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Time of the EagleTing them against the evil dictator Jaganath But behind enemy borders Avala's fortune takes a terrible turn. My name Avala I'm about to turn 16I was the first child born to a hunted people in the winter of their flight My people are called the Shinali and by the time I was born there were only a few of us left Always we were movingThings were not between my father's people and my mother's The Navorans my dad's side had hunted my people for years and still did We hid camped in valleys hidden by snow moving often to avoid being found and wiped outThat day that fateful day I was gathering herbs to help my mother our healer and learn as her apprentice I had gathered almost half of the eysela flowers and went back to the river to drink There was a feeling of danger even though the horizon looked clear uickly I gathered my things and heard the sound of hooves The only place to hid was in the river I tucked my bag of flowers behind boulders and dove in hiding shivering diving under to hold my breath when I heard men dismount It was a group of Navoran guardsOne saw me But instead of yelling to his friends he smiled a smile of a friend and went back without telling where I wasThis is the beginning of the Time of the Eagle or almost the beginning Avala is prophecied to lead her people to war a war that unites the scattered tribes As she gets ready to celebrate her 16th birthday and the feast the Shinali hold on that day she wonders if she will ever be loved for just being Avala or will she only be known as the one of the Prophecy

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characters Time of the Eagle ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ô [PDF] ✪ Time of the Eagle ✬ Sherryl Jordan – Avala's father was the great Deliverer the giver of freedom the hero who began the prophesied Time of the Eagle Leaving the safety of her beloved people Avala travels to the lAvala's father was the great Deliverer the giver of freedom the hero who began the prophesied Time of the E. My absolute favoriteThe maturation of Avala throughout the book albeit slight is wonderful to read and experience Her interaction with everyone she meets is a delight to witnessThe character of the Emperor was lacking but the rest of the book makes up for thatI loved that Jordan brought the use of love as a weapon weapon and I think the relationships Avala had with everyone she was surrounded by truly embodied the word 'love' Also loved that she never picked up a weapon and instead was a Healer as she remained to be throughout the whole bookTldr; one of my favorite books and I will probably read it plenty times

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Agle Leaving the safety of her beloved people Avala travels to the lands of enemy tribes in the hope of uni. Avala is the only child of Gabriel and Ashila the main characters of the first book She is according to her people's expectations going do something to fulfill the prophesy for a time of great upheaval and war that will lead to peaceDid not love this although it wa not bad either Avala is too perfect and her path from confused teenager to slave to student of the arts of mind healing is too straightforward There is also no doubt that with all her special abilities and allies she will wildly succeedI read it to finish the duology