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Household Free download Ò PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ ➳ [Reading] ➶ Household By Florence Stevenson ➩ – Twice Blessed with money and raffish good looks Richard Veringer abandoned holy orders for the unholy life as an 18th centruy rakehell a decisiArching for an end to the curse and their eternal torment Little did they dream they would find the answer to their unsanctified prayers in the glittering Hollywood of the s Only in this unreal city could help be found and the very real terror be stopped forev. This is the first book I had bought I have read it so much it is falling apart Love it

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Ch the sins of the father were visited upon Veringer's sons and daughters turning them into unspeakable creatures of the nightdevourers of human flesh drinkers of blood Driven out of England by terrified townspeople they roamed the earth for three centuries se. Ok I am an avid reader of Florence Stevenson and this her second to last is by far her best book Yes it's technically gothic romance but it's also historical fiction occult fiction and even There are so many intriguing characters put into many intriguing situations over centuries of timeStrangely enough Florence always seems to add some pivotal episode that usually either offends me or makes me angry I do not recall having those reactions to this book but I'd have to check my notesThis one can get a bit pricey so if you happen upon it for cheap snatch it up

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HouseholdTwice Blessed with money and raffish good looks Richard Veringer abandoned holy orders for the unholy life as an th centruy rakehell a decision that brought down upon him and his family three hundred years of supernatural horror Thrice Cursed by a scorned wit. I will admit I initially bought this book thinking it would be a fun bit of pulp for a summer day reading Was I wrong it is far from hokey it actually was uite a wonderful story The timeline covers from approximately the late 1700s through the early 1900s and follows the travails of a family whose head well the one we start with anyway becomes the Duke of More after the death of his brother He leaves the church with much relief being an atheist and rational man to do so and after returning home uickly finds that everyone is so ticked off at his deceased brother that they are cursing HIM left and right He laughs it off sets up someone to care for the estate and heads for London where he sees an actress in a play which he cannot understand why the people do not prefer to that ludicrous work that preceded it something about a Dane named Hamlet I cannot tell you HOW badly things go awry when he attempts to meet her without ruining a good bit of the story and suspense suffice it to say that he ends up making a most unfortunate oath to a very strange small dark woman He gets his actress but as she ages and loses children to miscarriage than she manages to deliver she becomes depressed superstitious and gradually becomes addicted to food and religion to try to take away her fears The beautiful willowy actress disappears into an enormously fat neurotic woman who can hardly get out of bed Plus he gets cursed again and this one is a doozy this one sends his children and descendents not to mention his ghost wandering throughout the world seeking a place that will receive them and break the curse for the next two hundred plus years It is actually a rather lovely story about the power of family to stay strong together and how that strength can gradually overcome any evil It also as I said has some wonderful vampire werewolf and witch characters that you don't want to miss My main complaint throughout the book was the constant association of all witches with evil and Satanism as though this is the only type of witch there is I was also very upset by the use of the Great Mother and Horned God in a dark oath these are nature deities and would not be used in left hand magic The character in the book with his sardonic assessment of Satanism as nothing than people reacting against modern day dogma is correct the depictions of attempts to raise demons and so forth is not within the purview of everyday Satanism which actually is just humanism with a scary name attached to get people to sit up and pay attention and certainly not within the realms of typical witchcraft However I guess it wouldn't have been as scary to the common reader who of course doesn't understand these distinctions and heaven forbid we try to educate them within the pages of a book right This doesn't really however detract from the overall story unless you're a nitpicker like I am and I still recommend that if you can manage to find a copy of this most excellent book you should go ahead and snatch it up