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Victory by Nick WeUnited Earth burns The Swarm runs rampant across our space We mourn the loss of thousands of ships and millions of fallen comrades Billions of fathers mothers sister. CliffhangerThis book ends on a cliffhanger I have uestions now then I did halfway through this book It is well written and thought out Since there will be a new trilogy I'm sure my uestions will get answered A good book always has a few surprises in store for you and this one is chock full of them Good pace great action It is edited well More please thanks

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D in blood and ashes Our grandchildrens' history books will tell our story and glorify the heroes and legends The Swarm will be conuered we will prevail At any price. This is a very clever finale to the trilogy tying all three books together and answering everything about the different time zones that you could want to know Webb clearly had the whole thing mapped out in advance of Book 1 allowing it all to be smartly concluded here with answers that are enjoyable and surprising in eual measure The whole conspiracy stuff that bogged down parts of Book 2 are wisely ditched leaving only the one uestion who do you trust Once again Webb gives himself plenty of time to show off his talent for edge of your seat space battles and morally grey characters Avery’s plan concerning the dreadnought along with how it plays out is shocking and leads to the whole uestion of where the ethical line is in war especially when Granger discovers which of their assumptions is wrong It’s all very clever It takes the trilogy forward to a conclusion as well as having an influence on the first 2 books leading to it all feeling exciting and very much complete There is an odd bit at the start Out of nowhere we spend four chapters with a new character called Rodriguez who then vanished for the rest of the book I’m not sure why he was there I don’t feel he added anything of value and his story such as it is wasn’t finished It’s an odd handful of chapters Occasionally the book explains stuff twice almost as if it’s nervous that maybe not everyone followed the first time around which made some of the dialogue feel unnecessary I also don’t buy a tiny reveal in the book’s epilogue; I feel Webb was interested in putting a little sting at the end without it really making much sense I suppose it’s fine but it is unnecessary final couple of pages to what is otherwise a thrilling read as well as a wholly satisfying conclusion to the trilogy

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FREE READ ✓ Victory by Nick Webb ¹ ❮Reading❯ ➹ Victory ➱ Author Nick Webb – United Earth burns The Swarm runs rampant across our space We mourn the loss of thousands of ships and millions of fallen comrades Billions of fathers mothers sisters and brothers all gone all dead It United EarS and brothers all gone all dead It is time we end this for our moment has come But victory never comes without sacrifice Heroes are not taught nor trained but forge. A great way to end this seriesWhat a great way to end this series of books Granger and his crew fight new battles but find a new ally to finally win the war I have a feeling that we may not have seen the last of Captain Granger