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Death Dice Read & download ´ 100 ¶ ❴Read❵ ➪ Death Dice Author Mercy Cortez – Please note that this story line contains violence and some non consensual sexual activity This includes reference and some in depth discussionimagery of battery under age sexual references rape tortu Please note that thNg blonde hair and innocent baby blue eyes His Australian accent added to his worldly charm He looked like a sweet and kind surfer but with a jaw gripped tight that showed anger I looked down at the blade gripped in his palm and the blood dripping from the edges His face read that of almost sorrow but only almost I looked at the floor my voice lost in a scream I looked down at her soft cheeks her auburn hair and her still green eyes She. This story was intense violent and disturbing It made me afraid it made me cry and gave me the chills right up to the very end But it was a good story that was well written Mercy I'm impressed and will read the next two books Bravo

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Wasn't blinking she wasn't breathing I saw the crimson red spread from her cut throat all over the Italian marble floor It seeped into the cracks This girl this fifteen year old girl with blood staining her favourite floral dress She couldn't be my sister I wouldn't believe it I foolishly thought this would be the worst day of my lifeThat was the day I was taken that was the day I met DracoCan be read as a standalone alternatively part o. Where to start This book was very dark and disturbing especially because I've never read a book like this before and it was like a shock to my system'The sick fuck was enjoying watching me try and fail'Aimee was such a strong character strong minded and a real fighter I was surprised to see how strong willed she was yet she did what she knew she had to do'I am all alone I am easy prey'Draco i couldnt understand did he enjoy it or not i think it was a mix between the two One minute he was doing the unthinkable the next minute he was apologising I finally got my answer why at chapter 12'Erin's bright green eyes pricked with tears I stared into them begging her to forgive me for what i was about to do'So Rahul the less said about him the better because he was beyond evilI cant really go into much about the characters without writing spoilers which i dont want to doConsidering this book was completely out of my comfort zone in the reading world it actually wasnt that bad yeah it was dark violent and had unthinkable things in it but the author really flowed with the story and once started it was finished before i had time to overthink things One thing i was abit gutted at the start of the epilogue but as soon as i read the last line it brought a smile to my face 'She would see him in hell'

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Death DicePlease note that this story line contains violence and some non consensual sexual activity This includes reference and some in depth discussionimagery of battery under age sexual references rape torture and murder This is not an exclusive list You have been warnedI looked at the man in front of me he didn't look scary or threatening to anyone else he looked harmless He had a wide white smile that could make any girl melt he had shaggy lo. I read books about people in motorcycle clubs with appalled fascinationI read books about people with too many sexual partners at one time and I think about throwing upOne too many I love you´s in a book sometimes make me experience second hand embarrassmentBut when I read about a character experiencing Stockholm Syndrome I am sitting on the edge of my seat and wait for the H and the h to declare their love to each otherHow sick is thatI think I have to get my head examinedThis was such a gripping read the pages seemed to turn themselves I simply couldn´t stop readingA well written short story with a very surprising ending which left me wanting Two of this kind are to be releasedso I just have to be patient