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Impulsive moment a man is dead Ernest is off to prison and the women left behind for the Blackbird One for Kindle are divided by rage and remorseLosing her husband to Cora’s indiscretion is another hardship for stoic Nettie Mae But as a brutal Wyoming winter bears down Cora and Nettie Mae have no choice but to come together as one family to share the duties of working the land and raising their children There’s Nettie Mae’s son Clyde no longer a boy but not yet a man who must navigate the road t. This book took me back to the prairie I haven’t really revisited since my days as a young girl when I read every single Little House book availableThis time it’s 1870 rugged and isolated Wyoming Two families who live on neighboring farms miles away from the closest townCora who was raised in the city is lonely and has a dalliance with her neighbor Nettie Mae’s husband Substance Ernest Cora’s husband comes across the pair at the river and in an act of passion shoots SubstanceSubstance dies and Ernest goes to jailThe winter is coming and these women must unite their families to survive and it is extremely difficult with all the anger and anguish to compound the situationI really enjoyed this story It ended up pulling at my heart strings it was scenic a story of female survival on the frontier a story of forgiveness Thank you to Netgalley and Lake Union Publishing for the ARC

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One for the Blackbird One for the CrowO adulthood without a father to guide him and Cora’s daughter Beulah who is as wild and untamable as her prairie homeBound by the uncommon threads in their lives and the for the Blackbird One for Kindle challenges that lie ahead Cora and Nettie Mae begin to forge an unexpected sisterhood But when a love blossoms between Clyde and Beulah bonds are once again tested and these two resilient women must finally decide whether they can learn to trust each other or else risk losing everything they hold dear. It has been a long time since I have read a book that captivated me as much as this one Every word was poetry and every page made me want to hurry and get to the next one yet I had to savor each one I was onThis is a book about sin and redemption and wounds and healing and love and an awareness of everything under the sun Simple people broken dreams and the beauty of the world around and its healing touchRead this book

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READ & DOWNLOAD One for the Blackbird One for the Crow 109 â ❮Reading❯ ➽ One for the Blackbird One for the Crow ➶ Author Olivia Hawker – From the bestselling author of The Ragged Edge of Night comes a powerful and poetic novel of survival and sacrifice on the American frontiFrom the bestselling author of the Blackbird PDF #199 The Ragged Edge of Night comes a powerful and poetic novel of survival and sacrifice on the American frontierWyoming For as long as they have One for eBook #8608 lived on the frontier the Bemis and Webber families have relied on each other With no other settlers for miles it is a matter of survival But when Ernest Bemis finds his for the Blackbird PDF #9734 wife Cora in a compromising situation with their neighbor he doesn’t think of survival In one. Olivia Hawker’s descriptive storytelling Whisked me away to 1870s Wyoming Gritty and raw this is a tale about resilience acceptance and forgiveness Two families living on the Wyoming Prairie with their nearest neighbors over 20 miles away When the husband of one family and the wife of another are caught in a compromising position One man is killed and the other man is sent to jail leaving the women Cora and Nettie Mae to pick up the pieces Life on the frontier is hard and these women have to find a way past their grief guilt and hurt and help each other survive The strength of the story was in these characters They will tug at your heart strings you will cry with them you will sweat with them you will laugh with them and you’ll pray with them The main focus of the story for me was Beulah Beulah was such a free spirit with a spark of magic This was a uiet understated story that was loosely based on the author’s own family history Sometimes it’s just nice to cozy up with a good book An old fashion well told story full of colorful characters and descriptive writing that envelops youThis book in three emojis 💪🏻 👩🏼‍🌾 🙏🏻 Big thanks to Lake Union for my copy of this book