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Free download ó OutsiderPlagueFallExile the Kingdom 109 ï ❰Read❯ ➪ OutsiderPlagueFallExile the Kingdom Author Albert Camus – Două romane celebre conţine această carte alături de o serie de mici bijuterii narative numite povestiri toate ale unui autor care i a fermecat pCare acordă premiul Nobel Străinul descrie o crimă şi goliciunea omului în faţa unei situaţii absurde Ciuma o parabolă perfectă complexă a solidarătăţii umane în faţa nenorocirii Căderea un mon. Read the Outsider onlyI am glad that this novel is short as it certainly gives you a lot to think about and to take in – it was not a book I read over to cover in one evening I had to savour digest and think long and hard about the themes that came up For example the characters rejection of normality with his acuaintances and even his own mother shocks you but yet raises the essential uestion of why we have a bond with certain people in our lives but not with others Certainly Camus simplistic way of writing holds your attention but yet makes you uncomfortable as you ponder your own morality and that of the society around youMeursault the main character of this novel is an unusual character that comes from a widely different way of thinking His outlook on life is obtuse and widely different from your average personMeursault makes me smile in certain parts of the book as his lack of hang ups and living in the moment ideology really raises eyebrows but he can be annoying with his laid back almost unfeeling way of being He angered me with his callousness toward some especially toward the violence shown to Raymond’s girlfriendNevertheless I enjoyed the way Meursault talks directly to you as if you are in the room with him and makes no apologies for who he is or what he does – he expects you to accept him and if you don’t then that’s OK too – his honesty is refreshing at some points In a way you almost admire him for his ability to live in the moment and being free to be who he wants to be

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Olog absurd al unui individ care trăieşte fără speranţă Exilul şi împărăţia un univers în care graniţa dintre ficţiune şi realitate nu e vizibilă ceea ce face cu atât mai atrăgătoare lectura. One things for sure it is a strange book It's certainly not comfortable easy reading that will put you in a better mood Of course he is an exceptionally gifted writer and in French I am sure it is even powerful in French Definitely worth a read maybe than one

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OutsiderPlagueFallExile the KingdomDouă romane celebre conţine această carte alături de o serie de mici bijuterii narative numite povestiri toate ale unui autor care i a fermecat până OutsiderPlagueFallExile the Kindle şi pe sfincşii. The Outsider I really think that the main character is a complex and uniue one He can be described from two perpectives existence and essence and the first one is always going to preceed the other one He eats before the funeral he has sex before taking any commitment he searches for confort and risks the arabian's attack Eatinglovingconfortexistence but being indifferent absurd and atheistlack of essenseHe does not have expectations and he expects nothing from nobody It's interesting when he is being placed in a absurd absurd conflict him under the light of absurd and the schocking reality that has been changed by the people present in the court in his disadvantage He accepts his sentence although he appears empty and nude in front of the world maybe exactly like the world reflects in his eyesI don't neceserly agree with Meursault nor like him but i appreciate his truth his responsabilty and his freedom's spiritI think sometimes is healthy to throw away the image that we think the society wants us to promote and maybe sometimes be a little bit indifferent by taking the responsable choice of simply not caring that much