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Please be aware I am writing to you to make sense of myself When the curator of a Danish museum responds to a uery about ancient exhibits he doesn’t expect a replyWhen Tina Hopgood first wrote it nor did she Professor Anders Larsen an urbane man of facts has lost his wife along with his hopes and drea What a wonderful surprise this gem of a book was for me I do not recall how I learned of this book but I recall seeing my library got the audio and I immediately put myself on the list Finally it arrived and I jumped right in I pushed through this wanting to know what would happen not wanting it to endThe story is told in alternating letters from Tina Hopgood who lives in England and Professor Anders Larsen who lives in Denmark Tina writes to the Silkeborg museum sending a letter to Professor PV Glob who wrote a dedication in his book to a bunch of schoolgirls Tina being one of them long ago Since he has passed it is Professor Anders the museum curator who gets the letter from Tina and responds So begins this beautiful art of letter writingreally actually writing letters back and forth OK so eventually they switch to email only to increase the freuency of their correspondence Both are somewhat lost almost drifting through life but this unlikely friendship blooms and each becomes a stronger person I don't want to say and give anything away in this oneIt reminded me a bit of 84 Charing Cross Road where there is also a letter writing correspondence between two unlikely people But this one is so much better the character were real or at least I wanted them to be real The audio was great both narrators did a superb job and kept me so enthralled I actually looked forward to exercising as I listened while riding my bike Now I'm sure tomorrow I'll not be looking forward to that bike It's a uick read but one that can brighten your day Just thinking of these two who you almost think fate played a part in their story Looking forward to from this author and stories like this one

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Meet Me at the MuseumMs for the future He does not know that a uery from a Mrs Tina Hopgood about a world famous antiuity in his museum is about to alter the course of his lifeOceans apart an unexpected correspondence flourishes as they discover shared passions for history and nature; for useless objects left behind by love I would cycle miles in the rain if I had to which I don't to post letters to you if this was only way to make sure you continued to write to meThis is a gentle story of two people corresponding to one another across continents Tina in the UK and Anders in Denmark What starts as a polite conversation about history regarding a uery about The Tollund Man turns into a friendship as they both let down their guard and continue to write to one anotherThough strangers they slowly pour their hearts and souls into these letters They reveal their hopes dreams and worries of opportunities missed to each other Things that are intensely private and deeply personal Via their letters they become closer to each other than the people closest to themI adore how the salutations of their letters changes from Best wishes to Kind regards to With love to simply love It's a subtle shift yet it speaks volumes Like watching a flower unfurl a little at a time Are the two destined to ever meet?I adored this book I wanted to reach into the pages and give both Anders and Tina a hug This is an utterly beguiling and captivating story Let this little book steal your heart and sail away with it 💖 The Tollund Man a man who lived during Denmark's Iron Age He is distinctive because he was buried in a peat bog around 400 BCE and the conditions in the bog preserved his body He can be seen on display at the Silkebord Museum in Denmark

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Meet Me at the Museum kindle ä Paperback Ö ❴KINDLE❵ ❀ Meet Me at the Museum Author Anne Youngson – Please be aware I am writing to you to make sense of myself When the curator of a Danish museum responds to a uery about ancient exhibits he doesn’t expect a replyWhen Tina Hopgood first D ones; for the ancient and modern world what is lost in time what is gained and what has stayed the same Through intimate stories of joy anguish and discovery each one bares their soul to the other But when Tina's letters suddenly cease Anders is thrown into despair Can this unlikely friendship survive January can be a tough month and for anyone who needs their spirits lifted I recommend this sweet and gentle storyTina is a sixty something English woman struggling with the loss of her dear friend Bella They had always planned to travel to Denmark to see the Tollund Man an archaeological discovery that struck a chord with them as schoolgirls She writes to the museum that displays it and receives a reply from Anders a curator He encourages her to visit even without Bella They begin to exchange regular correspondence A friendship develops and we find out about their livesThe tone of their letters is often wistful Both Tina and Anders look back on life with feelings of regret Tina became pregnant with her first boyfriend and married him out of a sense of obligation Though she and Edward have three grown children their relationship is loveless She also feels unfulfilled by her role as a farmer's wife Anders is a widower and lives alone He loved his wife very much but we learn that their marriage had its own difficultiesHowever it's not all sorrow There is a undeniable spark between Anders and Tina and we can see that the letters are filling a void in their lives There is an intellectual connection they enjoy learning from one another But it's not only that They give each other advice and encouragement they tell each other stories from their day Maybe this friendship could blossom into something So why only three stars? Well there is a late plot twist that I found extremely predictable and convenient Also for somebody who keeps apologising about his English skills I thought Anders' grasp of the language was a little too polished I'm nitpicking I know I really did enjoy this tender hopeful novel It's the kind of story that can cheer you up when things are not turning out as planned As Anders' daughter tells him Nothing is so fixed it cannot be altered