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Flight author Adam Thorpe summary ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ü [PDF / Epub] ☆ Flight Author Adam Thorpe – Horticulturetrader.co.uk Bob Winrush used to fly passengers then worked for years as a 'freight dog' flying consignments of goods and sometimes people to all the corners of the world including bush stTe the presence of Judith the alluring environmentalist memories of his uglier flights return to haunt him Even in the furthest Hebrides his past is with him and the predators are closing inAdam Thorpe's tenth novel is an extraordinary amalgam a vertiginous page turning thriller and a masterful work of literary fiction Fast funny and very frightening Flight shows a new facet of this most brilliant of write. I read this book as Hebridean themed reading during a holiday I have not read Adam Thorpe before but had heard good things of Ulverton Flight I found disappointing I read a lot of fiction and hope that what I read will either stir my soul though the beauty and poetry in the writing andor make me uestion and consider something about being human I'm not sure flight did either I suppose it's subject would appeal to anyone with an interest in cargo freight And perhaps the portrayal of the marriage break down seen from the mans point of view was illuminating Once in the Hebrides somehow the mood and wildness of the landscape wasn't given enough pre eminence The focus was still firmly on flight cargo drugs terrorists etc We're we supposed to draw links between being a pilot and the birds on the island Probably not That was the problem for me The book didn't seem to have any depth Perhaps I missed something

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Bob Winrush used to fly passengers then worked for years as a 'freight dog' flying consignments of goods and sometimes people to all the corners of the world including bush strips in war zones ' real flying' as he called it Until one day he walked away from a deal that didn't smell right something a freight dog should never doNow working as a private pilot for an Emirate prince in Dubai he finds that momen. I'm new to Adam Thorpe but reading this has made me want to read It's an excellent thriller better in the second half than in the first where Thorpe sustains the pace while beautifully describing the remote Scottish island where our hero is holed up hoping to escape his would be assassins It has a nice twist at the end and generally speaking plausible characters and a believable storyline that sustain the reader's interest

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Flight author Adam ThorT of refusal catching up with him Caught between those who want to find out and those who want to cover their traces he becomes a marked man and flees to a remote Scottish island Pursued by both armed assassins and a ruinous bitter divorce he struggles to re fashion himself in this barren beautiful place taking on another identityBut back in the world of smuggled AK s and heroin the stakes are rising Despi. Adam Thorpe came to my notice last year when I read 'Ulverton' a random punt of a novel This sounded from the blurb very different and close to my usual reading and the opening line hooked me with some tenacity And very different it was dealing with activities I know nothing about and so was entertained by discovering Bob Winrush a sympathetic character and the whole of it delivered with such masterful writing that the reading is smooth and imperative the tension ever winding