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Thirty short essays crafted as epitaphs each one unfolding in a single sentence Matthew Vollmer is the author of the short story collection FUTURE MISSIONARIES OF AMERICA a debut work that earned h. Author is a friend from grad school but that doesn't mean I can't sincerely proclaim that I just took a much needed break from Proust to read a signficantly contemporary exercise in memory only to discover that it doesn't read like an exercise in memory thankfully in fact it didn't feel like a creative writing exercise at all my initial fear since lo after a bit the conceit melted away to reveal an excellent formally interesting audacious moving vivid suggestive life affirming open hearted collection of short one sentence autobiographical essays involving undergoing surgery to correct a weird chest cavity beheading copperheads Tumblr long lost Jordan like friends cutting one's own hair staring at the embers of a fire while coming off psychoactive drugs strict Christian upbringing the whole thing inexplicitly expresses conversion from following G d as a child to something mysticalliterary as an adult haunting old family houses advanced directives re what to do with one's body classic '80s NBA Bird Rambis not to reveal all the wonders of its nature but this is a book that gawks at the wide open world and thereby experiences a sort of grace making peace with the old verity of so much worldso little time upon it walking through neighborhoods at night wondering why everyone doesn't walk at night every night mad but not really mad at the blue glow in at least one window per house and most affectingly being a father and being a son plus other not uite polar pivot spots that make these epitaphs come absolutely alive and whether or not you're a fan of Michael Martone or Some Instructions to My Wife or Pieces for the Left Hand 100 Anecdotes this writer who come to think of it organized a touch football game on weekends in grad school commands the huddle and with confidence in your writerreader tandem's mutal desire to win a nonexistent existential trophy places a tight spiral into your outstretched hands after he instructs you to go long

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Inscriptions for HeadstonesWith David Shields Vollmer is also the co editor of Fakes An Anthology of Pseudo Interviews Faux Lectures uasi Letters Found Texts and Other Fraudulent Artifact WW Inscriptions for PDFEPUB or Norto. Story #2 was among my favorite things that I've read all year The rest of the stories were also very good All of them written as epitaphs they started off thinking about guardian angels but midway through started to focus on fatherhood as the main theme

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DOWNLOAD Inscriptions for Headstones ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ä ❮Reading❯ ➽ Inscriptions for Headstones Author Matthew Vollmer – Thirty short essays crafted as epitaphs each one unfolding in a single sentence Matthew Vollmer is the author of the short story cIgh praise Expertly structured and utterly convincing these stories represent the arrival of a strong new voice New York Times and vital and bristling with vivid imagery and detail Library Journal. I was fascinated by the experimentation with punctuation grammar and lack of periods than the actual contentinteresting essay collection