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Kiss KissIn these dark disturbing stories Roald Dahl explores the sinister side of human nature the cunning sly selfish part of each of us that leads into the territory of the unexpected and unsettlingOriginally published in Kiss Kiss brings together of Roald's macabre adult tales William and Mary wa. Slowly the final plot twist is coming closer the reader waits for the revelation and a „bam in your face“ solution offers a final thrill In each freaking short storyI don´t read many short stories I mean who does and so it´s uite subjectively that I find this funny weird strange and frightening little story hybrids very entertaining One of the main reasons I don´t read short stories is that procrastinating as I am avoid any unnecessary move and beginning a novel is always a bit similar to ugh work as one has to remember some elements to get in the story except in the rare cases of true masters of the artBut those stories are so easy to access so full of interesting thoughts about human nature so clever and complex in their minimalism leaving the reader with the thought that this could probably really happen somewhere and what a strange place the minds of many human beings must be It´s the deep cynicism the darkness close to misanthropy that makes Dahls´work uniue that shatters any positive worldview by taking general pictures and especially intimate relationships with family members and loved ones to crush the illusion of normality and happiness with terror and madness I would deem this stories worthy to be used in psychological lectures or the Behavioral Analysis Unit in uantico for profiles of serial killers One of the reasons for Dahls´ view on humankind might have been his experiences as a fighter pilot in WW2 and well that he is right Nothing against some kind of people in general as long as I don´t have any contact with them they are acceptable and this sarcastic and disturbing kind of storytelling totally shows how such complex machinery like the human mind can easily go haywireI want to read about and of the hidden darkness lurking in his children´s books possibly comparing the English and German version to see how much subliminal messaging towards showing the true hidden faces of adults may be waiting to be found The I think about it the details in the movies and novels come to mind that seem to be than just characterization and comic relief a preparation and training camp for a world filled with special peopleTropes show how literature is conceptualized and created and which mixture of elements makes works and genres uniue

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Come Danny's dad in Danny the Champion of the WorldThe stories featured in Kiss Kiss are The LandladyWilliam and MaryThe Way up to HeavenParson's PleasureMrs Bixby and the Colonel's CoatRoyal JellyGeorgy PorgyGenesis and CatastropheEdward the ConuerorPigThe Champion of the World roalddahlcom. Real Rating 275 of fiveA cruel and demanding husband or so his first wife Patricia Neal would have us know; a creepy old party as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory amply demonstrated with a great deal of disdain for Jewishness and gluttony and greed in general His adult fiction is largely out of print in the US and he was never really uite The Thing here as he was in Britain I suppose his light sneers at us so evident in his attitude towards the US's involvement in the Second World War prevented his eventual literary rise from gaining the same boost as it did among the countrymen who saw heard absorbed his flying prowess and spying nousI decided to read this collection for some reason or another maybe it was the 1960 Edgar winning story The Landlady I can't honestly recall why now I know that I began to regret my decision as early as William and Mary the second story wherein this is from the text of a letter written by Dahl as coming from beyond the grave of a man to his newly widowed wife of thirty yearsHe is a magnificent neurosurgeon one of the finest and recently he has been kind enough to let me study the results of some of his work especially the varying effects of prefrontal lobotomies upon different types of psychopathAnd then he goes on to give orders like don't get a TV and disconnect the phone because I don't need it any How appalling Sixty years ago when this collection was published that wasn't whole and entire a horrendous thing to say I'd say it was but I was a babe in arms at the time and have no direct knowledge of the way it would sound to the era's denizens I suspect it wouldn't have raised an eyebrow on either of my parents but they were right wingnuts and often didn't hear things that made and make my skin crawlAnd with this mordant but unamusing set of eleven weirdly unappealing tales Dahl leaves my readerly ken for fucking ever No No I refuse I liked three of the eleven stories enough to be glad that I'd read them and recognized one story from my long ago high school read of it in an anthology I had to buy for school but that's just not enough for me to want to know about what went on in Roald Dahl's head

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FREE READ ✓ Kiss Kiss è [Download] ➵ Kiss Kiss Author Roald Dahl – In these dark disturbing stories Roald Dahl explores the sinister side of human nature the cunning sly selfish part of each of us that leads into the territory of the unexpected and unsettlingOriginal In these dark disturbing stories Roald Dahl explorS later adapted for Roald's American television series 'Way Out and several of the stories appeared in British television adaptations for the series Tales of the Unexpected in the s Also included here is The Champion of the World the first time Roald wrote about the man who would go on to be. I don't remember exactly when I encountered Roald Dahl perhaps in my pre teens But I sure remember I did not encounter him in any story appropriate for children The Veld not included here and Pig included are two stories I remember vividly from those days both delightfully creepy yet weirder than the standard fare you get from horror story writersThis delightful little collection contains creepy gems such as The Landlady Pig Georgy Porgy and Royal Jelly; William and Mary The Way up to Heaven Edward the Conueror tales of marital revenge with a touch of the horrific; tales of mischief and just desserts Parson's Pleasure Mrs Bixby and the Colonel's Coat The Champion of the World and one uncharacterisable and weird little piece Genesis and Catastrophe A True Story If you are new to Dahl this book may be the ideal place to start