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Oh the Places You'll GoFor out starting upstarts of all ages here is a wonderfully wise and blessedly brief graduation speech from the one and only Dr Seuss In his inimitable humorous verse and pictures he addresses the Great Balancing Act life itself and the ups and downs All my life I’ve had a outstandingly risible optimism My Mom started me young she gave me the ole Seuss spirit Never say die boysYep She had that ne’er say die Seuss spirit in spades especially when she’d half sing half peal out like a ringing Angelus BellOne riverAnd that’s the River JordanOne riverAn’ that’s the river to crossGrowing up whenever “authority” and “would be authority” would turn up the heat under my feet I danced through it all An easy victim perhaps though somehow I had faith that somehow everything would turn out in the end Sometimes the happy ending was just too embarrassed to show up in person in my lifeBut I just kept on sloggingOh the places you’ll GOAnd you’ll find ‘em alright those places Not all of them pleasant by ANY stretch of the imagination But you’ll make it through the storm and you’ll SHINE ON kidThey’re forecasting rain? Well the Kingdom of Oz is just over that rainbow see it?There’s a Bluebird on my shoulderIt’s the truth It’s actual Everythin’ is SATISFACTUALWhen you tumble down through the roaring floodDown down into the fearsome sluiceJust boogie on down cause the Lord He Loves ya “Ditto” says doughty old Dr SeussOh the Places you’ve BEENYou know these days I’m into Emily Colson’s incredible story of how she endured so many extraordinarily painful years of parenting a severely handicapped hopelessly autistic son MaxHow did she cope? She realized one landmark day that in spite of all his tormented flaws she deeply hopelessly LOVED that lost little bundle of Sheer JoyThat was the day she discovered his and her Humanity But you know what her REALLY big insight was?It came later on Suddenly she knew she was REALLY HONESTLY PROUD of this mixed up little kid So proud in fact that she wanted to take him and her absolute doting love for him PUBLICThat’s rightThey were both once again gonna be card carrying members of the Human Race Bullies BegoneWho CARES what the bullies say or do? Love is REALCause we’re ALL hopeless in our ways EACH ONE of usAnd we’re ALL LOVABLE in our broken humanity too to the Big Guy up There And He’ll take care of usOH THE PLACES YOU’LL GO NOWNot being perfect Not being socially acceptable in your allotted role Not being fixable NoBeing Brokenly Happily HumanBeing just our Lost Lovable Flawed SelvesKnow WHY? because He LOVES Us Because we’re Ourselves And the Bullies are Crude Façades Cartoons of themselvesAnd that’s how she and I and everyone who’s gotta heart always know EVERYTHING will be OK in the endOh the PLACES WE’VE BEEN IN SPITE OF the Mad Grinch the Monstrous Oobleck even that Evil Cat in the Hat We DID it kidALL BY OURSELVESAnd with a Whole TRUCKLOAD of Loving Help from Upstairs

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Eighty seven In a mere fifty six pages Dr Seuss managed to impart a lifetime of wisdom It is the perfect send off for children starting out in the maze of life be they nursery school grads or newly minted PhD's Everyone will find it inspired good fu I never enjoyed Dr Seuss books They never 'spoke' to me Just a bunch of silly rhymes and ok illustrations However they seem to have inspired the sort of devotion in some people view spoilerthe endless trolls I get on The Lorax hide spoiler

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READER · DOC Oh the Places You'll Go 9780679805274 FREE í HORTICULTURETRADER ↠ ❮BOOKS❯ ✸ Oh the Places You'll Go ✮ Author Dr. Seuss – For out starting upstarts of all ages here is a wonderfully wise and blessedly brief graduation speeIt presents while encouraging us to find the success that lies within us And will you succeed?Yes You will indeed98 and ¾ percent guaranteed A modern classic Oh the Places You'll Go was first published one year before Dr Seuss's death at the age of This is my All Time Number One Favorite children's bookPeriodI've read it to my kids so many times over the years that you'd think I'd be immune to it by nowBut I'm notI still get all EMOTIONAL when I read it Which normally would make me run in the opposite directionBut OH THE PLACES YOU'LL GOYo'll be on your way upYou'll be seeing great sightsYou'll join the high flierswho soar to great heightsYep That's exactly what I want for my young'uns Wherever you fly you'll be best of the bestWherever you go you will top all the restExcept when you don'tBecause sometimes you won'tNoooo Now they're stuck in a LURCHWhich is pretty frickin' scary for a parent Nobody wants their babies to get stuck in a LURCH because those inevitably lead to SLUMPSAnd un slumping yourself is not easily doneIt takes a while to un slump and in the meantime they could end up in The Waiting Place Waiting for the fish to biteor waiting for wind to fly a kiteor waiting around for Friday nightor waiting perhaps for their Uncle Jakeor a pot to boil or a Better Breakor a string of pearls or a pair of pantsor a wig with curls or Another ChanceEveryone is just waitingThankfully according to Seuss they'll somehow escape the Waiting Place Fame You'll be famous as famous can be with the whole wide world watching you win on TVYes They'll be ok Except when they don'tBecause sometimes they won'tI'm afraid that some times you'll play lonely games tooGames you can't win'cause you'll play against youAll aloneWhether you like it or notAlone will be somethingyou'll be uite a lotAt this point I'm usually bleary eyed in case you were curiousAnd exactly what is this guy a Dr of anyway?He's certainly not Dr Feelgood But on you will gothough the weather be foulOn you will go though your enemies prowlOn you will go though the Hakken Krak howlOnward up manya frightening creekthough your arms may get soreand your sneakers may leakHoly Shit What if I'm not there to help them through all of this? They've got sore arms and leaky sneakers for God's sakeMommy's coming sweetheart You'll get mixed up of course as you already knowYou'll get mixed up with many strange birds as you goSo be sure when you stepStep with care and great tactand remember that Life'sa Great Balancing ActI'm slinging snot everywhere by the time I get to this part Seriously Seuss? You're killing me And will you succeed?Yes You will indeed98 and 34 percent guaranteedKID YOU'LL MOVE MOUNTAINSI'm usually nothing a puddle of sniveling Mom goo as my voice cracks on the last line And whatever unfortunate kid I happen to be reading to is simultaneously trying to comfort me while also trying to escape my vice like grip I um love you too Mom oof Mom seriously I'll be finecough Mom you can let go nowwheezeMomyou're choking megurgleYes Yes I swear I'll call you every day when I get older