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The Uncommon Reader Book Í 120 pages Download ì [Epub] ❧ The Uncommon Reader Author Alan Bennett – A deliciously funny novella that celebrates the pleasure of reading When the ueen in pursuit of her wandering corgis stumbles upon a mobile library she feels duty bound to borrow a book Aided by NorVoices With The Uncommon Reader he brings us a playful homage to the written word imagining a world in which literature becomes a subversive bridge between powerbrokers and commoners By turns cheeky and charming the novella features the ueen herself as its protagonist When her yapping corgis lead her to a mobile library Her Majesty develops a new obsession with reading She finds herself devouring works by a tantalizing range of authors from the Bront This is a loveable book about love of books It's a small volume literally originally a short story published in a British magazine It starts when the corgis drag the ueen to a bookmobile on palace grounds and Her Majesty feels obligated to take one In time this seed sown from her sense of duty blossoms into a love of reading for pleasure and which grows into an obsession For the corgis the books become objects of jealousy to steal and mangle whenever possible For Prince Philip they're a target of believably snobby snarky one liners At times the changing ueen stumps her subjects and stymies her staff and governmentThe transition is steady but not smooth In her first encounter with Henry James the ueen orders the book to get on with it And then she's every avid reader reluctant to stop even when duty calls She's also all of us who relish reviewing She says Proust is really someone to whom one would have wanted to say 'Oh do pull your socks up' Towards the end her thoughts turn from reading to writing and Bennett focuses on reactions to ueen Elizabeth 20; From that point the story drags a bit until its great ending Almost all of it is clever and witty It's a most enjoyable bookand for this American at this time a great way to get her mind off a different head of state one who detests reading and writes with a Sharpie

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A deliciously funny novella that celebrates the pleasure of reading When the ueen in pursuit of her wandering corgis stumbles upon a mobile library she feels duty bound to borrow a book Aided by Norman a young man from the palace kitchen who freuents the library the ueen is transformed as she discovers the liberating pleasures of the written wordThe author of the Tony Award winner The History Boys Alan Bennett is one of Britain’s best loved literary This is a wonderfully humorous subversive and comic homage to literature penned by non other than the great and incomparable treasure that is Alan Bennett I listened to the audio charmed by the narration by the author himself This is a short book worth its weight in gold which has Her Majesty the ueen of England inadvertently discover the mobile library so beginning her early faltering steps to becoming an avid reader and bookworm A whole world opens up in which she is guided by Norman who works in the kitchens and comes to be the ueens confidant and book guide However not everyone is best pleased her household staff and private secretary New Zealander Sir Kevin are alarmed and go out of their way to dissuade the ueen from finding pleasure in reading There is behind the scenes meddling and political machinations as they get rid of Norman However nothing will sway Her Majesty as by this stage the unwelcome thought enters her mind that she no longer needs Norman and sets forth her own path in the world of books Her developments begin to terrify the political establishment as the ueen with a twinkle in her eye has mischief on her mind I strongly urge anyone who loves books to read this as Alan Bennett has the ueen reading an extraordinarily diverse range of authors that is bound to catch the interest of any reader Bennett is an author of gentle wit and a subversive turn of mind You are missing a treat if you do not read this Simply Fantastic

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The Uncommon Readerë sisters to Jean Genet With a young member of the palace kitchen staff guiding her choices it’s not long before the ueen begins to develop a new perspective on the world one that alarms her closest advisers and tempts her to make bold new decisions Brimming with the mischievous wit that has garnered acclaim for Bennett on both sides of the Atlantic The Uncommon Reader is a delightful celebration of books and writers and the readers who sustain the How can I not like a book about someone who loves to read? In this case that someone just happens to be the ueen of EnglandIt was clever and really a pleasure to read There is not too much to say about the plot; its a short read Howeverlike othersI'll mention a few of my favorite uotesWhat she was finding also was how one book led to another doors kept opening wherever she turned and the days weren't long enough for the reading she wanted to doBooks are not about passing the time They are about other lives Other Worlds One reads for pleasure said the ueen It is not a public dutyYou don't put your life into your books You find it thereWho is above literature? You might as well say one is above humanity