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FREE DOWNLOAD Õ Confessions of a Recovering Slut And Other Love Stories Ý [PDF / Epub] ✅ Confessions of a Recovering Slut And Other Love Stories Author Hollis Gillespie – The next screamingly hilariousMiami Herald installment in the wild ride that is the life of Hollis GillT cake pans to bulletproof the baby's room Gillespie must depend on her three best friends Daniel Grant and Lary to help her–although Lary makes it no secret that he hopes the paint fumes she inhaled early in her pregnancy will cause the baby to be of a Recovering PDF #186 born inside out–that way it'll be easier to sell for partsWill Gillespie ever feel safe No matter she's still Hollis at heart–and as Lary points out if not safe at least safe from ever being normal. Vase shatteringly bad book; perfectly charming interviewBought Jaegermeister for research; drink better than bookShame not because of the sex of which I recall almost nothing but for the corny homiletic style


The next screamingly hilariousMiami Herald installment in the a Recovering Kindle #209 wild ride that is the life of Hollis GillespieConfessions of a Recovering Slut is the hilarious and often heartrending seuel to Bleachy–Haired Honky Bitch which concludes with Hollis Gillespie the daughter of a missile scientist and an alcoholic traveling trailer salesman at last finding a home of her own Unfortunately that home just happens to be in one of Atlanta's most dangerous cra. I couldn't do it I couldn't do it and that is almost unheard of for me I think this will be the third or fourth book in my 'couldn't finish' list and I read A LOT I almost always plow through a book no matter what but it wasn't happening here I think Hollis Gillespie has some talent hidden somewhere but I think the main problem as I see it anyway is she tried entirely TOO HARD I got to page 97 before I gave up and the longest chapter was three pages Okay great Now to put forth some humor in three pages isn't difficult I can do that myself But to put forth the humor and then try to turn it around into the most serious of situations and dispense what I assume is supposed to be life altering advice is insane in my eyes I can save anyone looking to read the book for a chuckle the time right here and now The funniest part in all its glory is right here Our trailer wasn't so bad either There was carpeting on the floor and blankets on the beds But the front door was about as substantial as one you'd find on a kitchen cupcoard in a real house and every step you took in the place made it shake like a boxcar a constant and unwelcome testimony to its impermamnence That's it folks that's the best it gets in my opinion I chuckled at that paragraph I just don't see how someone can try to be their absolute funniest and then all of a sudden turn around and slam you with seriousness at its best She writes about her fear of spiders and all of a sudden true to form she gets a life altering lesson from a neighbor with no legs to step on it From here on out I assume she stomps her fears away She writes and laughs about her having fourteen car wrecks and then can anyone guess Gets real serious about her parents failed marriage and their inability to rebuild when the damage around them matched the damage they felt inside This damage was supposed to be similar to the damage to her vehicles If this is good writing then I need to set aside an hour a day and start typing Her other books are coming off my to read list faster than any before it ever have Butto take a book off our to read list is something that should not be done without significant thought What if one day you want to read this book and cannot remember the title and in the end cannot find the book hahahahahahahahah

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Confessions of a Recovering Slut And Other Love StoriesCk neighborhoods–but the place is bound to improve rightWrong In Confessions Gillespie is plagued by missing human torsos murdered policeman and a drug Confessions of eBook #223 dealer who keeps setting fire to her neighbor's house–and all this after Hollis discovers that she is inexplicably except maybe for all that acrobatic sex pregnant While the neighborhood might have been fine when she was a child–free urban pioneer it's a nightmare for a mother with nothing bu. What a great plane read lots of small chapters that are hilarious an uick to read I always have to look up and people watch in airports so this was good I could read and look up and not miss anything Gillespie has a great style and distinct voice very sarcastic and funny I do have to admit that part of why I liked her is that she lives in Atlanta and many of the places she mentions are places I've been to Worth a summer read definitely