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Maradonia and the Escape from the Underworld Read ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ñ [Download] ➽ Maradonia and the Escape from the Underworld By Gloria Maradonia – Book Two 2 of the Maradonia Saga Newly edited version from the Maradonia collectors edition Maradonia andFate of an entire empire falls into their Maradonia and ePUB #231 handsBook two challenges the teenagers into the attack of the Evil Empire Maya and Joey are faced with the opportunity to enter the Underworld Will they take it in order to save Maradoni. The new E Book version of Maradonia and the Seven Bridges hit my brain and burned a big hole into my soul I am pretty sure that several people might not agree with me but I really believe the edited version with its brand new prologue of this book is World Literature The stories of this teenager author and novelist Gloria Tesch are just overwhelming because of the simplicity and they show from their psychological proportions in the life of the siblings Maya and Joey and in their fight between good versus evil a far deeper substance – basically a story behind the story and this is one of the reasons why I believe that the Maradonia Saga will certainly have a longer life line in the future than the Twilight or the Harry Potter series But as a doctor with solid psychological background I see also other reasons The Maradonia Saga is not just entertainment Maradonia is a life style because it meets our longings to experience the truth of life love and death However this Maradonia Life Style is in my opinion able to help the reader better to understand life itself and his role in his own family the nation and in the universeI read all six books of the Maradonia Saga and forgive me but I believe this series can play sooner or later an important role for fans middle readers and young adults Again this series is a must read for parents teachers and librarians that will serve as a bridge to growth in knowledge faith and in the understanding that there is also tremendous power in positive thinking

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Ious place in a forbidden area which opens a portal into the Land of Maradonia Their arrival in Maradonia fulfills a prophesy and launches two ordinary kids into an extraordinary adventure of epic proportions Their simple life changes completely and the. Yup it's just as awful if not so than the first book please tell me this is all an elaborate joke

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Maradonia and the Escape from the UnderworldBook Two of the Escape PDF #10003 the Maradonia Saga Newly edited version from the Maradonia collectors edition Maradonia and the Seven BridgesMaradonia and the Escape from the Underworld begins with two teenaged siblings Maya and Joey who find a myster. First of all the title I know that every book in this series is titled Maradonia and Now since Maradonia is a country instead of a person the titles make no sense It would be better if the titles were like this The Chronicles of Maradonia Volume insert number here and then put in the appropriate title so this book would sound better if it was called The Chronicles of Maradonia Volume 2 Escape from the UnderworldUnfortunately this clumsiness with words is apparent through the whole book The funny thing is the promotional material for this book is written better than the story itself The author really toots her own horn with the foreword of What is the Maradonia Saga about and gushes about how awesome her books are how richly developed the characters are and so on and so forth She calls her books a stunning tour de force classic but contemporary timeless brilliantly told jaw dropping twists and turns yes she spelled jaw dropping like that that this book would transport the reader to an other worldly experience yes she spelled otherworldly like that enthralling extraordinary and outstanding author I'm not kidding ALL of these words appear in the foreword Talk about an overinflated egoAcccording to the bibliography there are to be ten books in this saga Right now there are six if I am not mistakenThe cover was done by her mother And it's a bad cover You can see the proportions and coloring are off this is just not a good cover at all her mother has the same artistic ability that her daughter does in writing Not a good combinationThe prophecy that starts off this book is gibberish She can't write a poem any than she can write prose And the story starts off with an really awkward description of the sunrise It's just wow So terrible And then we have this lovely little literary gem 'It was cold outside He shivered'What an astute observation Bravo We go on to one of the teachers discussing art and then one of the students crying because her daddy died Hoo boy This event starts off a rambling tale about a war in Heaven The author puts religious references in here without really understanding them as she did in her first book And there's grammatical errors And bad poetry And an awkward explanation of world history And Maya and Joey are no likeable than they were in the first bookNow with the bad feedback this author got from Book 1 you would think she would have learned from that and applied that feedback to this book but alas no The chapter illustrations are also awkward and nothing like Mary Grand Pre's beautiful work that she did for the Harry Potter booksI can not go on much further I think I have explained enough about the poor uality of this book However I will leave you with another literary gem in this book'Dreams are the touch stones of our character and we are the touch stones of your dreams'No seriously that line is in the book Seriously avoid this book unless you want to sear your brain with bad writing