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A Texas Kind of ChristmasBank robber After a night in Nathanial Ward’s arms Jacueline is certain she has met her match after all But will his heartfelt promise of love lead to his demise at the hands of the lawBIRDIE’S FLIGHT Celia BonaduceSeamstress Birdie Flanagan gets the Texas Kind of eBook #9734 surprise of her life when she receives a beautiful gown and a sudden invitation for the ball of the season Birdie creates a stir from the moment she arrives capturing the eye of the das. A Texas Kind of Christmas has three novellas by three authors They are loosely linked by place and year The first is by Jodi Thomas and here we are taken to the Texas frontier with a mixture of ranchers lawmen supposed outlaws hotel staff and a young woman about to choose her husband  She has a wealthy father who just wants to see her married off and happy but her step mother has nasty intentions She eventually makes her choice as does Katie one of the hotel maidsBirdie's Flight by Celia Bonaduce is the second story We meet Birdie or Bridget just arrived in Dallas needing a job Thanks to a few serendiptious happenings she finds one as a seamstress We also meet the capricious Charlotte who is looking for that perfect dress for the dance Birdie is fleeing someone just who and why we have to read on to find out By the end of the story both girls find the one they loveSpirit of Texas  by Rachel Miles gives us a ride through Texas to Dallas on a coach along with Eugenie who has come from England to seek out and bring home her mother  Asher has been designated to guide her to Dallas to the St Nicholas hotel Its a story of second chances and a ride through the wild country side These stories have plenty of a western feel and are a load of adventure and fun They are short but each of them is satisfying and I felt did not suffer from being a novella  I picked this book up because of the name of Jodi Thomas however I have to say I enjoyed each story all so well written and engaging

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It’s Christmas Kind of PDFEPUB #196 Eve and everyone who’s anyone is headed to the glorious St Nicholas Hotel for the most talked about ball of the season It’s the kind of Texas night where anything can happen even love ONE NIGHT AT THE ST NICHOLASNew York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Jodi ThomasTo escape her stepmother’s plot to marry A Texas PDF or her off Texas heiress Jacueline Hartman spends Christmas Eve sharing a hideout with an accused. Jodi Thomas is a master at penning historical westerns the words simply melt off the pages right into your heartMs Thomas has the most uniue way of telling a story and weaving romance through her readers very soulMs Jacueline must select a man to marry or her inheritance will be forfeited Her evil stepmom Margaret has had all she can take of Jacueline’s presence on The Double H Her dad has sweetened the pot for any man who will wed his daughter a dowry of land and cattle to be given upon the day of the nuptials As her dad is aging Jacueline knows Margaret wants to have full control of the ranch however her dad put one stipulation in the dowry that no one knows but JacuelineThis was one of Ms Thomas’s best stories I’ve ever read If you’re a fan of her Ransom Canyon Series you will love this story same charm but set in 1859 Dallas TexasAbsolutely phenomenal characterization with Jodi Thomas’s inuisitive charm all her fan’s have come to loveBirdie’s Flight by Celia Bonaduce was an exceptionally well written storyFun adventurous with secrecy and romance mixed into the plot Birdie is running no money and at the end of the trail She only has one ace in the hole her craft as a seamstress Can she find peace and stay one step ahead of the gentleman trailing herThis story truly went well with the previous story by Jodi Thomas both set in 1859 and in the same St Nicholas Hotel in DallasRacheal Miles Spirit Of TEXAS was well written and a fun fun story I loved the history she weaves into this story She created a wonderful banter between her characters She was perfect at giving us readers a twist that perfected Eugenia Asher’s romance This book was a great Ode To Dallas Texas and Mrs Sarah CockrellI received this book from netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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A Texas Kind of Christmas review ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ [Download] ➵ A Texas Kind of Christmas ➾ Jodi Thomas – Horticulturetrader.co.uk It’s Christmas Eve 1859 and everyone who’s anyone is headed to the glorious St Nicholas Hotel for the most talked about ball of the season It’s the kind of TexasHing Captain Douglas Newcastle But will a secret from her past keep her from her long awaited happily ever afterSPIRIT OF TEXAS Rachael MilesWhen lovely spinster Eugenie Charpentier makes a trip across the Texas frontier with former Texas Ranger Asher Graham she dreams of an adventure and the rough and tumble cowboy is happy to oblige But both Jenny and the rugged lawman are keeping secrets Can they find each other and love on the dance floor at the Christmas ba. Not only were these three stories beautifully written they provided a glimpse into Texas history I was unaware of I loved all three stories and ache to know