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DOWNLOAD ☆ Fatal Dive × [KINDLE] ✽ Fatal Dive Author Peter F. Stevens – Fatal Dive Solving the World War II Mystery of the USS Grunion by Peter F Stevens reveals the incredible true story of the search for and discovery of the USS Grunion Discovered in 2006 after a decade Fatal Dive Solving the World War II Mystery of Sent the subs out with the defective weapon Fatal Dive is the first book that documents the entire saga of the ship and its crew and provides compelling evidence that the Grunion was a victim of “The Great Torpedo Scandal of ” Fatal Dive finally lays to rest one of World War II’s greatest mysteries. Fatal Dive is the astonishing true life recounting of triumph over incredibly long odds In late July 1942 the submarine USS Grunion SS 216 was engaged in action against enemy ships of the Imperial Japanese Navy in the perilous waters near the extreme western Aleutian Island of Kiska in the Bering Sea Kay Abele’s husband Jim was the Grunion’s Commanding Officer His loss left her with three small sons – Brad Bruce and John – to raise by herself Not long after she receives official notification that her husband’s ship was missing and presumed lost Kay Abele began a life long uest with essentially no help from the Navy to find out what happened She initiated communication with each of the families of the other 69 members of the Jim Abele’s crew and continued that correspondence in answering and carefully cataloging every letter she received though the remaining of her life This was the beginning of The Grunion Family When they reach adulthood the three Abele boys not only continue the hunt to find out what happened to the Grunion they begin an amazing uest to locate their father’s lost submarine John Abele has achieved a very high level of success in his career and is in a position to finance the extremely expensive venture of assembling the crucial components a vessel capable of operating under the exceedingly perilous conditions of the western Aleutian Islands the exceptionally expensive sonar and ROV Remote Operated Vehicle to first locate and then film the sub if it is located and a highly experienced crew A significant measure of good luck begins with paring their initial task of searching between 20 and 200 suare miles of dangerous ocean down to a much manageable 4 suare miles when they receive from a Japanese military historian a translation to the first hand account by the commanding officer of the Japanese ship with whom the Grunion was engaged in battle Their luck continues with acceptable weather conditions for the most part during the exceeding short weather window they have in part of the world Other factors work in their favor to bring about triumph in this astonishing storyAn eually daunting pursuit parallel to Jim’s boys seeking to locate his ship was undertaken by three remarkable members of The Grunion Family who were later dubbed the “Sub Ladies” – Mary Bentz Rhonda Raye and Vickie Rodgers – to locate the survivors of all 69 members of Jim Abele’s lost crew These tenacious “Sub Ladies” used every means they could think – marriage and probate records Social Security death files newspaper obituaries genealogical trees telephone books newspaper and radio ads – to successfully accomplish their extremely difficult goalI thoroughly enjoyed reading Fatal Dive and most highly recommend it to all readersBook 80 of revised 2012 target 80 Jan 10; Feb 11; Mar 9; Apr 8; May 7; Jun 8; Jul 7; Aug 9; Sep 6; Oct 5

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Fatal Dive Solving the World War II Mystery of the USS Grunion by Peter F Stevens reveals the incredible true story of the search for and discovery of the USS Grunion Discovered in after a decades long high risk search by the Abele brothers whose father commanded the submarine and met his untimely death a. Three stories in one A biography a mystery and an adventure Published in 2012 by Regnery HistoryThe USS Grunion was a top of the line submarine for the US Navy in 1942 Literally the fastest submarine in the fleet and outfitted with the latest in torpedo technology magnet activated designed to go off near ships and led by the highly respected Lieutenant Commander Jim Abele the USS Grunion was sent to the Aleutian Islands in Alaska to harass Japanese supply ships for those who did not know Japanese forces held parts of the Aleutian Islands for a little than in a year from 1942 to 1943The USS Grunion performed well sinking two Japanese submarines and damaging a freighter despite problems with the torpedoes What the crew of the USS Grunion did not know was that these advanced torpedoes did not work like they were supposed to They did not track well towards their targets although the magnetic trigger called a magnetic pistol was supposed to go off if it got near a ship they often did not and some of the torpedoes simply bounced off their targets when they hit the freighter it attacked was damaged by two torpedoes that simply slammed into the hull with no explosions In my mind the fact that the USS Grunion did so well with an inferior torpedo is a testament to the ship and its crewBut the worst feature of these torpedoes was that some of them would miss their targets and go around in a broad circle back to the submarine that fired them like a boomerang It is one thing to use weapons that may misfire or miss It is another to use weapons that have a tendency to miss and then circle back on the submarine that fired themNo one is uite sure how the USS Grunion was sunk but it went down while in a fight with a Japanese freighter The US Navy has been silent about possible causes but it seems likely thatRead at


Fatal DiveBoard it one uestion remained what sank the USS Grunion Was it a round from a Japanese ship a catastrophic mechanical failure or something else one of the sub’s own torpedoes For almost half the war submarine skippers’ complaints about the MK torpedo’s dangerous flaws were ignored by naval brass who. This book has many stories all wrapped within one It is the story of unraveling the mystery of the USS Grunion and what happened to this submarine in the early days of WW II It is the story of three brothers who went in search of their father It is also the story of all the people who came together to look for the Grunion as well as bringing closure for the relatives of the survivors You can learn a lot about US history in this story as well as achieve a renewed respect for the brave men and women from the greatest generation who took on so much with what resources were available