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Hotgun he's ready for the silicon uick bleakly prophetic adventure that upped the ante on an entire genre of fiction Alternate cover for ISBN 978044156959 DNF at 61%I am sorry I really am I tried really hard to finish it and made an attempt to resume reading after a break I understand the huge influence the novel had on science fiction practically creating cyberpunk genre and introducing several words now in mainstream use I fully acknowledge it Let me say what was wrong with it in my opinionIf there was ever a victim of its own success this book is it It was so successful lots of people began developing the same theme and often much better Take any kind of art and I can name better examples Moviescartoons Ghost in the Shell manga as well and The Matrix Video games System Shock and its seuel; Deux Ex is supposed to be eually good but I have not played it Literature Snow Crash if you ignore its abysmal ending or the total lack of thereof to be exact Dare I say Ready Player One? This one is debatable The ideas presented are not so groundbreaking any At one point somebody smuggled super duper implantable memory chips with mind boggling capacity measured in megabytes Change it into terabytes and I might stop laughing What is left in a books when the ideas become old? Characters The characters are absolutely positively flat; a piece of paper has depth I could not care less about any one of them Regarding the heroine of the book I keep imagining the following dialog between William Gibson and myself in my head WG Hey look there is this girl who is also a skilled assassin How cool is that? Me Yawns Sorry I could not contain the excitement For your information every other heroine of a modern YA novel is a skilled assassin WG She has special lenses implanted in place of her eyes Me You are not being too original In the modern days it is called bug eye sunglasses WG She has retractable blades under her nails Yeah Me You mean like Wolverine? So lameI am also curious with the amount of drugs consumed what is the average life expectancy in that world? Surely no than 27 I also need to mention the writing style You as a writer is trying to tell a story If your style gets in the way of it this is not called uniue writing style; this is called mental masturbation The way this story is told makes it confusing enough The writing style makes it incomprehensible I give one star to the books I DNF This time the second star is due to the huge influence of the novel at the time it was published I cannot give any than that

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NeuromancerWinner of the Hugo Nebula and Philip K Dick AwardsCase was the sharpest data thief in the Matrix until an ex employer crippled his nervous system Now a ne Wow This is a wild ride If you like Philip K Dick’s writing and wondered what would happen if you extended his vision into the not too distant future if you liked Bladerunner if you liked The Matrix and even if you like all the film and fiction that has made an attempt to be any of the above you will love NeuromancerWilliam Gibson said that while writing Neuromancer he went to see the Ridley Scott film Bladerunner and thought that his ideas for the book were hopelessly lost that everyone would naturally assume that he had taken all of his ueues from the film I have written that Bladerunner was that most rare of accomplishments a film that was as good or better than the book Bladerunner was of course patterned loosely after Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Phillip K Dick One reason why Bladerunner was as good was because Scott’s vision was so different from Dick’s Bladerunner was a distinctly cyberpunk vision whereas Dick’s was dystopian but not necessarily cyberpunkNeuromancer has been called the definitive benchmark novel of the cyberpunk sub genre Gibson takes his influences from Escape from New York Anthony Burgess and from Phillip K Dick among others but then goes to a wholly different level It can even be said that Gibson who in turn heavily influenced the producers of The Matrix is a bridge between the older 60s post modernist dystopian science fiction with the modern computer driven angst ridden world weariness that has represented artists since the 80s Neuromancer defined the genre and I could hardly go a few pages without noticing how it had influenced literature and film sinceAs a book this was excellent I could not put it down Gibson creates an edge a tension that exists throughout the narrative that grabs the reader and won’t let him go Gibson is the literary successor to Phillip K Dick an observer who does not skip ahead to a distant dystopian rebirth but instead chronicles the ugly fall itself 2018 re readAs I type these words here in June of 2018 Goodreads says that I have rated over 1400 books and have reviewed over 1300 Of these I have listed six as being my all time favorites After thinking about Neuromancer for years and having just re read it almost literally not putting it down I am adding this to my very short list of beloved booksThe PKD allusions are still there as is the Bosch esue attention to detail – this is a kaleidoscope of sights and sounds and ideas coming at you at ludicrous speed There are also the references to Bladerunner and Escape from New York and this makes me think of the shared consciousness and Jungian gestalt cultural observations that Gibson was tapping into in the early eighties What was going on in this time that made such talented artists as Ridley Scott and John Carpenter also envision such a world?What caught my eye this time around was the noir elements to the story and Gibson’s writing heavy but fast moving as it is tunes into a retro style that you can almost hear Harrison Ford’s Deckard narrating as Case gets to the bottom of the twin AI mysteryAt it’s heart this is of course THE cyberpunk novel honorable mention to Neal Stephenson’s 1992 Snow Crash Gibson was jacked into a time and space phenomena that was just below the subconscious and so struck a chord with so many But it is also a timeless speculative fiction novel in the sense that it depicts human isolation and technological alienation that Yevgeny Zamyatin and EM Forster wrote about decades before Necromancer’s influence on the Matrix films makes it the Godfather of post modern techno punk thrillersA must read

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PDF ê BOOK Neuromancer ☆ ❰PDF❯ ✑ Neuromancer Author William Gibson – Horticulturetrader.co.uk Winner of the Hugo Nebula and Philip K Dick AwardsCase was the sharpest data thief in the Matrix until an ex employer crippled his nervous system Now a new employer has recruited him for a last chance Winner of the Hugo Nebula and Philip W employer has recruited him for a last chance run against an unthinkably powerful artificial intelligence With a mirror eyed girl street samurai riding s A lozenge is a shape Like a cube or a triangle or a sphere I know that every time he types it you are going to imagine a cough drop flying serenely by but it's a shape It's from heraldry for god's sake You may want to look up some synonyms to insert for yourself when he uses it here are a few diamond rhombus mascle Now that the greatest obstacle in Gibson's vocabulary has been dealt with I can tell you that he writes in one of the finest voices of any Science Fiction author His ability to describe things in succinct exciting sexy ways is almost certainly the reason we owe him for words like 'cyberspace' It took twenty years for his visions of leather clad kung fu ladies and brain computer interfaces to reach the mainstream in The Matrix but only because he was that far ahead of his timeHowever Gibson was no early adopter He used a typewriter to write a book that predicted the internet virtual reality hacking and all the nonsense we're embroiled in now and some stuff we're still waiting for It can sometimes feel unoriginal but much like Shakespeare that's because what we have today is based on what he was doing thenThough Gibson may not be as radical as Dick or as original as Bradbury there is something in his words his stories and his 'coolness factor' that keep bringing me back Indeed he is much accessible than the philosophically remote Dick Bradbury or Ellison and all in a slick packageJust don't try to watch Johnny Mnemonic Ever He did write the best X Files episode though 'Kill Switch' He also wrote a script for Alien 3 which I have never read but can state with certainty was better than the one they chose to film