Universidad de California en San Diego especializándose en lenguajes indios americanos especialmente el navajo hopi y kumeyaay Novelista de ciencia ficción desde ha publicado un total de nueve novelas de ciencia ficción y fantasía así como numerosos textos lingüísticos Lengua Materna es su trabajo más reciente También ha compilado un Primer Diccionario y Gramática del Láadan. I enjoyed it the first time I read it I've studied Linguistics myself which made it interesting and I occasionally enjoy re reading But the re reads expose and holes in the plot that get and irritatingHow on earth did the US constitution get amended at a time when women still had the vote And why does a change to the US constitution apparently affect the whole worldWhy do Linguists live so austerely as a public relations measure when they can see for themselves that it doesn't workIf there's nobody on Earth who can speak Alien Language X how do the Linguists persuade an alien who speaks it to come and live in their Interface and teach it to a human baby What does the wretched alien do all day when it's not talking to a baby If the languages are being learnt by babies and toddlers how do they become so proficient in all the vocabulary and cultural nuances that never come up in the conversations of babies and toddlersAnd if Teenager Y is the only person in the universe apart from a couple of toddlers who speaks both X and English where do the dictionaries come from that the second best backups look things up inAnd how view spoiler when the men towards the end spotted all the 'charming concepts' the little girls were coming up with did those men know what the girls were talking about if the girls were talking in Laadan If they weren't why weren't they Are we supposed to believe the girls were talking about Laadan which we know they knew was top secret in front of their fathers in a language their fathers understood Why would they use a long winded English or whatever paraphrase for a concept when they'd got a language that expressed it one word hide spoiler

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Native Tongue Native Tongue #1Estamos en el año la supremacía Native Tongue Epub #220 del hombre es total el movimiento de liberación de la mujer ha sido aplastado y las mujeres están desprovistas de ningún poderSe ha establecido contacto con otros mundos y la tierra ha comenzado su colonización de las estrellas Las dinastías de los Lingüistas han aceptado la tarea de hablar con los Native Tongue Kindle alienígenas y un poder inmenso ha caído en sus manosEsta novela trata de la gue. Read for book clubOK first off Suzette Haden Elgin is clearly a separatist who believed that both women and men would be better off apart from each other Not that she seemed to care much about what might be better for menI do not agree with this premise not even a tiny bit but I'm not demeriting the book for holding a viewpoint I disagree with There are some interesting ideas brought up but most of them are dropped never to be picked up again Elgin was a linguist and as such did have some interesting thoughts about language acuisition and communicationHowever it's just not a very good book The language is clunky and awkward giving the book a feel like it was published in the 50s than in the 80s One of the members of my book club theorized that this was done on purpose a theory bolstered by the fact that language was Elgin's professional specialty but I have read one other book by her published over a decade earlier and that one was pretty similar in tone and style And it was even worse as a work of literature So I'm concluding that this was just her writing 'voice'The premise of the book is that in a near future when Earth has made contact with multitudes of alien races communicating with those races in order to hammer out trade agreements has become of primary economic importance It has been discovered that the only way to communicate with humanoid aliens is to have them send a representative who will interact with a human infant until that infant picks up the alien language as its 'native tongue' Only the babies of thirteen Linguist families who all live in communal houses on Earth are trained to this important work Both the Linguists and the larger Earth culture have become extremely misogynistic women have the status of slaves However the Linguist women have been secretly working on creating a Womens' Language which they see as the tool of their liberationWell Elgin may have been a linguist but she certainly was not an economist or a sociologist The whole situation as described feels very poorly thought out We have the Linguists for one They are the tiny group on which the entire human economy not just Earth but a plethora of colonies which we are told are easy and cheap to travel to depends on However they are portrayed as a hated group who have to pretend to be poor and live in ascetic horrid situations denying themselves even the smallest luxuries in order to avoid inciting hatred This is just ridiculous In reality they'd be like oligarchs as someone in my book club said and would not care at all if they were loved or hated They could have their own private planets if they wanted Similarly the linguist women are half of the Linguists They are needed desperately Sure they've been brought up to be slaves but they're already shown as being smart savvy and secretly rebellious They could also go on strike Hell they could've applied for political asylum from another humanoid species we're explicitly told that other planets' cultures have gender euality It just doesn't make sense with the author's givens why they'd just do as they were toldFor that matter though it doesn't make sense why the Linguists have their monopoly We're specifically told it's not a genetic difference that gives them their abilities Sure people think talking to aliens is 'icky' and 'taboo' but if the government is willing to experiment and sacrifice non linguist babies to try to open up communication with non humanoid aliens so far an impossibility why on earth wouldn't they do the same to break the Linguist monopoly on communication with humanoid aliensSpeaking of the impossibility of communication with non humanoid aliens the most ridiculous part of the book is when view spoiler the baby physically self destructs because it can't understand the alien language hide spoiler