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J K Rowling The Wizard Behind Harry Potter Read ☆ 104 ´ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ J K Rowling The Wizard Behind Harry Potter Author Marc Shapiro – Horticulturetrader.co.uk Harry Potter is loved throughout the world so is his creator Joanne Kathleen JK Rowling is a true wizard a woman who has the ability to recaHarry Potter is loved throughout the world so Rowling The ePUB #185 is his creator Joanne Kathleen JK Rowling is a true wizard a woman who has the ability to recall vividly her days as a child and capture those wild wonderful difficult times an ability that helps make her J K Kindle creation Harry Potter seem so real In this revealing look fans of the Har. So I am a big fan of the Harry Potter books and everything surrounding them and their author and have stuck with the fanbase to this day I found JK Rowling The Wizard Behind Harry Potter at Half Price Books and said hey why not learn about the author I mean I knew her basic life story and whatnot but not specifically Then I saw that this was a biography not an autobiography by Marc Shapiro I figured at the time that this did not matter Apparently it matters Not only does this man whoever he may be have choppy boring sentence structure at most points and never varies anything to make it exciting he gets so many facts and spellings of things from Harry Potter which is what this about well Rowling writing it and the things in it but you know that it is uncanny I was laughing aloud at the things that this guy put down It was absolutely obvious that he had never spoken to the woman in his life let alone learned anything about the story On Page 2 yes PAGE 2 he makes his first error calling fans of Harry Potter Potterites which was hilarious because we have never been called anything besides Potterheads This is not the only place he says that either Other minor errors include Hagrid being a giant He is a half giant Marc Shapiro Several times Shapiro calls the normal people world the Muggle Muggles are non magical beings not a place He also spells several character's names wrong including Cho Chan which is actually Cho Chang if he would bother to look it up It also claims that book six is titled Harry Potter and the Green Flame Torch which is absolutely false and not even the title of any book or anything within the other books He also claims that Rowling confirmed the release of three books Harry Potter and the Pyramids of Furmat Harry Potter and the Chariots Shapiro misspelled chariots of course and Harry Potter and the Alchemist's Cell which are all completely bogus and were actually denied by Rowling in a national interview when inuired about Yes there are bound to be errors but when you read this you really get the feeling that Shapiro did not do an ounce or research before writing this I would also say that ANYONE from our 8TH GRADE honors English class could have written it better than he did I don’t think he proofread any of his sentences whatsoever This is a sentence taken directly from the book Because the latest adventure of Harry his good friends Ron and Hermione and their adventures Now seriously Could you not have found a way to not say the their adventures twice in the same sentence Methinks that Shapiro did not have enough cash to hire an editor You can just tell that Shapiro literally collected his information from unsourced random websites None of his sources are ones that anyone would have ever heard of and none of the uotes are from people that Rowling actually knew they are all random All in all I am uestioning in my mind how someone managed to write 228 pages of this and sell it to anyone I guess I was stupid enough to buy it without reading the first five pages which contain several errors right off the bat I looked up this author and it turns out that he has written probably hundreds of so called best selling yes it says best selling on every cover biographies and every review is similar to mine It doesn't matter who it is An author A musician A historical or political figure Anyone who has expertise on the topic has reviewed the book and basically said that Shapiro has no idea what he's talking about The one redeeming thing about the book is probably that it gave some information about her early life that I didn't know but that was probably full of errors so who can trust it

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Answers to some of the most freuently asked uestions Where did the idea of Harry Potter come from What was JK Rowling like when she K Rowling The Wizard Behind MOBI #10003 was younger What kind of student was she Which of the characters does JK Rowling most identify with Where does the name Harry Potter come from What is JK Rowling's simple rule about writi. This is a biography about the author of the Harry Potter series and how the books became so successful It starts from Rowling's childhood when she was clearly imaginative than the rest of her friends and classmates It then goes through her yound adulthood when she experienced a family death and had her first child She then became very poor and wrote the Harry Potter series on whatever scraps of paper she could find I'm not one that usually reads biographies but this was very well written and Rowling's story is awe inspiring After all she went from being poor to extremely successful with only a creative mind a pencil and paper

