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Review ☆ Simone de Beauvoir A Biography 108 ó ❮Epub❯ ➠ Simone de Beauvoir A Biography ➟ Author Deirdre Bair – This definitive biography is based on five years of interviews with de Beauvoir and is written with her full cooperation Bair penetrates the mystiue of this brilliant aOnventional figures of her generation As a reference work Simone de Beauvoir de Beauvoir A eBook #10003 can be considered definitive The Atlantic page photographic inse. What a whirlwind Not my usual genre but fascinating look at an unusual woman brilliant radical unfettered and yet bound open and yet closed emotionally and intellectually Great portrayal of a complex personality

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Tiue of this brilliant and often paradoxical woman Simone de PDFEPUBwho has been called one of the great minds of the th century and surely one of the most famously unc. I thought the biography was well written and kept me very interested mainly because Beauvoir was a fascinating woman I was especially intrigued by her contradictions and her being so apolitical until the 1960's How can one write a book The Second Sex published in 1949 and not be political The section during WWII was interesting in that Beauvoir did nothing to resist the German occupation of Paris and her country She essentially hunkered down continued to write and publish and simply survive I would think that as an intellectual a strong person with strong convictions and her love of Paris would have made her join the resistance but she did not Her devotion to Sartre was confusing to me I don't understand how she could totally sublimate her life her needs her intellectual expression and development to Sartre She was a woman of brilliant intelligence yet she constantly deferred to him in almost all facets of her life This ultimately led to the ending of her relationship with Nelson AlgrenThe book also shed an unflattering light on Sartre What a womanizer And it was creepy how many of the younger women who hung around Beauvoir and students of Beauvoir ended up as Sartre's lovers It also bothered me how Beauvoir kept saying she had never been discriminated against because she was a woman Patently not true She gave many examples of how when she was with Sartre she and her opinions were totally ignored because she was a woman She even pointed out instances where Camus and even Sartre said women couldn't effect change politically they didn't count because they were womenI am also puzzled why Beauvoir didn't like Betty Friedan's Second Stage I remember when the book came out It created uite a sensation in the US and helped start the Women's Liberation Movement in the US Me and my friends bought a copy and we became feministsI've tried twice to read The Second Sex I didn't get very far in it I am now willing to give it another tryI highly recommend this biography It's well written and gives a good account of a fascinating woman's life

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Simone de Beauvoir A BiographyThis definitive biography is based on five Beauvoir A PDFEPUB #196 years of interviews with de Beauvoir and is written with her full cooperation Bair penetrates the mys. Earlier in the year I read Deirdre Bair's memoir of writing the biographies of Samuel Beckett and de Beauvoir I enjoyed her accounts of the pleasures and difficulties of biography and her generous portraits of the 2 subjects and I decided to read her book on de Beauvoir I'd read the Beckett biography years earlierIt was important to me to read it along with the latest biography of Nelson Algren For me Algren and de Beauvoir go together I'd already read other biographies of both plus the de Beauvoir Algren letters and knew about their affair begun during her tour of America in 1947 The I learned about that affair the interesting it became And I was intrigued by Bair's judgment in the memoir that Algren had been the love of de Beauvoir's lifeFamously she had Jean Paul Sartre too Early on they were lovers Marriage was out because her family couldn't provide a dowry but she and Sartre preferred the unconventional relationship which over the years morphed into the literaryphilosophical partnership they're known for By the end of WWII Sartre had become the leading French existentialist While de Beauvoir walked in philosophic lockstep with him she was open to other European thought and was even an influence on Sartre's thinking When she turned to feminist issues in 1949 that wider European vision combined with her existentialism to produce The Second Sex the seminal work of feminism she's best known for She was a novelist too and a good one Her The Mandarins 1954 is highly revelatory about the group of philosophers and writers around Sartre called the Family and is still well regarded today That book and her decision to not leave the Family and Sartre is what damaged her romance with Algren His perception of her portrayal of their relationship had a lot to do with the end of it He'd been important to her because he showed her how passion and reason could combine in a man He therefore gave her the traditional male female romance she'd not known she wanted Algren made her uestion everything about herself except her professional bond with Sartre Algren even helped give The Second Sex an American flavor Pulled between the 2 men and the lives they represented Sartre the social politics and philosophy Algren fiction writing and the personal in the end she chose Sartre though she was also choosing Paris over ChicagoThis is a wonderfully rich biography and loving portrait of a woman whose rightful place we'd once thought was discipleship to Sartre but who since their deaths is regarded by many as the half of the duo whose ideas are of the most importance Her feminism and social politics have overtaken Sartre's existentialism Bair tells it all well She's an engaging storyteller as we learned from her memoir and de Beauvoir gave her many stories to tell