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READ Zugzwang 107 ´ ❰Download❯ ➶ Zugzwang Author Ronan Bennett – Zugzwang —A chess term used to describe a position in which a player is reduced to utter helplessless he is obliged to move but every move serves to make his position even worseA thriller set in St Zugzwang —A chess term used to describe a position in wSpethmann the celebrated psychoanalyst receives a visit from the police There has been another murder in the city and somehow he is implicated The doctor is mystified and deeply worried as much for his young spirited daughter as for himselfMeanwhile he finds himself preoccupied by two new patients Anna Petrovna a society beauty plagued with nightmares with whom he is inappropriately falling in love and the troubled genius Rozental a brilliant but fragile chess master. Surprisingly interesting The plot goes on at a rapid pace and the psychologist’s perspective is interesting I enjoyed this than I had expected

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On the verge of a complete breakdown As Dr Spethmann is drawn deeper into the murderous intrigue he finds that he his patients and his daughter may all be pawns in a game larger in scope than anything he could have imagined Punctuated with board by board illustrations of a chess match that plays out through the book Zugzwang is a masterfully written novel packed with cliffhangers romance unforgettable characters and a plot that keeps readers guessing to the very end. Zugzwang is a term used in chess to describe a position in which a player is reduced to a state of utter helplessness He is obliged to move but every makes his position worseThis book is set in 1914 pre revolution St Petersburg where Dr Otto Spethmann is a prominent psychoanalyst and widower living a comfortable life with his daughter Catherine Otto is apolitical but when a newspaper editor is murdered in broad daylight and an apparent car accident turns out to be a murder he is drawn into a world of political manoeuvring and intrigue when his business card is found on one of the victims The novel's action takes place over a few days' time during which Spethmann meets a bewildering array of characters ranging from police officers and undercover agents of the Interior ministry to Bolshevik party activists and oligarchs with their own ulterior motivesMeanwhile Otto's personal life is undergoing a major upheaval life due to two of his patients One Anna Petrovna a married woman with whom he is falling in love with and developing an unprofessional relationship The other Avrom Rozental a Jewish chess master visiting the city from Poland for a major chess tournament Rozental is on the verge of a mental breakdown and fixated on his up coming matches but for some reason the police seem to be unduly interested in his movementsZugzwang is a thriller that centres on the choices that Otto must make as he and his daughter are buffeted by forces that are far out of their control All the choices they make seem to put them and at personal riskRunning throughout the book is a long running chess game played between Otto and a friend Otto contemplates the moves and counter moves that his opponents will play As events in the novel heat up so does the chess game This is a side dish that will no doubt thrill chess enthusiasts but should not be enough to put off non players from enjoying this novel I found it well written and fast paced with plenty of twists and turns a few too many for my taste but if I'm honest it didn't have enough about it to really stand out from the crowd

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ZugzwangZugzwang A chess term used to describe a position in which a player is reduced to utter helplessless he is obliged to move but every move serves to make his position even worseA thriller set in St Petersburg in amid an international chess tournament and a series of mysterious murders Zugzwang unfolds in a city on the verge of revolution On a blustery April day a respected St Petersburg newspaper editor is murdered in front of a shocked crowd Five days later Dr Otto. A fun thriller even for those like me with no knowledge of Russian history The story concerns a psychotherapist in Tsarist Russia who becomes embroiled in plots of chess conspiracy murder and of course steamy historical sex It's not uite a page turner but it's very well written and I learned a teensy bit about Russian history I didn't know Russia had such an extensive secret police system prior to CommunismAlso some fun wordszugzwang n a position in chess where every move can only worsen the situationpriapism n a continuous non sexual erection; lascivious behavior or displaycyanotic adj blue skin coloration due to inadeuate oxygenation of the blood