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Id One of us left Now he’s back looking at me Kaleidoscope PDFEPUBlike he wants to devour me And all those feelings I’d turned into ang 35 stars This was a book I was super excited to read and in the end I just kind of liked it Claire Contreras is a very talented author she wrote one of my favorite new adult books titled There is No Light in Darkness and that book had all of the feels I love to see in a book Plus it had Cole If you've read that book you understandSo going into this Kaleidoscope Hearts is the story of Estelle and Oliver Oliver is Estelle's brothers best friend therefore Estelle is supposed to be off limits But when Oliver was 19 and she was 16 the two forged a connection that would last throughout the years That's all I'm really going to say about the plot the less you know the betterI will say I was a bit disappointed in the romance I liked the connection the two had in the flashbacks but their grand romance felt a bit forced The majority of it they were both dating other people so it was hard for me to believe they loved each other And it was hard for me to believe Estelle was crushed when Oliver left for med school because they technically weren't together and he made her no promises Yeah it sucked that he left but not to the point where she would cling to what happened years later and throw it back in his faceOliver well he's not my favorite guy I liked him he seemed sweet but I thought he wasn't very memorable Sure he's cute and he's got a man bun which is sexy 90% of the time But like I said the whole relationship felt forced to me And in the end I didn't care if they ended up together or notI feel like I've done nothing but bash this book and that's not my intention I enjoyed reading it but I guess I hyped it up too much in my head This book didn't make me feel like this authors' other books have before It's a sweet predictable romance that I think lots of readers will enjoyPS I read two different hair colors for Oliver in this book blond at 59% and brunette at 91% It drove me frickin crazy

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Kaleidoscope HeartsEr are brewing into something else something that terrifies me He broke my heart last time This time he'll obliterate it This is a standalo Oh this story and the feels This book came highly recommended from my book mate and I love brother’s best friend books so I wanted to read it asap With these type of books they are usually pretty easy going and I love that about them but this one definitely brought the feels For a book with limited angst there was just something about it that had me feeling everything This is my first book by Claire Contreras but it will definitely not be my last Life is short and brutal and painful and it takes loved ones away from us as uickly as it brings them into your lives but it’s also beautiful” When the story begins we meet Estelle she goes by Elle or her childhood nickname Chicken Elle has just lost her fiancé a year ago and she is gradually trying to move forward As apart of that plan she is selling their home and moving in with her brother temporarily On her first day there she is greeted by the one guy who always had the power to destroy her Oliver Over the years I’ve learned a lot about Oliver Hart but the only one worth remembering is that he’s bad for my health”Oliver appears to be a great guy he is a doctor good looking charming His only downfall has always been the power he holds over Elle and his own feelings of self doubt and insecurities Oliver is three years older than Elle and it wasn’t long before he noticed she was growing into a beautiful woman He also knew she was completely off limits since her brother would never approve of them dating Now we see that story line a lot in books like this but the thing I loved about this one was that it is also different Oliver had insecurities and fears based on his childhood and then Elle is trying to move forwardThe story is told alternating from present to the past not every author can execute this well but the story flowed perfectly from one time to another I loved this style since it allowed us to see how things progressed while they were growing up versus how things are progressing as adults I fell in love with Oliver and Elle’s story from he beginning I loved how both characters were likable and completely relatable I loved how Elle showed strength in her time of weakness she wasn’t overcompensating her feelings were justifiable Oliver wasn’t perfect but this isn’t a perfect love story Both characters have to overcome so much part of that being a past where they hurt each other While Oliver seems like the perfect guy on the outside he has so many insecurities when it comes to actually settling down The story is told mostly from Elle’s POV but we do see glimpse’s of Oliver’s I felt like the story was told perfectly going from past to present and then seeing the right POV at the right time I was able to connect to both characters and feel their heartache This is a beautiful story that had me feeling so much It is true I am sucker for these types of romances but even if you aren’t I think you will enjoy this book It had the perfectly level of sexiness angst and feels I highly recommend this beautiful story about second chances growing up and overcoming heartache

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EBOOK µ EPUB Kaleidoscope Hearts ¶ ↠ CLAIRE CONTRERAS ↠ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Kaleidoscope Hearts ✩ Author Claire Contreras – Horticulturetrader.co.uk He was my older brother's best friend He was never supposed to be mine I thought we would get it out of our system and moHe was my older brother's best friend He was never supposed to be mine I thought we would get it out of our system and move on One of us d 5 stars Kaleidoscope Hearts had three things going for it from the very beginning First it’s a second chance romance Second it’s a brother’s best friend book I am a sucker for those And third it’s written by Claire Contreras Claire is one of those authors for me who never disappoints Her writing is top notch I feel like this book is different from her others but that’s not a bad thing It’s not just a love story It’s a story of healing moving on and learning it’s okay to let go of the past and give in to love Elle and Oliver have known each other since they were young Oliver has been Elle’s older brother Vic’s best friend since they were just kids As they grew up they started to have feelings for one another But it was forbidden Oliver was too old for her and when she got older there was Vic And Oliver’s school and ambitions It was just not their time So Elle did what she needed to do and moved on while Oliver finished med school Elle’s path lead her to heartbreak once again Now that Oliver is back in Elle’s life he’s determined not to let her go It’s so hard for Elle to move on to trust again She’s been scared from her past She’s a little broken and she doesn’t want to shatter again after she’s just so recently begun to put herself back together He was the one I loved first He was the one who broke my heart first and here he is again For how long this time I wonder Does it matter My heart bleeds Elle and Oliver were both characters that I adored Elle is creative outgoing selfless giving and kind I enjoyed the work she did and the heart she put into it I never held her stubbornness against her because I got the place it came from Then there is Oliver Sweet sexy and swoony Oliver I loved Oliver’s determination I loved watching how much his character grew from his past chapters to his present “All my life I’ve been all about preparing for things and planning things out and when it comes to you I’m completely lost when it comes to you” This book was a sweet romance but it also made me FEEL I love reading books that can evoke emotion out of me Whether I’m happy sad stunned or just moved And I was All of the above Kaleidoscope Hearts was brilliantly written the writing had a wonderful flow I must have highlighted half the book There were so many gorgeous uotes Every second counts Live in this moment This is life This is what matters Elle and Oliver’s journey wasn’t always an easy one but in the end it was than worth it Worth all the pain and the heartache This was a beautiful and captivating read I won’t forget I loved it completely from start to finish To give love another chance after your heart has been broken isn’t easy That was captured perfectly The Kaleidoscope Hearts used in the story it was just such a clever way to showcase that even shattered hearts can be put back together and made beautiful once again This is written as a standalone so no cliffhanger or anything like that I really do hope that maybe down the line Claire will give us a book on a certain older brother I ended up loving ;