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Read Å Gifted AUTHOR H.A. Swain Þ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¸ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☀ Gifted Author H.A. Swain – In Orpheus Chanson's world geniuses and prodigies are no longer born or honed through hard work Instead procedures to induce Acuired Savant Abilities ASAs are now pIn Orpheus Chanson's world geniuses and prodigies are no longer born or honed through hard work Instead procedures to induce Acuired Savant Abilities ASAs are now purchased by the privileged And Orpheus's father holds the copyright to the ASA pr. Find this and other Reviews at In Tori LexActual Rating 45Orpheus and Zimri describe the well known tale of boy meets girl across town and discovers the humanity in us all But the setting is a Dystopian world where Artists' are made for the wealthy through a surgery  that gives them a Acuired Savant Ability In this world music is not owned it is broadcast for a fee and anyone who recreates it is guilty of copyright theft Orpheus and Zimri have natural ability's for music when they meet begin to explore how to use it outside of the system The writing and characters were very well done Although some of the dialogue was cheesy at times Just a little brain surgery and POOF you wake up a genius The hilarious part being Plute parents pay for their kids to have the surgeries then people like my father make a fortune off their talents and we call this Art This world is clearly an allegory for how our society treats celebrity's as demi gods and celebrates art like everything else according to it's market value The most interesting feature of the poor side of town occupied by Plebe's is that they can only shop once a week at a store called Black Friday In this store shoppers risk being trampled and grab what they can In this world Zimri and Orpheus have to confront the real injustices around them motivated by greed with little to no resources Zimri with her original music reaches out to the masses who are searching for something authentic while Orpheus struggles to go against his father's wishes  She underestimates the greed in the world How much money feeds the beast And the bigger it gets the money it takes to keep it going It's viscous The chapters were formatted as if the book was one long song chapters were verses and included chapters called Chorus and Bridge The book changes perspective between Zimri Orpheus and a omnipresent narrator who speaks during the chapters titled Chorus There is some romance but it wasn't forced or out of place The ending is the only thing I struggled to suspend my belief with but it does wrap up the narrative well I would recommend this for fans of Young Adult sci fi drama's with some surprises and characters that don't disappoint

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Sic even if it is illegalOrpheus and Zimri are not supposed to meet He is meant for greatness she is not But sometimes rules are meant to be broken Here is a thriller love story and social experiment that readers will find gripping and terrifyin. Music and art is not for everyone but only the Plutes and they are the only ones who can make money off it A cognitive surgery is done for a hefty price and then the person wakes up all talented and gets consumed by whichever field of art they choose and Chanson industries holds the patents and copyrights for those surgeries It is illegal otherwise especially for the Plebes Orpheus Chanson is the heir to Chanson industries and he likes music but doesn't want to have the ASA the cognitive surgery but his father is pressuring him into it since all his friends have had the surgeries by now and they are all excelling in their chosen fields Orpheus's fear comes from his sister since the cognitive surgery didn't go right for her and she barely functions and lives in a MediPlex with nurses looking after her Then one day he runs away and ends up working at a warehouse like Plebes workZimri Robinson is a Plebe and works at a warehouse and lives with her grandmother She loves singing and making music and also throws illegal concerts and whatever money she makes she gives to the needy Orpheus and Zimri end up meeting at the warehouse where Orpheus goes by the name of Aimery There's an instant connection between them where Zimri finds him to the most beautiful boy she's ever seen and Orpheus thinks that she's got her own grace and beauty I hated this instant infatuation or whatever this was Up until that moment Zimri was thinking about Dorian and almost kissed him and then walks in Orpheus and a love triangle I loved Orpheus from the beginning and I could actually see that he was caring and supportive He cared for his friends and his sister I liked Zimri in the beginning up until she was a bitch to Dorian I found her to irresponsible when she knows that music concerts are illegal why do all that and get everyone in trouble Yeah she loves music but doesn't mean she had to get Dorian and others tagging along when it suited her purpose and then be a bitch to Dorian and I didn't even like Dorian all that much mostly because he was barely there in the story except for the love triangle part And this is supposed to be a thriller love story but it takes one week for both the MCs to feel these deep feelings towards each other that I was thinking to myself whatThe book starts off really slow and I DNFd twice before I decided to continue mainly because I loved the cover but it still didn't make any sense why there was a Dragonfly on the cover though Yes dragonflies were mentioned in the book but they weren't important enough for the cover imo For the first 80 pages it was really boring except for Orpheus's chapters even those weren't enough to keep me going at one point but it picks up when Orpheus runs away It was a predictable story and I could see all the revelations from pretty much the beginning even that DJ HiJax one Also what was that about Zimri singing Nobody from Nowhere when auditioning for Piper McLeo Even an idiot could see that she will steal that song and spin a whole story about itIt was an interesting concept which was not executed properly and had all the other YA dystopian clichés such as the star crossed lovers childhood friends turned almost lovers love triangle girl being so different and talented missing or dead parents mean girls and you get the point There were times where the author actually interchanged words Plutes and Plebes and I had to re read just to make sure that I didn't read it wrongThere were a lot of other characters including Zimri's best friend Brie but not much was said about her and Tati who helps fix technological items but none stood out for me They were all one dimensional and extremely forgettable Having said all this I still enjoyed some parts of it and I really did find the concept wonderful and interesting Also I like that this is a standalone PS Can we please have other Indian names beside RajeshRaj and Ravi There are literally millions of other Indian names that can be used Leaning towards 3 stars

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Gifted AUTHOR H.A. SwaOcedureZimri Robinson a natural musical prodigy is a plebe a worker at the enormous warehouse that supplies an on line marketplace that has supplanted all commerce Her grueling schedule and her grandmother's illness can't keep her from making mu. An adeuate but not outstanding story that I probably won't remember anything about by tomorrow