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Dawson's town before but none of them offered anything like what he has The Dream eBook #240 to sell dreams made to order with satisfaction guaranteedSoon after he arrives the community is shocked by the disappearance of Evie's young son The townspeople shaken by the Dawson family's tragedy and captivated by Robert's subversive magic begin to experiment with his dreams And Evie devastated by grief turns to. I’m DNF’ing this one The prose is gorgeous but good god I am so incredibly bored A character who disappeared early in the novel was just found by the townspeople and my actual reaction was “Oh god finally now maybe we can move on to something interesting”

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The Dream PeddlerRobert for a comfort only he can sell her But the dream peddler's wares awaken in his customers their most carefully buried desires and despite all his good intentions some of them will lead to disasterGorgeously told through the eyes of Evie Robert and a broad cast of fully realized characters The Dream Peddler is an imaginative moving novel of overcoming loss and reckoning with the longings we keep secre. I unexpectedly received this book from the publisher and it was such a treat I was in the middle of several other reads when it arrived however I made the mistake of skimming through the first few pagesover 100 pages later I finally put it down to go to bed I finished this sweet story in two sittings and was so impressed by the gentle but firm pacing it's a bit on the uieter side but I never felt bored or frustrated The novel focuses on themes of overcoming grief community and identity and I would highly recommend it for fans of light magical realism think Sarah Addison Allen or Isabel Allende

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The Dream Peddler Review ã PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ó ❰Reading❯ ➻ The Dream Peddler Author Martine Fournier Watson – Astonishing Explores the vast underground legacy of our own desires This is the must read book of the year Rene Denfeld bestsellinAstonishing Explores the vast underground legacy of our own desires This is the must read book of the year Rene Denfeld bestselling author of The Child Finder A richly imagined debut novel about a traveling salesman and the small town he changes forever If someone offered you a magic elixir that could conjure any dream you wanted would you take itTraveling salesmen like Robert Owens have passed through Evie. Thank you to Penguin Publishing Group who provided an advance reader copy via EdelweissThis reminded me very much of a Diane Setterfield authored novel There is no specifically identified location or time setting for this story There is a just a general feel of a small farming village with a general store and everyone knows their neighbor There are uaint activities such as uilt making and a summer fair where farm animals pies and uilts get prize ribbons People pack picnic lunches drink lemonade and tea and ladies are housewives Everyone goes to church on SundayThe book begins with a 9 year old boy who wakes up at night transfixed by the moon He creeps out of his bed silently into the night to get closer to itunbeknownst to his parents The parents wake up and start their morning as usual with the mom Evie preparing breakfast and the husband George coming downstairs to bulk up before his farm work Then they discover that their son Benny is missing It is winter time and there is snow on the ground After an unreasonable amount of time passes and Benny still hasn't returned home a search party of the father George and some local men scour the grounds This goes on for a few days until uite by accident little Benny is discovered under the ice of the frozen bayOn the fateful morning that Benny went missing there was a new arrival in town His name was Robert Dawson and he walked on his own two feet tethered to a cart full of wares behind him His first order of business was to find a place to board and visit the general store for some supplies One of them was a bag of candy hearts to butter up potential customers What was he selling Dreams Tell him what you wanted to dream about and he would retreat to his room and the vials secreted away in his bedroom drawer and prepare a draft in a little bottle for you Just a swallow before bedtime and if it didn't live up to its expectations there was a money back guarantee A teenage boy could yearn to dream about sordid trysts with women A young lady might dream about her future husband Or someone could ask to have no dreams at all Sometimes the Dream Peddler would sit outside the general store to meet up with customers or sometimes they came to him at Violet Burnley's place where he boarded It was a small town so it didn't take long for the word to get aroundThe things I loved about the book were the small town life with good moral values A simpler way of life I loved the way people visit each other and make tea and serve cake Life was uiet and slower I also was intrigued by the main character of Evie mother of the deceased little boy Benny Following her stages of grief was an emotional journey I enjoyed travelling with her That might sound twisted but I am drawn to the melancholy in stories There was mystery swirling throughout the book that did not totally resolve for me but I still enjoyed the ride