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Free download Good Thinking Think #2 æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ú [Download] ➹ Good Thinking Think #2 ➾ Guy P. Harrison – Critical thinking skills are essential for life in the 21st century In this follow up to his introductory guide Think and continuing his traErs so we are prone to irrational beliefs that seem to enhance our sense of belonging and ranking Emotional impulses and stress also all too often lead us into traps of misperception and bad judgment      Understanding what science has discovered about the brain makes you better euipped to cope with its built in pitfalls Good Thinking the book and the practice makes clear that with knowledge and the right thinking skills anyone can lead a safer wiser efficient and productive life From the Trade Paperback editio. Anatomy learning is fun for me so my favorite part was shrinking down for the brain tour and explanations on how it all works in the first half of the book Second half is choc full of some uite long explanations and examples of critical thinking checking facts uestioning or lack of thinking in a few instances most of which I found reasonably interesting at least enough to keep me reading with just the odd check to see if we were there yet All in all I learnt something and I may be a little of a sceptic in the future

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Critical thinking skills are essential for life in the st century In this follow up to his introductory guide Think and continuing his trademark of hopeful skepticism Guy Harrison demonstrates in a detailed fashion how to sort through bad ideas unfounded claims and bogus information to drill down to the most salient facts By explaining how the human brain works and outing its most irrational processes this book Good Thinking PDF or provides the thinking tools that will help you make better decisions ask the right. I was a little worried picking up Good Thinking the premise seemed a lot audacious and I was unfamiliar with the author so I had a brief concern that I was just going to be sold their particular brand of good thinkingMy worries were misplaced its rare to find an author with both critical thinking chops and a passion for change and this book fulfills both purposes Harrison skewers many in his thesis but does so in what I think is a reasonably compassionate albeit firm wayOverall I wouldn't necessarily recommend Good Thinking to those just starting a journey of critical thinking nor those already neck deep in a PhD Good Thinking sits as a useful middle of road tome on critical thinking

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Good Thinking Think #2Uestions at the right time know what to look for when evaluating information and understand how your own brain subconsciously clouds your judgment  Think you're too smart to be easily misled Harrison summarizes scientific research showing how easily even intelligent and well educated people can be fooled We all suffer from cognitive biases embellished memories and the tendency to kowtow to authority figures or be duped by dubious 'truths' packaged in appealing stories And as primates we are naturally status seek. Guy Harrison has put out a series of books that gives us the tools and knowledge to be better humans in regards to how we perceive reality and truth Good Thinking is another outstanding book in this series This time Guy has provided us with a everything you ever wanted to know about the human brain from a physiological to psychological profile and how this affects our behavior and beliefs As usual his amazing communication skills provides us with ability to understand and comprehend the fascinating content You will learn how the brain is easily fooled to perceive things falsely while also being exposed to techniues in critical thinking and skepticism to counter those false perceptions You will discover how cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias directs us into believing areas of pseudoscience conspiracy theories and the supernatural Guy discusses many areas related to cognitive concepts You will discover how the evolution of the brain in animal and human history lead to historical precedents in time I could not put this book down I read it in two sittings This is now my favourite book by Guy Harrison and I know I will reread it again