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Read & Download ☆ Scottish Rite Maggie Devereaux #1 109 Î ❮Reading❯ ➽ Scottish Rite Maggie Devereaux #1 Author Stephen Penner – PARANORMAL MURDER MYSTERY SET IN THE SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS American graduate student Maggie Devereaux fulfills a life long dream when she travels toReam turns to a nightmare however Rite Maggie Devereaux PDFEPUB #190 when a serial killer begins murdering women at the school When Maggie discovers a lost book of Highland magic she grows convinced the killer is following an. Mystery Paranormal RomanceThis is one of the best paranormal mysteries that I have read in a long time and some of the novelty of the story is that the author used many Gaelic words with the interpretation immediately following which gave the story a truly feel of Scotland Margaret Maggie Devereaux a young American woman working on her PhD in Celtic languages enrolled in the University of Aberdeen in Scotland to finalize her reuirements Her recently deceased grandmother Kate NicInnes Ingram encouraged her to do this and gave her five Gaelic books She taught Maggie to read and speak it and she gave her a pendant identifying the clan she came from Kate also beueathed her estate to Maggie which allowed her to study full time Upon moving to Aberdeen she lived with her cousins Alex and Lucy MacTarry She met a nice intelligent handsome Scot lain who worked for the MacTarrys in their storeAt the university she met another American girl Kelly Anderson and two nice young women of Scotland Ellen Walker and Fionna FitzSimmons In the course of her studies she went to the large public library of Aberdeen which housed many Gaelic books in old Gaelic middle Gaelic and modern Gaelic In the basement of this library where the light was so dim she could scarcely read the titles she found a truly old book with leather covers so encrusted with dirt and slime she could scarcely handle it It took her three days to translate the title because it was old Gaelic and to her amazement she discovered it was a book of dark spells Three young women were murdered and the way their bodies were left it appeared to be ritual murders And this was the crux of the story Who was performing the murders Were they ritual And for what purpose Maggie used her talents and education to bring the murderer to lightThe story was complex characters colorful and fascinating and the story became a page turner for me The inclusion in the novel of many places in Scotland with their descriptions and the addition of the Gaelic verbage made this novel entertaining and intriguing than many mysteries with or without the paranormal I recommend it

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PARANORMAL MURDER MYSTERY SET IN THE Maggie Devereaux PDF #204 SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS American graduate student Maggie Devereaux fulfills a life Scottish Rite ePUB #231 long dream when she travels to Scotland to study abroad Her d. Hmm well yes I'm torn over this bookThe overall plot isn't bad I enjoyed the fast paced climax and I really liked the character of Maggie Deveraux she's believable and fiesty and has just the right amount of getting into trouble instincts to make her a perfect accidental sleuthHowever there were a few things that got in the way of the plot for me hence the not uite perfect rating1 There was from time to time a tendency to overwrite and over explain some things as I once read somewhere you have to sometimes leave your reader the ability to make their own mind up about the motives of your characters This messes with the pace a lot and the book took an awfully long time to get going2 Sometimes the author slipped into omnipotent info dump usually when describing a location eg when talking about the University of Aberdeen there was a long section on the fact that it had three campuses and where they were located around the city a brief description from Maggie's POV would have been much better than the general information list These info dumps were unnecessary and need editing out of the manuscript since Stephen does a perfectly good job of describing what he needs at other times Both of these instincts I understand well and for me as an author they stem from trying to make sure really make sure your reader understands what you want them to but sometimes we just have to trust the reader and I have an editor who is very ruthless with my text3 This book is set in Aberdeen with Aberdeen police NOT American police There are a whole bunch of terms that are totally wrong and also facts that are uestionable Eg we don't have patrolmen we have Uniforms if you're in the police or Constables if you're not This was but one of the things that kept making me cringe in all the police scenes and kept throwing me out of the story There were a few things non police related as well mainly to do with University procedures and terms but many many less I wouldn't have minded so much if the police scenes had been a relevant and b convincing but neither was the case The whole book with a few tweaks could have been written from Maggie's POV without the lone police bits IMHO and it wouldn't have mattered I did not care about the police characters or their investigation and neither does the plotSo in summary I hope I haven't been too scathing as I said I enjoyed the plot and I may read the next one but this book needs a damn good edit for pace and POV and a good Brit Pick by a Scottish Beta

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Scottish Rite Maggie Devereaux #1Ancient rite for summoning a demon Maggie will have to open her mind to the possibility that the magic in the spellbook is real because the magic may be the only thing that can save her from becoming the killer’s next victim. WowThis is the best kind of book in that it keeps building and building to a lovely crescendo Can't wait to read the next