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free read Lettres persanes 106 ☆ [Read] ➪ Lettres persanes By Montesquieu – This richly evocative novel in letters tells the story of two Persian noblemen who have left their country the modern Iran to journey to Europe in search of wisdom As they travel they write home to wi This richly evocative novel in letters tells Olourful observations on the culture differences between West and East culture conjure up Eastern sensuality repression and cruelty in contrast to the freer civilized West but here also unworthy nobles and bishops frivolous women of fashion and conceited people of all kinds. One of my first thrills of enthusiasm for classical books vintageWhat a legendary satire my friends The link between you and Montesuieu feels fresh as a glass of beer as if the French writer was having casual talk with you over a drink about the relevance of privatizing SNCF French National Railway Company Un de mes tous premiers coups de cœur pour des auteurs du cru classiueCe livre est tout simplement un monstre de satire On croirait ue Montesuieu est là juste à côté à bavasser plaisamment sur les travers du gouvernement d'Édouard Philippe sur l'utilité de privatiser la SNCF et de faire une comparaison rapide avec les pays voisins ou plus loin des conséuences de la privatisation du transport public de l'énergie de l'enseignement des services de santé avec les pays étrangers comme ça en passant

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Are satirized Storytellers as well as letter writers Montesuieu's Usbek and Rica are disrespectful and witty but also serious moralists Persian Letters was a succès de scandale in Paris society and encapsulates the libertarian critical spirit of the early eighteenth century. I enjoyed this so much than I could have anticipated But I don't really feel like reviewing it in a thoughtful way My apologies I have always loved the correspondence techniue for storytelling It allows for digressions and timeline manipulations you can't get away with in a regular narrative I liked the parables A person probably gets from the book on a subseuent reading or with time to devote to really contemplating the parables Fantastic Looking forward to reading Montesuieu another time

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Lettres persanesThis richly evocative novel in letters tells the story of two Persian noblemen who have left their country the modern Iran to journey to Europe in search of wisdom As they travel they write home to wives and eunuchs in the harem and to friends in France and elsewhere Their c. Montesuieu may not be known to you but he is largely responsible for the system of checks and balances in the US Constitution between the Executive Legislative and Judicial branches of government The Founding Fathers of our country were deeply influenced by Montesuieu's The Spirit of the Laws which he wrote later in lifeThe Persian Letters however was written a uarter century earlier and was one of the most popular books of its time Montesuieu has in effect created an epistolary novel about two Persians who spend some ten years in Europe from 1711 1720 closely observing the strangeness of French institutions and customs from the point of view of Persians of the timeIt was a rough time in France roughly comparable to our own recession due to the Mississippi Bubble and the system of John Law who had been appointed Controller General of Finances of France under King Louis XV Law was brilliant but exceedingly unorthodox with the result that many fortunes were lost In Letter 146 the narrator Usbek writesI saw contractual honour dismissed the most sacred conventions annihilated every law of the family overthrown I saw debtors full of avarice proud and insolent in their poverty worthless instruments of the ferocity of the law and the harshness of the time pretending to pay their debts not doing so but stabbing their benefactors instead More shamefully still I saw others buying notes for almost nothing or rather picking up oak leaves from the ground and putting them in the place of the subsistence of widows and orphansI saw an insatiable lust for money suddenly springing up in every heart I saw the instantaneous development of a hateful conspiracy to get rich not by honourable work and unstinting behaviour but by ruining the king the state and other citizensAt the same time that Usbek is observing France we are observing his seraglio back in Persia falling to pieces as his prolonged absence from his wives results in the disorder of his married life This is an interesting book to dip into from time to time not only to see what was troubling France in the early 1700s but to see a highly original mind at work with a penetrating intellect in matters relating to culture and governance