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J K Rowling The Wizard Behind Harry PotterRy Potter series will get to see their favorite author as they never have before From a child with a wonderful imagination who didn't uite fit in to a single mother with almost overwhelming K Rowling The Epub #218 responsibilities the JK Rowling story is a wonderful chance for adults and children to enjoy a heartwarming magical storytogether Inside are the. This book has conjuring in it than all of JK Rowling's seven Harry Potter novels put together One has to uestion the credibility of an author and the publishing house that would publish a book chock full of inaccuracies I got so tired of listing everything that was wrong with this book because A there was so much of it and B it was hindering my reading because I constantly had to stop and make a note for my review The only good part of this book was the last Chapter where the author states that Rowling said in order to write a book one has to actually sit down and write it and write what you know; unfortunately as great as an advice that is it's nothing that any other author hasn't said before and an advice that Marc Shapiro should have also taken How can you take anything he wrote about Rowling seriously when he didn't even get her birth year right It's a shame this was passed off as a legitimate novel I mean seriously the guy is making money off of this You should be ashamed of yourself for ripping people off because it's like a high school book report than a real novel whose information seemed to have been copied and pasted from the internet which Mr Shapiro basically admitted in the preface of the book; but another disturbing part of this book is that the author also conveniently failed to cite which information came from what source Isn't that called plagiarismWith so many glaring mistakes one has to wonder whether Mr Shapiro has actually ever read a single Harry Potter book andor call to uestion his ability to research a subject any subject Here's the list of mistakes I found and I'm just your every day Harry Potter fan On page xii o MrShapiro states “learning the fine arts of charms spells and magic alongside good friends Ron and Hermione at the feet of Professor Dumbledore”; when in fact by the time Harry Ron and Hermione attend Hogwarts Professor Dumbledore was already the headmaster of the school In “Chamber of Secrets” Tom Riddle’s diary shows that Professor Dumbledore taught “Transfiguration” when Tom was still attending Hogwarts which was than forty years prior the trio attending the school Although I suppose one can argue that Professor Dumbledore “taught” Harry Ron and Hermione valuable life lessons Ok I’ll give Mr Shapiro that one On page 5 o MrShapiro mentions that “the portraits of long dead ancestors who come alive at night to primp and curl their hair” During the Edinburgh Book Festival on August 15 2004 Rowling explained that the portraits were enchanted imprints left behind by the subject of the portrait and are only capable of very limited interaction Mostly they would repeat catchphrases they were known to have said when they were alive So in essence once a spell was cast on the portraits they become animated from that point on and could interact with the living all the time not just at night o MrShapiro mistakenly states “the moment when Harry discovers Cho Chan on the uidditch field” Cho’s last name is “Chang” with a “g” not “Chan” like the martial arts actor Jackie or the fictional Chinese American detective Charlie Maybe that was a typo but judging from the kerning I would venture to say this was a serious oversight of facts by the writer and who ever proofread this book On page 7 o Perhaps the most erroneous statement MrShapiro makes in this book was that “In the world of Harry Potter owls run banks” WRONG “Owl Post” it’s even the title of the first chapter in “Prisoner of Azkaban” for goodness sake Owls deliver the post goblins runs the banks Ok this one can’t be attributed to being a typo but the person charged with the task of checking out the facts for this book seriously needs to think about a career change o MrShapiro also states “But finally it is Harry Potter a skinny thirteen year old with glasses green eyes and a head of unruly black hair who is the heart of JK Rowling’s adventures” Thirteen Sure by the third book But if you want to get technical about it in the Sorcerer’s Stone the first time we meet Harry he was only a year old By the time we are introduced to a spectacled Harry Potter “nearly ten years has passed” according to the opening sentence in chapter two that would make the glasses wearing Harry Potter eleven years old On page 17 o MrShapiro states “Rowling’s parents met on a train in 1963” Her parents met in 1964 o MrShapiro wrote “Ann worked as a lab technician” JK’s mother’s name is misspelled It’s Anne with an “e” and not Ann On page 19 o The author lists JK Rowling’s birth date as “July 31 1966”; when in fact her birth year was 1965 On page 22 o MrShapiro refers to JK sister as “Di” all throughout the book The younger sister’s name is “Dianne” Close but still On page 29 o MrShapiro wrote on page 17 that JK’s father was a manager of an aircraft factory but then states on page 29 that “Peter moved up in his job as a mechanic for an automobile factory” But according to the September 2012 issue of The New Yorker Mr Rowling was a Rolls Royce aircraft engineer I’m pretty sure “mechanic” ≠ “engineer” On page 35 o MrShapiro states that “Joanne successfully graduated from Tutshill Primary” JK attended St Michael's Primary School On page 49 o MrShapiro incorrectly wrote “the train stopped at Knight’s Cross station in London” Knight’s Cross station does not exist King’s Cross station however does On page 74 o MrShapiro claims that “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was completed early in 1994” Actually the manuscript wasn’t completed until 1995 o MrShapiro also writes that JK received a grant in 1994 after which she started teaching at the Moray House Training College However JK started teaching at Moray House in 1995 and did not receive the grant until 1997 On page 96 o Mr Shapiro stated that the fourth book's title was Harry Potter and the Doomspell Tournament Any one else familiar with that one