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People ordinary people were afraid of Baker St Cyr Patiently the cyberdetective would explain that the computer half of his investigatory symbiosis did not take over when his human half joined with it A cyberdetective is part man and part computer. this is something like #75 from koontz for me very first story of his i read Mr Murderpaperback that oneearly nineties when i read it and at some point i picked up a copy of The Dean Koontz Companion and discovered therein that koontz has a pile of titles that are not included on that also by dean koontz page say like at the front end of mr murderthis was before goodreads before i was on lineand although i looked for these early stories both in bookstores used books stores and online when that became available they either one were not to be found or two so pricey that they were beyond my budget for whatever reason reasonably priced paperbacks are available now than then a werewolf among us dean r koontzhe has since dropped the rfrom 1973 a ballantine paperback cover art by bob blanchardsbn 345 03055 9 125 211 story pages longa dedication for paul walker a blend of two genresto which we're both addictedstory beginsone a case begun morbidly curious the suint eyed customs official examined the two holes in baker st cyr's chest he touched the flange of warm yellow plastic that rimmed each of the female jacks and he tried to determine how the flesh had been coerced into growing onto the foreign materialst cyr would not have been surprised if the man had sent for a flashlight and begun a detailed visual inspection of those two narrow tunnels in st cyr's flesh on a world as serene as darma largely given over to the sport of the wealthy a customs chief would rarely encounter anything unusual; therefore when one of the four baggage inspectors had turned up an odd piece of machinery in st cyr's smallest suitcase the chief intended understandably enough to milk the incident for all its entertainment valueshall we get on with it st cyr asked you bet okee dokee then as the good doctor said the chicken coop truant on playing hookie 1966onward upwardcontentsthe chapters are numbered and titledone a case beguntwo rider in the stormthree suspectsfour an ugly incidentfive a policeman and a girlsix nightmare and paranoiaseven the gypsy campeight encounter with a wolfnine bloodhoundsten another corpseeleven a clever enemytwelve a murderer revealedthirteen prooffourteen confrontation with a killerfifteen a desperate barricadesixteen adviceseventeen than a case is endedeighteen a new lifetime place scene settingsthe time is not provided neither a fictional time nor a real time whatever that is call it the futurethe place is the planet darma a kind of recreational planet for the extremely wealthy a planet the reader learns was colonized much like countries have been colonized in real timestill the planet darma is one of thousands of planets in a kind ofbiguniona terminalentrance to the planet darma opening scenethe alderban residence this five level place built in a remote somewhat mountainous region of the planet where our hero baker st cyr a cyberdetective has been called to solve murdervarious rooms in the alderban residence library a gathering room kitchen rooms of the family membersa gypsy camp higher in the mountains about 40 miles away from the alderban home placenew chicago an industrial planet from which baker st cyr has left to travel to darmanorya's silver trailerheavy duty roverthat dane drives st cyr in to see the gypsy womancharactersbaker st cyr cyper detective who wears a kind of shell a kind of computer that integrates whis bodymindwhen he is wearing the shell baker st cyr was the first

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A Werewolf Among UsMeshed as completely as the two can ever be The A Werewolf MOBI #10003 highly microminiaturized components of the bio computer remember and relate things in a perfectly mathematical manner that a human mind could never easily grasp while the human. I enjoyed this story and thought it was uite a good twist on a combination of story types The detective investigating a series of gruesome and puzzling murders of a single household combined with local folklore putting the deaths done to a local legend of a werewolfThe variations come in the Sci fi elements added by Koontz The detective is pair in the sense of being directly connect to an AI who aids him in has investigations The household in which the murders take place is overseen by a AI MajordomoThe story explores a few themes uite well which is impressive given the relative shortness of the book We look at why sophisticated and educated people can still get sucked into local folklore what happens to peoples mental state when they undergo treatment to identify their latent ability and they have the money and leisure time to simple do nothing else The is staple mystery theme of revenge and the old Sci fi standby of can robots do harm to people All in all a good read for a shortish book

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review A Werewolf Among Us õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ [Download] ➹ A Werewolf Among Us ➾ Dean Koontz – People ordinary people were afraid of Baker St Cyr Patiently the cyberdetective would explain that the computer half of his investigatory symbiosis did not take over when his hHalf of the symbiote gives a perception of emotions and emotional motivations that the bio computer could never comprehend Together we make a precise and thorough detective unitAnd also a very dangerous creature Which St Cyr never went on to explai. A slow start but a good ending Still in the science fiction genre but the horror is starting to come through