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Full of adventure mishaps and audacious attempts at cheating the first Tour de France in was a colourful affair Its riders included characters like Maurice Garin an Italian born Frenchman said to have been swapped for a round of cheese by his parents in order to smuggle him into France to clean chimneys as a teenager Hippolyte Aucouturier with his trademark handlebar moustache and amateurs like Jean Dargassies a blacksmith. A must read for Tour fans Probably a little heftier than needed but good details from the event that started everything Vive le Tour

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Butcher Blacksmith Acrobat SweepA butcher painter and decorator and a circus acrobat Would this ramshackle pack of cyclists draw crowds to throng France's rutted roads and cheer the first Tour heroes Surprisingly it did and all thanks to a marketing ruse cycling would never be the same again Peter Cossins takes us through the inaugural Tour de France painting a nuanced portrait of France in the early s to see where the greatest sporting event of all bega. Historian Peter Cossins’ book The First Tour De France is the story of 1903’s first version of that Sporting Event Cossins according to Penguin Publishing’s website has been writing about cycling since 1993 In an interview with Feargal McKay of Sports Blog Nation from July of 2017 Cossins says he was struck when researching for The First Tour De France even through “race may have been 114 years ago and can seem like ancient history but in many ways it was the same race then as it is now” I agree with the Goodreads reviewer Nick Penzenstadler that The First Tour De France is “probably a little heftier than needed” In some way the most impressive part of The First Tour De France is how the competitors rode early 1900s' bicycles around France on roads that were not made for bicycles or cars sometimes into a strong wind or up inclines Mountain stages were not added to the Tour De France until the 1905 Tour Oftentimes the riders rode at night To uote Cossins on the beginning of stage 3 between Marseille and Toulouse “despite the wind drilling into their the cyclist’s faces they are as keen to get going as they were on the first two stages Within a few seconds and despite the full moon the night has consumed them”

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Review ´ Butcher Blacksmith Acrobat Sweep È PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free × ❰KINDLE❯ ❄ Butcher Blacksmith Acrobat Sweep Author Peter Cossins – Full of adventure mishaps and audacious attempts at cheating the first Tour de FraWho had never raced before Dreamed up to revive struggling newspaper L'Auto Butcher Blacksmith MOBI #10003 cyclists of the time were wary of this 'heroic' race on roads suited to hooves than wheels riding hefty fixed gear bikes for three full weeks 'With a few francs you could win ' the paper declared in desperation eventually attracting a field comprising a handful of the era's professional racers and among other hopefuls. I am not a fan of the Tour de France but I loved this book Cossins does an excellent job of placing the race in the cultural economic and social context of Belle Epoue France as well as making the characters both on and off the route memorable and intriguing A really fun and interesting read