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The Trump Survival GuideEspair to activism as the Trump presidency is in full swing and he signs one executive order after another  Before we can successfully engage we need to be The Trump PDF clear about the battles ahead Stone outlines political and social concepts including such issues as Civil Rights Women’s Rights the Environment Obamacare International relations and LGBT Rights providing a brief history of each a refresher on Obama's policies and an analysis of w. Surprisingly large amount of historical reference and context I've got a lot work and reading to do thanks to this book ✊

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READ & DOWNLOAD ë The Trump Survival Guide × ❰Download❯ ➽ The Trump Survival Guide Author Gene Stone – Don’t despair Don’t retreat Fight backThe stunning election of Donald J Trump rocked an already divided America and left scores of citizens including the nearly sixty five million Hat Trump’s administration might do Stone then provides an invaluable guide for fighting back referring to organizations people sites and countless other resources that support positive and possible goalsWhile marches and social media are important forms of protest concrete actions achieve real change Positive and reinforcing The Trump Survival Guide presents the essential information we need to effectively make our voices heard and our power felt?. It is such a good idea to have the background of the issue what President Obama did on the issue and then the action that Trump might take It really helped make things clear I was listening to the book on Audible and I ordered it as a Kindle book to SEE the information on what to do

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Don’t despair Don’t retreat Fight backThe stunning election of Donald J Trump rocked an already divided America and left scores of citizens including the nearly sixty five million voters who supported Hillary Clinton feeling bereft and powerless Now Gene Stone author of The Bush Survival Bible offers invaluable guidance and concrete solutions they can use to make a difference in this serious call to arms showing them how to move from anger and d. Don’t get mad Get OrganizedWith the arrival of Donald J Trump in the oval office the nation is faced with a large set of challenges You may be tempted to throw up your hands and retreat from any sort of engagement After all what can one person without billions of dollars andor an army actually do against the organized force of billionaires united in the looting of American financial and natural resources and acting in concert in waging a one sided class war on those of us who are not of their inner circle Gene Stone has some answers It was certainly the case that grass roots activity however much it was of the astro turf variety and funded by right wing money men was effective in making life for President Obama a living hell for almost all of his two terms The lessons that were learned by the right came ironically from a left wing organizer named Saul Alinsky It is time for Democrats liberals progressives moderates anyone with a conscience to learn those lessons as well and begin the long journey of political resistance that is our only hope of saving the nation from ruinGene Stone – from his Twitter pageGene Stone offers a very accessible guide to how anyone might go about participating in this The book covers twelve broad areas of concern; Civil Rights The Economy Education Energy Entitlement Programs The Environment Immigration LGBT Issues National Security Obamacare Political Issues and Women’s Issues The layout is consistent from chapter to chapter Each of the twelve topic chapters follows a formatThe BackgroundWhat Did Barack Obama DoWhat Might Donald Trump DoWhat Can you Do – There are often subsections to this one Things like Organizations you can donate to Organizations you can volunteer in Sign Petitions Make use of Social Media to communicate your concernsBooks to ReadThe concluding chapter tosses in a potpourri of other subject areasAs a definitive volume on how to oppose the incoming madness this is far from complete However as an introductory pocket guide to how to get started an easy intro to anyone looking to do something to oppose the reactionary programs that will be afflicting us all in the years ahead this is an invaluable book Short very easy to read specific enough on what the issues are what options one might have for action where one can look to apply those actions and it offers extra sources of information for those eager to learn about each subject area And some warnings stand out For example Despite all the advances made in the LGBT community many of them can be rolled back—uickly easily and effectively There are also some nice extra bits in here that made it an enjoyable as well as a useful read In 1812 Massachusetts governor Elbridge Gerry signed a bill that took redrawing he state’s district lines to such extremes that one district looked like a salamander The term gerrymander was born and has been used ever since to describe this practice Maybe you knew that I had no ideaI found the intro sections reasonable although I did note a few items that merited a bit of correction The author refers to “The Affordable Care Act instantly and forever known as ObamaCare to foes and allies alike “ Actually that was not the case The right labeled the ACA as “Obamacare” as an insult the same way they insist on calling the Democratic Party the “Democrat Party” It was only after some time that Democrats decided to embrace the name Stone also implies that the Democrats broke new ground by using budget reconciliation to get Obamacare passed not mentioning that President Bush the second had done the same thing to pass his ruinous tax cuts Minor gripes to what is overall a pretty useful book The Trump Survival Guide is no one’s idea of a comprehensive manual for the battles ahead But it is most definitely an excellent intro particularly for the vast majority of people who have never engaged in any sort of political activism before The people who are involved in fighting back the likelier it is that crucial victories can be won If you are at all concerned about what the Trumpinistas have planned and are thinking about how you might be able to help in the movement to resist checking this book out would be a great first stepReview posted – January 20 2017 – a date that will live in infamyPublication date – January 10 2017EXTRA STUFFLinks to the author’s personal Twitter and FB pagesI strongly suggest you also check out a document that was put together by former Congressional staffers Indivisible It can be downloaded for free at the linked site If you are interested in calling your elected officials a new site The 65 named for the 65 million who voted against Trump can help offering scripts covering a range of policy issuesJanuary 27 2017 The forecast is rough weather ahead for the administration as it tries to keep the store of science in the public files away from the public Here a very welcome tale of resistance from the Washington Post National Weather Service has an ‘alt’ Twitter and it already has over 71000 followers by Angela FritzFebruary 13 2017 The Power of Disruption by NYT columnist Charles BlowThe June 2017 National Geographic cover story has particular relevance to the treatment of actual truth in today's political environment It is illuminating if not exactly uplifting Why We Lie The Science Behind Our Deceptive Ways By Yudhijit BhattacharjeeJune 25 2017 New York Magazine Social Darwinism Is What Truly Guides Trump by Jonathan ChaitJune 28 2017 National Geographic The Map That Popularized the Word ‘Gerrymander’ by Greg MillerJuly 1 2017 an outstanding article about the power of honest communication from the Washington Post ‘Love Thy Neighbor’ by Stephanie McCrummen