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characters Ø PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ C.S. McClellan When slavery is for life your only freedom is in your own mind A young man is kidnapped from his own country and sold into slavery While he fights to retain his sense of self his sympathetic owner struggles with the role he inherited but hates Their relationship as they try to understand each. Cor Montaigne was kidnapped from his hotel and was made slave in the only country in the world where slavery was allowed He was sold to Jordane Alcott a slave owner politician and land owner who despised the slavery but couldn't do anything but followed his roleFor many years Cor had to serve his master Alcott allowed him to be relatively free as long as it's still inside the parameter of slavery law This led Cor to develop certain feelings to his master Alcott seemed to have similar feeling but his social position and past history prevented him to do anything At one point when the sexual tension between them seemed to be too thick Alcott gifted Tomas a bed slave to Cor so he could satisfy the personal urges and stayed away from the master view spoilerWhen a Bill sponsored by Alcott forbid the ownership of foreign slave so Cor basically become a free man passed Cor was faced with a hard choice Would he stay Or would he return to his own country Meeting an ambassador from his own country who told him that his family missed him might make Cor's choice seemed to be easier hide spoiler

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Hidden Boundaries Boundaries #1 Free read ñ 6 ↠ [Reading] ➿ Hidden Boundaries Boundaries #1 By C.S. McClellan – Horticulturetrader.co.uk When slavery is for life your only freedom is in your own mind A young man is kidnapped from his own country and sold into slavery While he fights to retain his sense of self his sympath Other is marked by conflict misunderstandings and reconciliationsCor once on the path to marriage and eventual inheritance of Hidden Boundaries Epubhis father’s business is now the property of a wealthy landowner and politician Alcot needed a secretary but something about the newly enslaved. Unfortunately can’t recommendGood writing techniue which is not faint praise especially in slave fic Avoids gratuitous and unbelievable sexuality and that is refreshing However the main characters and their choices are ultimately not only unlikely but also unlikeable Both choose to continue participating in and contributing to a slave society when there are alternatives All in the name of love even though the author attempts to dress it up in bits and snippets of sociology and cultural tolerance Cause like most books in this trope the byword is ‘if I get mine screw everyone else’So not worth the money I paid Still writing mechanics are enough that I can’t give it one star

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Hidden Boundaries Boundaries #1Still defiant man also spoke to his own painful past Cor can’t understand his generous but strangely contradictory master Alcot can’t find a way to help Cor adapt to the loss of his freedom Bound together by law and custom they must work through the pain that each of them brings to the oth. With its homosexual relationships and dominant slavery theme this powerful well written novel seems a challenging read for those of us who are in the mainstream Yet George Orwell’s 1984 hardly slots into the norm and we have no trouble reading about Winston Smith’s brutal torments at the hands of the virtual slave state known as Big Brother Most Goodreads members who have read Hidden Boundaries classify the novel as MM male on male Romance but that trivializes a work that may best be described as homosexual literature The uestion remains as to whether we really need to make a literary sub category based on sexual orientationThe novel is set in an alternate universe which technically makes the book science fiction but it reads like SF only in the Orwellian sense The author would have been wiser to choose like Orwell a near future milieu As it stands the Earth like setting plays such a minor role in the novel that it is essentially irrelevant What matters is that one despised nation among all the others allows slaverySome people become slaves in much the same way as debtors once landed in prison in Victorian England Fail to pay and you forfeit your freedom Others are sold into slavery by those who have the right to make that decision much like the African chiefs who once sold unpopular or unwanted tribe members to passing Arab slavers Illegal and controversial raids on neighbouring countries garner a few The novel explores the fate of Cor one such captured slave His name is actually much longer but slaves may not have impressive sounding identifiersAs someone entitled to a normal life in his own land Cor bitterly resents his status as a slave He resists The highly ritualized system reuires that like Winston Smith in 1984 he be made compliant A large portion of the novel deals with Cor’s prolonged and painful indoctrination process which does resemble the horrors of 1984 Cor has no way to escape so in some way he must come to terms with his situation How he does this is uite startling yet makes perfect sense within the logic of his hopeless position His owner is not especially keen on slavery but an hereditary estate and his role as an elected official reuire him to take part in the unsavoury system The complex relationship between Cor and his master makes up the other major aspect of the novelMcClellan’s approach to the searing moral issues implicit in slavery is both insightful and horrific Cor’s absolute vulnerability to exploitation of every kind including the sexual is appalling and illustrated with some brutal emotionally wrenching scenes Yet this is not a novel of sadomasochism nor is it homosexual erotica We are looking at issues faced today by anyone victimized by human trafficking Here lies some of the novel’s relevance as a literary work It manages to illuminate the old historical evils of plantation slavery in the American South and elsewhere in the New World and the new evils of human trafficking in the present day At the same time it explores the kinds of intricate caring relationships that can emerge even under such inauspicious circumstancesIf you relish a thought provoking read that will open your eyes to aspects of life you may not be familiar with Hidden Boundaries is highly recommended